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Tasmania: Push to ease new abortion law guidelines

The Advocate

Proposed new abortion laws should not be made too prescriptive, a Legislative Council committee on the Reproductive Health (Access to terminations) Bill 2013 heard this week.

Drugs & Alcohol

Highway patrol officers crack down on drivers with drugs

Philippa McDonald - ABC

He's 30, a construction worker, and he has a car full of mates in the ute. He never anticipated he'd test positive for illegal drugs by the side of the Great Western Highway at Blacktown at nine o'clock at night.


Rural kids claim a slice of the Gonski pie

Anna Vidot - ABC

The higher cost of educating rural and regional school students is properly recognised under the government's Better Schools reform, Labor's Education Minister says.

Principals given out-of-school expulsion powers

Amy Remeikis - Brisbane Times

School principals will be able to suspend or exclude students for offences they commit outside of school hours under new legislation introduced in Parliament on Tuesday. Provisions under the Strengthening Discipline in State Schools Education Amendment Bill will also empower principals to suspend or expel students who are facing or have been convicted of criminal charges.

Human Rights

Massacre claim as 1300 Syrians choke to death on toxic gases


Syria's main opposition group has accused the government of "massacring'' more than 1300 people in chemical weapons attacks near Damascus, saying many of the victims choked to death. The accusation came as a team of UN inspectors was in Syria on Wednesday to probe previous allegations of chemical weapons strikes levelled against both sides during the 29-month conflict.


Kevin Rudd's silence on gays a 'bid to save votes'

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

The boss of the nation's largest union says Kevin Rudd has stopped talking about gay marriage because he realises it will cost Labor votes in its heartland and among ethnic communities.


Kevin Rudd breathes fire and brimstone into campaign

Mark Kenny - SMH

Kevin Rudd has used the second Leaders' debate to breathe life into his flagging election campaign, attacking Tony Abbott's record as health minister and depicting the Liberal's proposed paid parental leave scheme as unaffordable.

Julian Assange's WikiLeaks Party running mate Leslie Cannold quits

Daniel Hurst - The Age

Ethicist and commentator Leslie Cannold announced on Wednesday she was resigning as the party's second Victorian Senate candidate and warned others were likely to follow her lead.


Kevin Rudd's asylum seekers policy divides Labor faithful


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's promise that asylum seekers who arrive by boat will never be allowed to settle in Australia has sharply divided Labor voters, according to data from the ABC's Vote Compass.

Amendments could stymie PNG plan challenge

George Williams - Brisbane Times

As expected, the Rudd government's PNG plan is being challenged in the courts. Refugee advocates will certainly be emboldened by their recent success in convincing the High Court to strike down Labor's Malaysian solution. The question now is whether this new plan will meet the same fate.

Sexualisation of Society

Sydney Uni newspaper taken off shelves over female genitalia cover

Thomas O'Brien - SMH

Thousands of copies of the University of Sydney student newspaper are set to have their covers destroyed after a front page comprising of 18 students' female genitalia was accidentally released due to dodgy printing.


Opening up about self-harm: Dolly August 2013

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

As is often the case, I find the most helpful offering for girls in teen girl magazines can be found in the shared experiences of the girls themselves.