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Women's health advocate calls for better termination services in regional NSW

Melinda Hayter - ABC

The CEO of Women's Health New South Wales says a lack of access to pregnancy termination services in the Central West is a form of discrimination against rural women.

New campaign attempts to gloss over the devastation abortion causes women

Dave Andrusko - LifeNews

The title of the piece at the pro-abortion site is “Abortion Stigma Hurts Women, But Here’s How We Can Start Getting Rid of it.” And the immediate form that this attempt to destigmatize abortion is something called a “1 in 3 Week of Action.” It’s intended “to get the conversation going,” Tara Culp-Ressler tells us. The campaign “will mobilize more than 100 communities and campus across the country to help highlight individuals’ abortion experiences. College activists are planning events to provide a space for their peers to openly share their stories.”

Popular Mars Hill pastor: Abortion is not a choice; it’s murder

Kristi Burton Brown - Live Action

Last week, Live Action highlighted a bold op-ed by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Driscoll, writing for Fox News, discussed the illogical state of laws in the U.S., where unborn children are protected from being killed by everyone but their mothers. Driscoll painted a picture of just how many people we are missing because of abortion – 55 million in the U.S. alone.

Drugs & Alcohol

Study probes why truckers use booze, illicit drugs

Health Day News

The use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol, amphetamines, and marijuana, appears common in truck drivers, particularly when working conditions are poor, according to research published online Oct. 21 in Occupational & Environmental Medicine.


150 Environment Department jobs axed under Labor efficiency dividend

Sid Maher - The Australian

The Environment Department has this morning announced it will cut 150 jobs over the next two months as a result of Labor's efficiency dividend and has implemented an immediate freeze on hiring and promotions as it prepares for the Coalition's clamp on the public service.


Euthanasia bill's defeat gives hope

Paul Dobbyn - Catholic Leader

The narrow defeat of Tasmania's legislation to enable voluntary euthan-asia was a triumph for effective lobbying of the state's MPs and the effective education of the electorate. HOPE Australia director Paul Russell, who was among those involved in co-ordinating the campaign against the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013, also said the campaign carried a warning against over-reliance on polling.


Commonwealth to launch High Court challenge over ACT same-sex marriage laws


The Federal Government has confirmed it will go ahead with a High Court challenge after the ACT today became the first Australian jurisdiction to legalise same-sex marriage. The ACT Labor Government passed its Marriage Equality Same-Sex Bill in the Legislative Assembly with the help of Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will attend sister's wedding, but not support the marriage

News Ltd

Tony Abbott says he will "do the right thing" and attend his gay sister's wedding but could never support the marriage. And his sister Christine Forster's engagement to partner Virginia Edwards will not dim his Government's fight against the country's first same-sex marriage laws in the ACT.

Council of Churches supports High Court challenge to ACT same sex marriage law

Christian Today

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is to be commended for his Government’s support of uniform national marriage. laws and the decision to vigorously challenge the ACT Government’s new same sex marriage laws in the High Court, according to the NSW Council of Churches. “We can’t have States and Territories passing laws that deeply divide Australians and that are guaranteed to face expensive legal challenges,” the President of the NSW Council of Churches, the Reverend Dr Ross Clifford, said today.

Love and marriage in the time of uncertainty

Mark Kenny - The Age

The ACT's same-sex marriage laws aren't set in stone, but that's not quelling optimism. The low point in an adoring hour between Julia Gillard and her supporters last month came when a boy bluntly asked, ''How come you didn't let gay people get married?''

Overseas and Local Aid

Salvation Army release $500,000 to aid bushfire victims

Christian Today

The Salvation Army today released more than $500,000 to aid the bushfire relief and recovery effort and continues to provide care and support to those affected by the fires. Salvation Army personnel, mostly volunteers, have been feeding fire fighters and those affected at evacuation centres in the Blue Mountains, Lithgow, on the central coast, and at Raymond Terrace.


Is moral hazard destroying the social contract?

Revelly Robinson - On Line Opinion

Moral hazard is all around us. We see it in the actions of the bankers on Wall Street who took on excessive risk on loans that were completely disproportionate to the collateral being offered. We see it in the insistence of mining companies to fight against putting a price on carbon in order to maximise the profits of resource extraction. We see it in the class war rhetoric thrown at the previous government that created a middle class entitlement mentality which, in turn, impeded income redistribution policies to tackle inequality. Moral hazard is a natural phenomenon of human nature. It arises as a result of innate selfishness, lack of ethics and a complete irresponsibility for the consequences of one's actions.

Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced his retirement from politics

Amanda Cavill - World News Australia Radio

Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced his retirement from politics. The announcement follows weeks of speculation that he would quit despite being elected for a six-year term at the September 7 election.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Islamist agenda enforced in Nigerian states amid anti-Christian violence

Barnabas Aid

As Christians in Nigeria continue to suffer violent attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists, they are also facing official opposition as the authorities enforce an Islamist agenda in a number of states. In Kano state, sharia law is being imposed on all citizens, including Christians. Islamic police are deploying 10,000 officers to ensure that rules regarding “indecent dress” and gender mixing are enforced.

Sexualisation of Society

New York tightens rules for child models


New York has passed into law tough new rules governing how child models can work that have been hailed by campaigners as a step toward ending rampant exploitation.

Private School Girl star Ja'mie King 'nails' her first men's mag shoot

Alison Stephenson - News Ltd

It's been described as "confusing" and "possibly illegal" but Ja'mie of Summer Heights High fame has gone ahead and done her first men's mag shoot. The Private School Girl star has posed in a "world exclusive" for Zoo, raunching it up in her uniform and long socks. Chris Lilley, the man behind the character says he was shocked at how good the final shots were.

The female male model

The Age

See that gorgeous bikini model on the left? And then the dashingly handsome male model on the right? Well they're the same person. Yes, at 31, model Elliott Sailors realised that her work was drying up, and she'd have a better chance of continuing to bag lucrative gigs if she re-branded as a male model.


National Others Week

Global Care

Global Care’s motto is “Mates helping mates” – and a great way to help a “mate” is to get involved in National Others Week (NOW) to be held from the first Sunday in November 2013. Our society is so ingrained with selfishness, greed and violence. NOW is a chance to replace selfishness with generosity, greed with compassion and violence with kindness.