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Children & Family

Judges call for adoption overhaul

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian 

The nation's adoption laws make it too hard for many of the tens of thousands of children in care to find a permanent new home, Australia's chief family law judges say. Federal Circuit Court Chief Judge John Pascoe and Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant have called for a re-examination of Australia’s adoption laws.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Surrogacy laws damaging women's health

Harriet Alexander - SMH

Overseas surrogacy arrangements are taking place in an unregulated environment that is exposing babies and the women who carry them to a higher risk of bad health outcomes, a study shows.

Drugs & Alcohol

Victorian election: Daniel Andrews announces taskforce to tackle 'ice epidemic'

Alison Savage - ABC

The Victorian Opposition has announced it will introduce a string of measures to tackle use of the drug ice, including establishing an ice action taskforce, if it wins November's state election. Labor has promised to create the taskforce and introduce four new criminal offences related to the drug within 100 days of taking office if it is elected.

Top medico Alex Wodak urges intervention to curb black market for illness marijuana

Julia Medew - The Age

The only way to protect people from questionable black market marijuana is to regulate the supply of medicinal forms of the drug that can be prescribed to suitable people, doctors say.


Tony Abbott to keep secular workers out of school chaplaincy program

Matthew Knott & James Massola - The Age

The Abbott government is pushing ahead with a religious-only school chaplaincy scheme following a cabinet debate over whether secular welfare workers should be included in the program.

ACT to demand secular counsellors in chaplaincy scheme

Matthew Knott, James Massola & Primrose Riordan - The Canberra Times

The Abbott government is pushing ahead with a religious-only school chaplaincy scheme following a cabinet debate over whether secular welfare workers should be included in the program.

Human Rights

Racial Discrimination Act: Liberal senator says 18C debate should roll on

Helen Davidson - The Guardian

Debate on the controversial changes to the Racial Discrimination Act should roll on, a Liberal senator has said, arguing against Labor moves calling on the Senate to affirm its support for the legislation as it stands.


Number of Indigenous children in state care a national disgrace, SNAICC says

Robyn Powell - ABC

The growing number of Indigenous children being put into government care is a national disgrace, a group representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families says. Figures indicate one third of children in care are from Aboriginal backgrounds, which the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care says risks creating another Stolen Generation.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Ending religion won't end the conflict

Michael Bird - ABC

The Middle East conflict may not be the best advert for for religion, but what I cannot understand is the naive presumption that once we got rid of religion, the world would instantly be a better place, writes Michael Bird.


Family violence and drug crimes drive up Victoria's crime rate


An increase in family violence and drug offences has led to a rise in Victoria's crime rate by 3.7 per cent over the past financial year, police statistics show. Non-rape sex crimes have risen by 7.5 per cent in the past 12 months, while a 1.8 per cent increase has been recorded for rape offences.