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US: House passes ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’

Dustin Stiggins - Life Site News

By an overwhelming margin of 227-188, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 7, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” Passed through the House Judiciary Committee on January 15, the Act would permanently enact several pro-life policies. The most prominent of these is the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortion except in cases of life of the mother, rape, and incest. Currently, the Hyde Amendment is approved annually.

Children & Family

Disney Channel introduces its first lesbian couple on Good Luck Charlie

Alyssa Toomey - Today

It's official: The Disney Channel got its Modern Family makeover. After it was announced over the summer that the family-friendly show Good Luck Charlie will feature a character with two lesbian moms on an upcoming episode, the the groundbreaking episode aired on Sunday, Jan. 26—the same night as the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.


Grammy Awards reveal collapsing culture and the Christian mission in a pre-Christian nation

Keith Fournier - Catholic Online

Some parts of the event devolved into a profane affront to conscience, intended to mock the Christian vision. It was co-opted by a few who are committed to an agenda that is not progressive, but regressive. An agenda that will not lead to human flourishing and liberation, in spite of its claims, but rather to human degradation, denigration and cultural collapse.


Everything you need to know about euthanasia in Quebec

Nicolas Steenhout - Mercator Net

Legalizing "medical aid in dying" (Bill 52)? What the Quebec government hasn't told you.


A researcher tries to make sense of problem gambling

Ian Bailey - The Globe and Mail

Luke Clark’s drive to understand the psychology of gambling once spurred him to use an MRI to observe the brains of experimental subjects while they played slots.

Westpac employee stole $113,000 from bank


When Westpac employee Ravinesh Singh needed money to feed his alcohol and gambling addictions, the cash was only a few clicks away.


Prison system is almost full, and overflowing in some states, report says

The Guardian

Productivity Commission report also details the cost of corrective services and the high Indigenous incarceration rate.


Marriage guidance could save Britain billions by staving off family break-up

John Bingham - Telegraph

For every pound couples spend on marriage preparation courses and relationship counselling, taxpayers could save up to £11.50, Government-backed study calculates.

The Grammys and the mth of Marriage Equality

Michael Brown - Christian Post

In a tribute to "marriage equality," Sunday night's Grammy Awards featured the "on-air wedding of [33] couples - gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors." In reality, talk of "marriage equality" is nothing of the sort. According to Ryan Lewis, whose hit song with Macklemore, "Same Love," became last year's gay marriage anthem, and during which song the nuptials took place on TV, the weddings "will be in our minds the ultimate statement of equality, that all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing." But Lewis's statement raises an obvious question: Why speak only of "couples"?


WA Senate election: court begins hearings to decide on missing votes

The Guardian

High court sets aside two days to hear arguments in electoral commission's bid to seek a fresh election.

The very model of a modern governor-general

Greg Craven - ABC

Peter Cosgrove has the judgement and the experience to understand the absolute limits of his role, and the dignity and toughness to carry it out, writes Greg Craven.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

42 million people worldwide are prostitutes


According to the report of the Scelles Foundation, which fights against sexual exploitation, 42 million people prostitute themselves in the world today, the vast majority (75 %) of women between 13 and 25 years. The phenomenon was analyzed by Scelles in 24 countries and found an increase in trafficking from Brazil to Europe.


People smuggler jailed in Indonesia over asylum boat trip that killed 90

The Guardian

Pakistani man Bilu sentenced to seven years in jail for arranging fatal asylum-seeker trip to Australia in 2012.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christian community in Syria could cease to exist if civil war continues

Daniel Wiser - Free Beacon

More than 400,000 Christians have left their homes or the country so far.


Does popular Kids' movie have covert Christian message?

Billy Hallowell - The Balaze

With so many Christian-themed Hollywood films set to release in the coming months, some are declaring 2014 “the year of the Bible.” While many of these movies will deal overtly with religious themes, one college professor is claiming that “Frozen,” Disney’s most recent animated feature, contains a more covert Christian allegory worth highlighting.

Faith and science: a dialogue, not a debate

Megan Hodder - Mercator Net

When physicist Professor Ian Barbour passed away last month, his obituaries, quite rightly, focused on the influence of his Christian faith on his life and work. But many did so in a way with which Professor Barbour would have likely taken issue.

NSW baby girl circumcised in Indonesia

Nine News

An Australian father charged with organising to have his baby daughter circumcised allegedly travelled to Indonesia for the procedure.

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow: I’ll keep speaking out against transgenderism despite death threats

Kirsten Andesen - Life Site News

Dr. Keith Ablow, M.D., has been the target of death threats for his view that so-called ‘transgenderism’ is unproven science that puts vulnerable children at risk of unnecessary surgical procedures and lifelong confusion. But the Massachusetts-based psychiatrist told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview that he’ll keep speaking out on the issue despite the dangers.

Malcolm Turnbull defends ABC after Tony Abbott's attack

Heath Aston, Rick Feneley - The Age

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has strongly defended the ABC's editorial independence in the face of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's attack on the national broadcaster, which he says ''instinctively takes everyone's side but Australia's''. Mr Turnbull defended the Prime Minister's right to critique the ABC but, in comments that could be interpreted as resistance to Mr Abbott, he said the ABC was rightly accountable to its board of directors, not politicians.

Prime Minister brands the ABC un-Australian in the wake of the navy-asylum seeker torture story

Tim Blair - Daily Telegraph

A former ABC chairman last night backed Tony Abbott's blistering attack on the billion-dollar broadcaster's coverage of claims Australian navy staff tortured asylum seekers.