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Children & Family

Australian employers getting away with pregnancy discrimination 'scot free': Victoria Legal Aid


Australian employers are getting away with breaching their legal obligations to pregnant women and parents "scot free", according to Victoria's Legal Aid. The state's legal aid service released a short YouTube clip in response to a report handed down by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) last week, which found widespread discrimination against expectant mothers.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol kills 15 Australians a day, national report shows

Dan Harrison - The Age

Fifteen Australians die each day and 430 are hospitalised because of alcohol, according to a report on the national burden of booze. The report, prepared by the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, and funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education and VicHealth, shows a 62 per cent increase in the number of alcohol deaths, to 5554 in 2010, since the last study was conducted a decade ago.


Anger over school prayer group ban
(mentions ACL)

Jewel Topsfield - The Age

Lunchtime prayer and bible study groups run by teachers or volunteers have been banned at state schools in Victoria under a ministerial directive. The new policy has angered Christian groups who say it could be in breach of human rights and religious freedom.

Call to reverse bible study; prayer group ban in Victorian schools (mentions ACL)

Rachel Ford - Christian Today

An appeal calling for the reversal of a bible study and prayer group ban across Victorian public schools has been launched. The Make A Stand campaign, addressed to Victorian Minister for Education, Martin Dixon, calls on Victorian residents to write to their local MP concerning the rule, which came into effect on July 14.

'Safe Schools' scandal: open letter to the education minister

David van Gend - On Line Opinion

Dear Mr Pyne, I trust you, or your advisors, will give serious consideration to the medical evidence below and reconsider this decision to fund the so-called Safe Schools programme. The political justification for 'Safe Schools' programmes, or the associated 'Gay-Straight Alliances', is that there is a plague of gay-based bullying in our schools, and the only way to counter that is through celebrating homosexuality. That justification, however, is doubtful.


Mary Porter slams voluntary euthanasia 'zealot' Philip Nitschke

Tom McIlroy - The Canberra Times

ACT Labor backbencher Mary Porter has slammed voluntary euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke, days after the Medical Board of Australia suspended his medical registration. The former registered nurse has made end-of-life issues a signature of her decade in the ACT Legislative Assembly and used a letter to The Canberra Times on Wednesday to criticise Dr Nitschke's dealings with a depressed 45-year-old man who was not terminally ill and later killed himself.

Family face suicide charges

Sarah Martin - The Australian 

Family members who attended the death of a former voluntary euthanasia campaigner in Adelaide this week face criminal charges for assisting his suicide. Max Bromson, a 67-year-old former Senate candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party in South Australia, took his life in a Glenelg motel room early on Monday morning using an imported barbiturate, Nembutal.


People hold off marriage, buying first home, having babies

The Morning Bulletin

Marriage and buying the first home is now being bumped back on the 'things to do in life' list for many people. An analysis of research by Matthew Lovering of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute found that because people are marrying later they are also buying their first property later in life.


Refugees 'optimistic' about their Australian future: surveys


A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found the majority of refugees feel they've been welcomed by Australia.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iraqi Christians flee Islamic militants in Mosul, robbed during escape

Mandie Sami - ABC

Thousands of Iraqi Christians are being forced to flee the northern city of Mosul under threat by extremist Islamic militants, according to Christian leaders in Iraq and Australia.