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Children & Family

Tasmanian children at risk because protection workers too busy to visit them

Anna Patty, Rachel Browne - The Examiner

Child protection workers have complained of being shuffled from office to office to cover staff vacancies, preventing them from getting to children in need. After revelations the Department of Family and Community Services is failing to see a growing number of vulnerable children, a senior bureaucrat has also admitted caseworkers spend so much time bogged down in paperwork that they struggle to meet those at risk.


ACMA back TV program rules

Natasha Bita - The Australian

A push to broadcast adults-only TV shows before children’s bedtime was hosed down by the media watchdog yesterday. Free-to-air television stations want to abolish the longstanding ban on screening sex and violence before 8.30pm. But the Australian Communications and Media Authority has declared there is “justification for safeguards to enable parents to protect children from inappropriate or harmful content”.

Drugs & Alcohol

Mandatory minimum sentences for alcohol-fuelled violence in NSW appear likely to fail

Sarah Gerathy - ABC

The New South Wales Government's attempt to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for a range of alcohol-fuelled violent offences looks set to fail.

No ban on NSW politicians drinking alcohol on the job

Liz Foschia - ABC

Politicians in New South Wales have escaped a ban on consuming alcohol when parliament is sitting. A parliamentary committee was asked to consider regulating how much politicians can drink after former Finance Minister Greg Pearce admitting to being affected by alcohol during a late night session.


The elephants in the (class)room: Why faith-based religious education has a place in public schools

Justine Toh - ABC

Last week, I participated in Melbourne's first IQ2 Debate for 2014 on the motion, "Faith-based religious education has no place in public schools." It's a subject on which passions run high, particularly in Victoria where Access Ministries, a Christian organisation that provides volunteers to teach Christian religious education (CRE) in public schools, is locked in a battle with the lobby group Fairness in Religions in Schools, whose members want to abolish any faith-based instruction.

Homelessness & Poverty

Fears of social service job losses as uncertainty grows over future funding of Homelessness Partnership agreement

Naomi Woodley - ABC

The Federal Government is being warned of thousands of job losses in the social services sector if it does not extend the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).

Human Rights

Offence clause must stay, Warren Mundine tells PM 

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Warren Mundine, the head of Tony Abbott’s indigenous council, has directly advised the Prime Minister to reverse his government’s plans to repeal a key section of the Racial Discrimination Act, saying he has the backing of the council.  Dismantling Section 18C is an election promise of the Coalition, which hardened its opposition after News Corp Australia columnist Andrew Bolt was found guilty of racial vilification under this section of the act.


Methamphetamine scourge stalks indigenous communities

Peter Collins - The Standard

Strong family connections and kinship within south-west Aboriginal communities is facing one of its biggest-ever tests from the drug ice. "More and more it’s breaking up family units and causing dramas and troubles never seen before," Aboriginal programs manager Allan Miller told a parliamentary committee inquiry yesterday in Warrnambool. “The family process has never been challenged as much as with ice.”


WA election recount a 'disaster': Keelty

Paul Osborne - AAP

Former federal police chief Mick Keelty has described the handling of the West Australian Senate election recount as a "disaster". Parliament's electoral matters committee is investigating how 1370 ballots went missing in a recount of the 2013 Senate election in WA and measures to ensure it does not happen again.

Labor Party down and almost out in prized state seat of Adelaide as exclusive Advertiser-Galaxy poll shows Liberals with 54-46 lead

Daniel Wills - The Advertiser

Labor's hopes of regaining the prized state seat of Adelaide are in tatters as an exclusive Advertiser-Galaxy poll reveals the Liberals hold a dominant 54-46 lead. Less than a week and a half remains to election day and Labor had hoped to reclaim the seat it lost in 2010 and mitigate what appears to be a strong statewide swing to the Liberals.