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Children & Family

Family payments under scrutiny in report

News Ltd

The government must fix existing family payments instead of focusing on its expensive paid parental scheme if it wants to improve female workplace participation, a conservative think tank warns.

ACT Liberal Giulia Jones calls for inquiry into pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Kirsten Lawson - The Canberra Times

Discrimination against pregnant women is real, belittling and a blight on society, Liberal backbencher Giulia Jones told the ACT Assembly on Wednesday, calling for an investigation into the harassment of pregnant women in the workplace. As the mother of four young children she had experienced it herself, Mrs Jones said. While pregnant, she had to put up with comments such as "Don't you have a TV?", or "My wife was a better woman; she didn't work, stayed home with the kids" and "Was it planned?"

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Baby Gammy: Court documents reveal father of surrogacy babies has been convicted of more than 20 child sex offences


Court documents have revealed the Western Australian father at the centre of an international surrogacy controversy has been convicted of more than 20 child sex offences. Fifty-six-year-old David John Farnell and his wife have been accused by a Thai surrogate mother of abandoning their baby son Gammy, who has Down syndrome and a congenital heart condition. The couple brought Gammy's healthy twin sister home from Thailand.

Drugs & Alcohol

Medical marijuana back on agenda, as SA MP Tammy Franks arranged parliamentary talks

The Advertiser

Medicinal marijuana is back on South Australia’s political agenda, with state MPs to discuss its potential use at a round table meeting in coming weeks. Greens MLC Tammy Franks will head the talks, which she will formalise today through a motion in parliament calling for all parties and independents to support legitimate discussion of the issue.

Ban alcohol ads on receipts: Australian Medical Association


The Australian Medical Association wants a ban on alcohol advertising on supermarket receipts, saying it sends the wrong message to young people. AMA Victoria president Tony Bartone says it is now commonplace for supermarket receipts to have alcohol discounts printed on them, such as two-for-one wine offers.


Victorian Govt did not 'intend' to ban bible study, prayer groups; vows to amend policy

Rachel Ford - Christian Today

Victorian Education Minister, Martin Dixon, has instructed his department to amend its recent policy that effectively banned bible study and prayer groups across Victorian public schools.


Philip Nitschke argues suspension appeal should be heard in Darwin

The Guardian

Euthanasia campaigner makes rare bid to have medical registration suspension appeal shifted from South Australia.

Human Rights

Tony Abbott insists proposed changes to 18C of Racial Discrimination Act are 'gone'; Andrew Bolt, Tim Wilson upset by backdown

Karen Barlow - ABC

Prime Minister Tony Abbott insists plans to change racial discrimination laws are "gone", admitting he knew the Government's backflip would upset the laws' loudest critics. Mr Abbott yesterday said he made a "leadership call" to abandon changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act as they were a "needless complication" in the Government's relationship with the Australian Muslim community.


Sex workers to have to wait longer to get dole

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Sex workers and table-top dancers who lose their jobs will not be eligible for a reduction in the number of months they have to wait before they can get the dole, sparking accusations the Abbott government is imposing moral judgements on the social welfare system.

Church groups call for independent body to set welfare payment levels

Judith Ireland - The Age

The power to set the level of welfare payments should be taken from the federal government and given to an independent body, according to major church groups. In the face of long-standing concern from welfare groups that the unemployment benefit in particular is not enough for people to live on, the Salvation Army, Anglicare and Catholic Social Services are calling for a separate body to determine how much welfare Australians receive.