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This is what happens when an abortion counsellor gets pregnant.

Mamamia Team

Trigger warning: This post includes a video depicting an abortion. It may be distressing for some viewers. A 25-year-old abortion counsellor Emily Letts, has had her own termination filmed to demonstrate “that there is such thing as a positive abortion story.”

Drugs & Alcohol

Cannabis a health issue not a legal one, a Hobart forum hears (mentions ACL)

Penny Younger & Danny Tran - ABC News

A forum of drug experts in Hobart has been told cannabis is a health issue, not a criminal one. Tasmania's Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council is trying to stimulate debate on cannabis decriminalisation as it prepares for its annual conference later this week.

Plea for tough love in alcohol-hit Ceduna

Jordanna Schriever - The Advertiser

Alcohol kills, and it is killing the future of Aboriginal people from Yalata, its community leader says. As residents of Ceduna and its outlying dry Aboriginal communities of Yalata, Oak Valley and Maralinga Tjarutja await a decision on the implementation of tougher alcohol restrictions, which will be discussed at a liquor licensing accord meeting, the Yalata community has described its enduring pain from violence, abuse and even death.


'Fit note' could replace doctor's certificate

Noel Towell - The Examiner

A decades-old Australian workplace tradition, the sick note, looks set to be consigned to history and replaced by the 21st century version; the "fit note". Australia is taking the first steps towards following the UK with a certificate for sick or injured workers that tells bosses what their employees can do, instead of what they can't.


Aboriginal freehold to generate wealth

Michael McKenna - The Australian

Indigenous Australians will be given the chance to buy and sell their own homes under new Queensland laws that pave the way for freehold title to exist across their communities.


NSW Premier pledges free vote on marriage

Matt Akersten - Same Same

In NSW Parliament today, Premier Mike Baird has committed to a free vote on all legislative matters pertaining to same-sex couples. Along with a pledge to continue the support of former Premiers towards the LGBTI community, Baird also praised former NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell for allowing a free vote on marriage equality and said his position will be “exactly the same.”


Clive Palmer used our cash for campaign: Chinese

Paul Garvey and Hedley Thomas - The Australian

Clive Palmer’s private company Mineralogy has been accused of wrongfully siphoning more than $12 million from his Chinese business partners, with some of the funds allegedly used to cover political expenses for the costly federal election campaign by his Palmer United Party.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Man charged over forcing women to work as sex slaves from Gold Coast apartments

Kathleen Skene - Gold Coast Bulletin

A man accused of forcing women, including his teenage wife, to work as sex slaves from Gold Coast apartments faces a life sentence. After a joint investigation by US authorities and Australian Federal Police, Damion St Patrick Baston, 37, will face trial in South Florida next month.

US promises 'very rapid response' to Nigerian girls' kidnapping

Michael Vincent - ABC

The government of Nigeria has accepted US help to "find and free" more than 200 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants 22 days ago. The decision was made amid reports the Islamist group had kidnapped another eight girls from a village in north-east Nigeria overnight.


Malcolm Turnbull defends 'harsh' boats policy as necessary

Judith Ireland - SMH

Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull has described the Coalition's measures to stop asylum seekers arriving by boat as "harsh" but necessary to combat people smuggling.