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China’s one-child policy turns 33 as forced abortions, female infanticides continue

Steven Ertelt - Life News

Today, China will mark 33 years of the one-child family planning policy that has resulted in massive human rights abuses, including forced abortions and coercive sterilizations. Started in 1980, the policy, which prohibits most Chinese couples form having more than one baby and limits rural residents to two, has resulted in severe human rights abuses. Family planning officials frequently jail couples who refuse to comply, sentence them to house arrest or labor camps, revoke jobs or governmental support, use physical harassment or violence and often target other family members.

Charities & NFP

Call for an end to rate rort law - some exemptions for charities, government institutions are burdening homeowners

Vikki Campion - The Daily Telegraph

Rate exemptions to charities and government agencies are placing an unfair burden on the average homeowner, a new report has revealed. It recommends religious institutions, any charities with commercial operations and state government agencies recording multi-million dollar profits should be forced to pay council rates.

Children & Family

Children of working mums do better at school

The Canberra Times

It's a trade-off that troubles even the most hard-headed working parent: time at work versus time with the kids. Mothers are especially prone to anxiety over the clash between family and job. Even though the workforce participation rate of mothers has surged in the past 30 years, there's still a strong expectation in Australia that mothers will be very present with children in their early years.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Who is a parent in Canada?

Natlie Stechyson - Vancouver Sun

A married couple in Ontario lives in fear that a stranger will gain access to their son because he donated the semen they used to conceive. Parents in British Columbia wait months for their newborn son's hernia operation because their names aren't on his birth certificate. These cases centre on a seemingly simple question: who is a parent?

Drugs & Alcohol

Unpredictable ice users put paramedics in fear

Kate Hagan - The Age

Ambulance calls related to the drug ice have more than doubled in the past few years and violent behaviour by users can be frightening, paramedics say. Ambulance Victoria regional services manager Tony Walker said ice was associated with levels of aggression not seen with most other drugs, presenting difficulties for paramedics.

Suspected Sydney backyard drug lab blaze leaves two men in comas

Ben McClellan - The Daily Telegraph

Police have outlined the horrific aftermath of a drug lab fire in which two badly burnt men desperately tried to cool themselves by jumping into a nearby swimming pool and then a shower. Superintendent Julian Griffiths said one man, 40, was undergoing emergency surgery and a second man, 37, was still in an induced coma at Royal North Shore Hospital, after they suffered extreme external and severe internal burns when the Australia Rd garage turned-drug lab exploded in a quiet Barden Ridge street before 8pm on Sunday.

Drug use still a problem in SA prisons


Drug use remains a problem in South Australian prisons, the state opposition says. The opposition's correctional services spokesman Dan van Holst Pellekaan has released figures which show there were 839 positive drug tests in SA's jails in 2012/13.


The challenges of remote Indigenous education


The NSW education minister has slammed the condition of schools serving the state's remote Indigenous communities.


Hunt silent on environment approvals

Bianca Hall - Brisbane Times

A major reform of Australia's environmental approval process has begun in secrecy, with the Coalition government refusing to release a draft agreement of how regulatory power will be devolved to the states and territories.


Premier Lara Giddings admits Tasmania's euthanasia bill could lead to 'death tourism' in Melbourne radio interview

Lanai Scarr - The Mercury

Premier Lara Giddings has conceded the potential legalising of euthanasia in her state could lead to "death tourism". Ms Giddings this morning gave further details on a bill to legalise assisted suicide that she co-authored with the state's Greens Leader Nick McKim and introduced last week.

U.S. would have 75,000 euthanasia deaths a year at the Dutch assisted suicide rate

Wesley J. Smith - Life News

Euthanasia is going up in the Netherlands. According to official statistics about 3% of all Dutch deaths come from being killed by doctors. The actual toll is far higher. As I have written previously, Netherlander bean counters drastically undercount the medicalized killing rate.


In Asia, Packer eyes his high-roller haven

Victoria Thieberger - Business Spectator

Evidence that James Packer’s partner in Macau is lobbying Japanese government officials to legalise gambling and win permission to build a casino in Tokyo or Osaka signals a bold ambition to capture more of the lucrative Asian high-roller market.


Worried about cancer? Get married

Virginia Postrel - Bloomberg

When I mentioned my bout with breast cancer to a new acquaintance, his first question was, “Are you married?” It was an unusual reaction -- a more common query is whether I have kids. Later he told me that his daughter-in-law had been diagnosed with breast cancer while still in graduate school and that she and his son had moved in with him. He understood better than most people that being married makes it easier to cope with cancer. The very next day the Journal of Clinical Oncology released a study offering more than anecdotal evidence that marriage is good for cancer patients.


Labor rivals differ over gay quota

Lauren Wilson - The Australian

Labor leadership rivals Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese are at odds over whether the party should consider introducing diversity quotas to encourage more gay and lesbian people into the parliament.

Prostitution, Sex Trafficking & Child Labour

Melbourne brothel worker offered hush money to murder victim's family, court told

Sarah Farnsworth - ABC

A Melbourne court has heard a brothel worker offered the family of a man he killed $20,000 in hush money. Abraham Papo, 28, was bludgeoned to death with a tyre lever outside Madam Leona's brothel in South Melbourne in 2009.

Child labour used to make rugby balls

Ben Doherty - The Age

A year after Fairfax Media exposed the illegal child labour practices behind footballs, poor children in India are still found stitching balls bound for Australia. Hundreds of children are secretly employed making balls for Australian children the same age, pressed into harmful, back-breaking labour for little more than one dollar a day.


Boat arrives on Christmas Island with 80 suspected asylum seekers

Gemma Jones - News Ltd

A boat carrying up to 80 suspected asylum seekers has arrived at Christmas Island this morning. The vessel was escorted to the island by the Navy after calling in to WA authorities.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Entire Christian community fleeing Syrian crisis

Michael Carl - WND

Christian leaders in Syria are expressing dismay at the large number of members of their faith who are simply fleeing the region, which now is battered by violence as Muslim jihadists likely linked to al-Qaida try to overthrow the regime of Muslim President Bashar al-Assad.

Christians are dying for us to help

Jenny McCartney - Telegraph

The Islamist explosion that killed 85 Christians attending Sunday worship in a church in Peshawar last week took a split-second, but the emotional impact of the blast was strangely delayed in the West. The rival Islamist horrors unfurling in a Nairobi mall took some days to complete, and the media appeared to deem the Kenyan atrocity more compelling for an international audience.