ACL compiles a daily media monitoring service of stories of interest to the Christian constituency relating to children, family, drugs and alcohol, marriage, human rights, religious freedom etc. Visit the ACL’s website each day to see what’s of interest in the news. Please note that selection of the articles does not represent ACL endorsement of the content.


Children & Family

Calls for national working with kids check

Annette Blackwell - AAP

Scouts Australia wants a national scheme of pre-employment screening for people applying to work with children. Scouts Australia and the NSW Department of Community Services (DOCS) will give evidence at the first public hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney next Monday.

Traumatic childhoods increase the risk of death before the age of 50 by up to 80%, claims study

Emma Innes - Daily Mail

People who suffer traumatic experiences in childhhod are more likely to die early, new research suggests. Men and women who suffer adversity in childhood are more likely to die before they are 50 than those who do not, the figures show.


Serious faces too sexy for Ella Bache bilboard

Lara Sinclair - The Australian

Advertisers are bracing for a new era of conservatism after a billboard for skin care brand Ella Bache was effectively banned because of the serious expression on the faces of three naked women who appear in the ad. Ms Moldrich said outdoor companies were facing an inquiry in Queensland because of complaints that had been made by the Australian Christian lobby

Broadcasters bid to air adult TV shows any time

Natasha Bita - News Limited Network

TV stations want the right to screen adults-only shows day and night, pushing to dump the traditional ban on sex and violence before kids' bedtime. Free TV, which represents the major free-to-air stations including channels Nine, Seven and Ten, says television time-zone rules - which mean an 8.30pm start for M-rated shows - are obsolete in the digital age.

Boardwalk Empire producer defends show's graphic violence

Michael Idato - SMH

The critically acclaimed HBO drama Boardwalk Empire explodes back onto television screens this week in an orgy of violence which leaves almost a half-dozen characters dead.

Drugs & Alcohol

Warning on dangers of using smartphone apps to check alcohol consumption

Lucie van den Berg - Herald Sun

Smartphone apps that track alcohol intoxication are wildly inaccurate, give false legitimacy to users and encourage excessive consumption, researchers warn. A new Victorian study analysing alcohol-related smartphone apps found many alcohol apps that measure blood alcohol concentration were flawed and inaccurate.


Tony Abbott, a student priest, who works in indigenous communities

Sarah Blake - News Ltd

He's the one time student priest who quit in frustration with the church, an outspoken opponent of gay marriage whose lesbian sister wants him to change his views, an ambitious political hardhead who quietly spends a week a year helping in remote indigenous communities.


Matt Prater's gay marriage journey from Lion's den to Peter at the revival

Andrew Fraser - The Australian

Pastor Matt Prater may have felt like "Daniel in the Lions Den'' when he stood in the middle of a hostile audience on ABC's Q&A last Monday to ask Kevin Rudd about gay marriage, but yesterday the pastor of the New Hope Church in Brisbane said he felt like Peter at the revival of Pentacost as the church had its biggest Sunday service this year.


Same-sex marriage not a vote winner

Lyle Shelton - On Line Opinion

None of the election commentary I have heard in the past 24 hours has mentioned the role played by one of the most prominent of Kevin Rudd's campaign issues. At the first leaders' debate, Mr Rudd surprisingly catapulted same-sex marriage to front and centre of the campaign promising to legislate within 100 days of being elected.

What are the Clive Palmer party's actual policies?

Staff Writers - News Ltd

Clive Palmer. He's loud, rich and larger-than-life. He usually gets what he wants - and what he wants is a say in politics. He's about to get it. The mining entrepreneur's Palmer United Party looks set to win a seat in the House of Reps, for Mr Palmer himself, and a spot in the Senate. Palmer reckons he'll win more and become a serious balance-of-power player.

Kevin Rudd will stay in parliament as MP for Griffith, says Kim Carr

Staff writer - News Limited Network

A key ally of Kevin Rudd says the outgoing prime minister will remain in parliament as the member for Griffith, despite calls from senior Labor figures for him to quit. Mr Rudd was re-elected in his Brisbane seat on Saturday, but announced he would stand down as Labor leader after the party's election defeat.

The Greens' election: from 'protest party' to protested against

Oliver Milman - The Guardian

When Julia Gillard referred to the Greens as a "party of protest" back in February, she wasn't being complimentary. The then prime minister was picking up on a theme relentlessly run by opponents of the Greens, both in politics and in the media, during the last parliament, when the party allied itself with Labor to form a minority government.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Syrian village is 'liberated' by rebels... who then forced Christians to convert to Islam

Daily Mail

Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village. Opposition forces, including fighters linked to Al Qaeda, gained temporary control of the Christian village of Maaloula after fighting with regime forces.

West Aceh , Protestant pastor and four Christians arrested for proselytizing

Mathias Hariyadi - Asia News

The religious police arrest five for trying to convert Muslims in the area. In fact, they ensured education and remedial courses . Not even the head of the Office of Religious Affairs is sure of the charges.


South Australian parents of stillborn children can now apply for a certificate to recognise their child

Lauren Novak - the Advertser

Parents of children stillborn between 12 and 19 weeks can now apply for a "commemorative'' certificate from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Office to recognise their child. Family First MLC Robert Brokenshire has been campaigning for about 20 months to allow parents to register the birth and death of a stillborn prior to 20 weeks' gestation.