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Thousands protest abortion reform in Spain


Thousands of women have marched in the streets of Madrid to protest against the Spanish government's plan to restrict access to abortion. They yelled "Freedom of abortion!" and waved signs such as "MPs and rosaries, out of my ovaries", targeting the Catholic Church as the supposed driver of the reform.

Children & Family

Space invaders - the perils of helicopter parenting

News Limited

It is the modern social paradox, long suspected and now beyond doubt. Modern parents - working mums, harried dads, full-time mothers and the unemployed alike - are spending more time than ever in active childcare. It is a trend that has developed despite large increases in women’s workforce participation, more hours spent by children in formal childcare, and greater time pressures on families.

Drugs & Alcohol

Is marijuana less dangerous than alcohol, as Barack Obama claims?


Legalisation of marijuana is back in the news. In the United States, Colorado and Washington have legalised the sale of marijuana for recreational use. In Australia, some have called for the legalisation of marijuana as a solution to alcohol-fuelled violence in popular nightspots.


Australia charts its own course on independents

Tim Dodd - Australian Financial Review

Around the world, charter schools – or free schools as they are called in Britain, are all the rage. They are a radical approach which is usually turned to when public education is failing. Where schools are not working, why not give another organisation – whether it be parents, a non-profit body, or even a religious-affiliated group – the money which it would have cost the government to run a school and see how well they do?


Council of Europe says no to Belgian child euthanasia law

Michael Trimmer - Christian Today

Removing the age limit on euthanasia in Belgium will be a betrayal of those in society who are the most vulnerable, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has warned.


Aboriginal gambling: a question of addiction or resource redistribution?

Francis Markham - The Conversation

“Aboriginal gambling” has become something of a hot-button issue in recent years. A number of academic research articles have documented the “risk factors” for Aboriginal people that increase their likelihood of develop gambling problems – enough to justify a recent overview paper by the Centre for Gambling Education and Research at Southern Cross University.


Indigenous cadetships providing ideal workplace training

Gabrielle Murphy - The Age

In his apology to Indigenous Australians on 12 February 2008 Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis committed the University of Melbourne to using its expertise and resources to make a sustained contribution to lifting the health, education and living standards of Indigenous Australians.


Carbon tax debate to drag on in Senate


The fight to scrap the carbon tax could drag out for months in the Senate, with Labor and the Australian Greens indicating they won't change their stance any time soon.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Cry for help from Syrian church leaders

Christian Today

Christians are being targeted by militants in war-torn Syria, say church leaders in the country. Syrian church leaders raised the warning during a visit to Washington DC last week sponsored by Barnabas Fund and the Westminster Institute in the US.

Sexualisation of Society

Air New Zealand slammed over 'sexualised' safety video starring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models

Michael Foremaan - Canberra Times

Air New Zealand's new "highly sexualised" safety video featuring bikini-clad models from Sport Illustrated magazine has been criticised for objectifying women.