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UK: Tories roll out biggest relaxation of abortion practice

Christian Institute

The Conservatives have been responsible for the biggest liberalisation of abortion procedures since 1967, The Christian Institute has found. Former Tory Health Secretary Andrew Lansley told clinics via secret guidance, which has now been publicised, that doctors do not need to see women seeking an abortion.


National curriculum: call to boost 'western/Judeo-Christian' influence 
(mentions ACL)

Daniel Hurst - The Guardian

A group of religious private schools has called for the national curriculum to include a “western/Judeo-Christian” influence category, an idea that is likely to appeal to the team reviewing what students are taught.

'Excessive expectations' put at risk critical focus on literacy and numeracy

The Australian

History should be removed from the national curriculum in the initial three years of school and only limited science taught as the first steps in reducing what primary school principals argue are excessive expectations.

Homelessness & Poverty

WA and Vic Govts call for certainty on homelessness funding


The Victorian and WA Liberal governments are both calling on the Federal Government to reveal as soon as possible what if anything is going to replace the national partnership agreement on homelessness, which expires at the end of June. Service providers say the uncertainty is already affecting staff.

This pregnant mother and eight-year old daughter live in a car

Shauna Anderson - Mamamia

Imagine this. An eight-year old girl returns home from school to her mum. Her bag is laden with homework, the short walk a hot and sweltering one. Her mum – who is six months pregnant – joyously awaits the return of her daughter. They jump into the family car. But this is where things turn unusual.


Argument rages over alcohol return to Palm Island

Miriam Hall - ABC

For nearly a decade the Indigenous community of Palm Island, off the coast of north Queensland, has had strict alcohol restrictions put in place to try and curb alcohol-fuelled injury and violence.


Chance of Greens opposition

Georgie Burgess - The Examiner

Tasmania becoming home to the world's first stand-alone Green opposition is ``not inconceivable'', according to political academics. Greens leader Nick McKim declared this Saturday's state election result a foregone conclusion in favour of the Liberals, and has taken the unusual move of campaigning to form opposition.

Bill Shorten and Labor go backwards: Newspoll

Dennis Shannahan - The Australian

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party have gone backwards in public support during the two weeks when 5000 job losses at Qantas and the Coalition’s refusal to grant the national carrier a debt guarantee dominated politics.


Syrian war leaves children facing struggle to survive

Roger Hearn - The Age

Imagine you have a young child whose legs must be amputated because hospitals don't have the proper equipment to treat them, or a world in which a patient opts to be knocked unconscious with a metal bar because there are no anaesthetics. Imagine a life where newborn babies die in their incubators because of power cuts.


Pope Francis: the man who won over the world in five minutes


Never has a leader of the Roman Catholic Church become as popular in as short a time as Pope Francis did when he humbly asked the crowd gathered in St Peter's Square on March 13 last year to pray for him. A year on, Francis, known for his gentle smile and infectious energy, has won over hearts worldwide. Admirers from Manila to Mexico fondly remember his first appearance on the balcony in the Vatican when he began with the simple greeting, "Good evening."