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Abortion “absolutely never medically necessary”: maternal care expert symposium

Hilary White – LifeSiteNews

An international group of obstetricians and other physicians meeting in Dublin this weekend has issued a statement denying that abortion is ever “medically necessary” for women.

Children & Family

Laws to allow more men to be primary carers

Clay Lucas – The Age

New federal laws surrounding workplace equality, likely to be passed in Canberra this week, aim to give more men the option of becoming the primary carer when they start a family.

Parents recruit personal trainers for children

Elissa Doherty – Herald Sun

Children as young as three are being whipped into shape by personal trainers in a growing fitness trend. Concerns about childhood obesity and busy parents who don't have time to run their kids to sport are driving the demand.

Drugs & Alcohol

Leaders know they have stupid drug policies, but don’t have the guts to change them

Tory Shepherd – AdelaideNow

Cannabis, dope, ganja, weed - it is Australia's most commonly used illicit drug.


NSW staff threaten strike over cuts

Sky News

Independent school staff have threatened to hold a statewide day of protest if the NSW government does not back away from planned major funding cuts.

Unis hit by price gouging, says Monash University

Chris Griffith – The Australian

Australian universities are being slugged vastly higher sums for IT products than their British counterparts, forcing them to divert money from worthwhile activities.

Let them eat credit and watch our schools fail

Elena Douglas – The Australian Financial Review

There’s a compelling argument that as long as Western politicians could deliver the appearance of higher incomes by expanding access to credit and rising house prices, they stopped doing their homework on the things that deliver sustainable productivity and therefore rising incomes: the hard yards of educational improvement.


Misleading stats could leave the homeless out in the cold

Prins Ralston – The Punch

Later today there’s a very good chance Australia’s official number of homeless people could drop significantly.


Anglican archbishop backs Christian lobby’s gay views

Dan Harrison – SMH

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, has backed controversial comments by the Australian Christian Lobby head, Jim Wallace, that suggested a homosexual ''lifestyle'' was more hazardous to health than smoking.

Labor push on gay vote to kill issue

Michelle Grattan & Dan Harrison – SMH

Senior Labor figures are pushing for a vote on gay marriage, possibly as early as next week, to clear the issue off the agenda.

Teacher ‘face sack’ for refusing to endorse gay marriage

Graeme Paton – The Telegraph

Teachers who refuse to endorse gay marriage in the classroom could face the sack under controversial Government reforms, a legal expert has warned.


Nauru crush spurs Malaysia talks

Lauren Wilson & Sid Maher – The Australian

Labor is striving to revive its people-swap deal with Malaysia amid concerns that Nauru, which will receive its first asylum-seekers by the end of the week, risks being swamped by a wave of new arrivals flooding through Indonesia.

Tents to house asylum seekers for up to six months

Kirrin McKechnie – ABC Online

Asylum seekers sent to Nauru will be housed in tents for up to six months, with the Federal Government revealing that permanent structures will not be ready before then.

PM’s asylum-seeker policy fails to deter boats

Michael Bachelard – Brisbane Times

Refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan are still arriving in Indonesia en route to Australia despite the Gillard government's ''no advantage'' policy and the introduction of processing on Nauru.

Sexualisation of Society

Name, shame sex fiend laws to be passed in State Parliament today

Peter Rolfe – Herald Sun

Laws designed to encourage judges to name and shame serious sex offenders will today be introduced in State Parliament.