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My unborn baby was a human being before birth and is a human being now

Leena Kollar - Life News

It was a quiet Sunday evening and my husband and I were winding down for the night to go to bed. We had contemplated going out to see a movie at the theater but decided against it. In hindsight, I am relieved we made that decision. That’s because my water broke that night.

Why do so many churchgoers have abortions?

Brian Fisher - Charrsma News

Several months ago, one of my co-workers was speaking with a Christian university campus minister about the issue of abortion, and he dismissed the topic with a wave.

Children & Family

Budgeting for a million childcare places

Peter Martin and Ellie Harvey - Brisbane Times

It has been a big week for childcare. Kevin Rudd kicked off his campaign with a promise of $450 million in extra funding to improve childcare centres. His minister Kate Ellis said: ''As a result of our policies, the number of children in approved childcare has grown to more than 1 million.''

Drugs & Alcohol

Adelaide Casino challenged to restrict access to bars

Adam Hegarty - The Advertiser

City pubs and nightclubs say Adelaide Casino will become a trouble magnet for drunken revellers and have challenged its management to abide by the same rules as them when a crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence begins this year.


Secrets of the best schools revealed

Justine Ferrari - The Australian

Hiring xtra teachers, engaging parents in schools, and literacy programs for younger children are among the most common strategies used by high-performing schools to improve their students' skills.


Tom Waterhouse takeover: Fears of 'predatory' tactics targeting gamblers after William Hill's acquisition

Nick Pedley - ABC

A leading anti-gambling advocate fears there will be "more predatory" behaviour targeting problem gamblers in the wake of the $34 million takeover of

Homelessness & Poverty

ACOSS calls for post-election action on child poverty, welfare payments

Monique Ross - ABC

Australia's peak welfare body has called on the major parties to make the fight against "deeply concerning" rates of child poverty their top priority.

Human Rights

Syria refugees swell Christian community in Turkey

Diana Darke - BBC

Syria's Christians belong to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, but chased away by the threat of violence some are heading for neighbouring Turkey, where they have been greeted with considerable enthusiasm.


Mixed reaction to Rudd's gay marriage pledge


There has been mixed reaction to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's pledge to introduce a bill to Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage within 100 days of taking office. The Australian Christian Lobby was disappointed with Rudd's announcement. "It's very hard to understand how someone who spent years defending marriage between a man and woman now sees it as a priority to be fast tracked," said Lyle Shelton, Managing Director Australian Christian Lobby.

Libs dismiss Labor wedge on gay marriage

The Australian

Internal research from the Liberal Party shows that gay marriage is way down the priority list for voters and not identified as a "vote switcher", but voters see it as an important issue that they care about. Party strategists say Tony Abbott's position of opposing marriage equality is not doing him damage but acknowledge that the issue is important symbolically. However, they say it won't be front of mind when people are casting their votes.

Rudd wedded to an idea that may backfire on him

Gerard Henderson - SMH

No surprise that tweets during the leaders' debate on Sunday peaked at the discussion on same-sex marriage towards the end of the event. Nor that channels Seven, Nine and Ten declined to show it on their main channels.

States should test the waters on same-sex marriage

George Williams - SMH

Kevin Rudd's commitment to same-sex marriage came under the spotlight again in this week's debate with Tony Abbott, when he promised to introduce a bill to legalise it within the first 100 days if he is re-elected. But there's every reason to believe the states may beat him to it, and go it alone on the same-sex legal issues, as was the case with marriage between a man and a woman at Federation in 1901.

Kevin Rudd's support for gay marriage 'could swing marginal seats'

Dan Harrison, Judith Ireland - SMH

Campaigners for same-sex marriage believe Kevin Rudd's support for change could make a difference in a number of marginal electorates, including the Liberal-held marginal seats of Brisbane, held by Teresa Gambaro, and Sturt, held by Christopher Pyne, as well as the Labor-Greens contest of Melbourne.


PNG PM says asylum policy is working

Nine MSN

Asylum seekers are starting to realise they are being conned by people smugglers amid early signs some would rather go home than be relocated in Papua New Guinea, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christian, Muslim clash in Egypt leaves 15 wounded


Egyptian security officials say a clash between Christians and Muslims that saw homes and a church burned in a southern city have left 15 people wounded.


Pregnancy more likely for some after IVF

Julia Medew - SMH

One in three Australian women who have their first baby with the help of assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF fall pregnant again without treatment within two years.