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UK woman jailed for ‘self-abortion’


A British woman who aborted her own baby within a week of his due date has been jailed for eight years.

Anti-abortion protesters cleared over foetus posters

BBC News

A campaigner who displayed graphic banners of aborted foetuses outside an abortion clinic in Brighton has been cleared of public order offences.


Britain eyes radical plan to create babies with three parents

Nick Collins – SMH

LONDON: Britain could become the first country in the world to legalise the creation of babies with three biological parents following the launch yesterday of a public consultation commissioned by the government.

There’s nothing nasty, or Nazi, about gene selection

Julian Savulescu – The Punch

We should use the emerging knowledge from genetics to have not just healthier children, but children with better genes. Unfortunately however, talking about better genes invites the objection, “That’s eugenics. That’s what the Nazis did.”

Children & Family

Child protesters ‘looking for approval of their parents’

Glenda Kwek – The Examiner

It has become one of the most evocative images of the violent protests in Hyde Park in Sydney - James Brickwood's photo of a young child holding a banner with the words ''behead all those who insult the prophet''.

Kids racking up huge bills on mobile games

Suzanne Smith – ABC Online

There is a call for urgent regulation of so-called "free" apps that end up costing parents hundreds of dollars on their iTunes accounts.

Concern for young children on antidepressants


Australian children as young as two are being prescribed antidepressants causing concern among mental health experts.

Drugs & Alcohol

More dying from illegal drug trade

Peter Mickelburough – Herald Sun

A deadly epidemic of "hillbilly heroin" has seen a surge in arrests for possession of prescription drugs and contributed to 270 deaths from prescription drug overdoses in Victoria last year.


Qld’s independent public schools announced


Queensland will have 26 independent schools for the first time, having the power to control their budget and recruit staff.

Parents fight to keep their children in the same schools

Evonne Barry – Herald Sun

Public schools cannot guarantee spots for their students' younger siblings, as the squeeze on state education hits new levels.


Shell loses Arctic drilling race – for now


Shell's offshore drillers have lost their race with the Arctic winter and abandoned hope of striking oil this year but will drill wells before the ice closes in to prepare for a 2013 search for the region's elusive riches.


Bilingual tack gains traction

Patricia Karvelas – The Australian

Federal School Education Minister Peter Garrett has declared he will talk to state governments about adopting bilingual education for indigenous children, arguing school attendance rates would improve if they were taught in their first language. 

Grog bans contribute to cannabis use in remote areas

Natasha Robinson – The Australian

Urgent action is needed to combat endemic rates of cannabis use in remote indigenous communities, the first research into the rate of drug abuse in Cape York revealing two-thirds of men and more than one-third of women are dependent on the drug.


Gay marriage bill debate is a victory, says Senator Penny Wong

Anna Caldwell – Herald Sun

As gay rights activists steel themselves for the likelihood of losing an historic Senate vote on same sex marriage this week, Senator Penny Wong says the very fact the issue was being fought on the floor of parliament was a victory. 

Gay marriage bill ‘personal’ for senator

Dan Harrison – The Age

Labor Senator Louise Pratt fought back tears in parliament as she spoke about being prevented by law from marrying her transgender partner.


Poll: Abbott erratic, angry and arrogant

Michelle Grattan – Brisbane Times

Tony Abbott is seen as being significantly more arrogant, narrow-minded, intolerant, and aggressive than Julia Gillard, in a new poll underlining the Opposition Leader's image problem.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Family of anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding

The Australian

The family of the film producer who has inflamed Muslims worldwide has joined him in hiding, as more cast members say they were duped into making it.


Nauru not good enough for women, children: Salvos

ABC News

The Salvation Army says facilities on Nauru should be improved before women and children are transferred there for offshore processing.

Sexualisation of Society

Facebook sex offender’s troubled upbringing prompts lenient sentence

Mark Russell – The Age

Living on a dirt floor under the house, Andrew Clayton's family would bang on the floor above him to let him know dinner was ready. If he didn't answer they, or the dogs, would eat his meal.


Groomed to hate: security expert fears parents are radicalising their children

Rick Morton & Dan Box – The Australian

Australian Muslim children are at risk of being groomed in extremist anti-Western ideology by radicalised parents, posing a new challenge to national security agencies, a leading terrorism expert has warned.

Anti-Islam film: Thousands protest around Muslim world

BBC News

Fresh protests are taking place around the Muslim world over an amateur anti-Islam video produced in the US. At least one protester was killed in violent protests in Pakistan and thousands attended an angry rally in the Philippines city of Marawi.