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Victoria: Abortion view to determine minor party preferences

Herald Sun

Three socially conservative minor parties are seeking to make abortion an election-deciding issue by promising to help candidates who share similar views. The Democratic Labor Party, the Australian Christians, and Rise Up Australia Party, have signed an agreement to create a preference flow based on “shared values” such as being opposed to abortion.

Children & Family

Warning of 'baby industry' system

Jared Owens - The Australian

Plans to further deregulate inter-country adoptions risk creating a "baby industry" for middle-class couples while increasing overseas abductions and child trafficking, the government has been warned.

Softcore online pop videos to be given film-style age restrictions to protect children, Cameron announces

Tom McTague - Daily Mail

Semi pornographic online music videos will have to carry movie-style age restrictions, under plans announced by David Cameron today. The Prime Minister unveiled a pilot scheme with YouTube and the British Board of Film Classification amid growing parental anxiety over the adult nature of many pop videos such as Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.


Doctors fear turning off a patient's pacemaker risks murder charge

Julia Medew - The Observer

Doctors are calling for Australians with pacemakers to write clear instructions about the circumstances in which they would like them switched off in case they want doctors to help them die at some point in the future.

Homelessness & Poverty

Begging fines making matters worse for Melbourne's homeless, youth service says

Clare Rawlinson - ABC

A clinic for homeless people in Melbourne says the city's homelessness problem is being exacerbated by police issuing fines for people begging for money. Youth Projects says it has had increasing reports from clients being fined for begging, with some having their money taken by police as “proceeds of crime” and put into charity boxes.

Human Rights

Bernardi in bid to remove racial vilification protections


Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi warns the Abbott government risks further frustrating the party faithful if it doesn't reconsider its decision to abandon changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. The controversial South Australian senator will co-sponsor a bill in the Senate to change the Act, despite the government last week dropping its controversial proposal to amend Section 18C.


Victorian Labor leads Coalition 52% to 48% ahead of election, says poll

Gay Alcorn - The Guardian

Barely 100 days from the Victorian election, the contest is Labor’s to lose, with the Coalition government battling two big handicaps – the Abbott government in Canberra and Victoria’s progressive tendencies.

Labor closing in on LNP in latest Qld poll; Newman hangs on as preferred premier


Queensland Labor is emerging from the political wilderness to be a viable alternative, but will not gain enough ground to win next year's election, senior lecturer at University of Queensland Dr Rae Wear says. The public is again flirting with the party of nine MPs, whose fortunes have improved dramatically since the 2012 election whitewash.


Asylum-seeker children to be released


Hundreds of asylum-seeker children and their families will be released from mainland detention centres on bridging visas, the government says. The families of children under the age of 10 will be moved into the community while their refugee applications are processed, after the government approved new bridging visa arrangements.

Sexualisation of Society

Experts back artist in ‘child porn’ court case

The Age

Two prominent Melbourne art experts have told a court artwork that featured photographs of children's faces superimposed on images of male bodies performing sex acts had artistic merit and doesn't constitute pornography.