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Analysis: 40-year-old US abortion fight heats

Steven R. Hurst - Medical Express

Abortion opponents have fought back vigorously in the 40 years since a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized the procedure. Now, their battle is gaining ground in some states where new laws are creating stringent barriers to a woman ending her pregnancy.

Charities & NFP

Coalition wants new NFP ‘philosophy’

Pro Bono News

The Federal Coalition has told the Associations Forum Conference in Sydney that it will bring a ‘new philosophy’ to the Not for Profit sector if it is elected to office during a debate on the status of the new charity regulator, the ACNC.


UK: Net porn block on every home: Victory for the Mail as PM pledges 'opt in' rule for all web users

James Chapman - The Daily Mail

Every householder connected to the internet will have their access to online porn blocked unless they ask to receive it. In a victory for the Daily Mail, David Cameron will announce the move today among a series of measures cracking down on against the tide of web sleaze. The Prime Minister will warn that internet pornography – much of it easily accessible to youngsters – is ‘corroding childhood’.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

India : Wombs for hire

Rashmi Pratap - The Hindu Business Line

Surrogacy means many things to many people. For infertile couples it’s a chance to have a child. For working women, it’s a shot at parenthood without a mid-career break. For surrogate mothers, it’s big money. And, of course, for the lawyers and doctors, it’s big business. Rashmi Pratap takes a look at the flourishing business of surrogacy.

The painful pursuit of high-tech babies

Miriam Zoll - Mercator Net

Many women are deferring childbearing until they have the perfect partner and an established career. It's a big mistake.

Drugs & Alcohol

Plain cigarette packaging works: study

Alexia Attwood - The Conversation

Plain packaging on tobacco products is associated with lower smoking appeal, greater support for the policy and a higher urgency to quit among adult smokers, a new study has found.

An important article on the health impacts of alcohol

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

In my talks in schools around the country, I am told distressing stories of alcohol-related harm. Violence, sexual assault, damage to physical and mental health. My friend and colleague Paul Dillon, a drug educator with 25 years experience and founder of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) hears these stories too. He’s written about this recently here.

Deconstructing autonomy: a euthanasia advocate in perplexity

Michael Cook - Bio Edge

It could be a novel or a movie, but it's real life: when her own husband suddenly becomes a quadriplegic, a bioethicist famous for her advocacy of legalised voluntary euthanasia keeps him alive even though he wants to die. Margaret Pabst Battin, a philosopher at the University of Utah, has spent nearly five years caring for her disabled husband, Brooke Hopkins, an English scholar.


New Zealand: Labour’s euthanasia bill – A very real threat to the elderly

Ken Orr - Life News

The Labour caucus has a Private Members Bill in the ballet titled “End of Life Choice Bill” in the name of Maryan Street. If passed it would allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.


Young men in crisis: mental health study

Clifford Fram - AAP

According to new research, nearly one in 10 young Australian men have had thoughts about suicide. Young Australian men are in crisis, with half feeling stressed and nearly one in 10 having thoughts about suicide, according to new research.

Homelessness & Poverty

Child poverty and the Christian vision of society

John Milbank - ABC Religion and Ethics

There has been a great deal of public debate in the UK in the last few years about the Big Society and the Good Society, and what it is that we mean by this word "social." This is a fascinating political juncture that we shouldn't dismiss too quickly, because seeing the primacy of the social dimension to life is a deeply Christian insight.

Overseas Aid

O'Neill brags of closer grip on aid after refugee deal

Rory Callinan, Daniel Flitton - SMH

Greater control of Australia's multimillion-dollar aid program to Papua New Guinea appears to have been handed back to the developing country as part of a sweetener to accept asylum seekers. Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, boasted on Monday that he had achieved a ''realignment'' of the country's aid program from Australia as part of the recently negotiated agreement.


Senator complains over PNG plan ads

Dan Harrison - The Examiner

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has made a formal complaint to the Commonwealth Auditor-General over the Federal Government’s massive advertising blitz on asylum seekers. The ads began at the weekend, running in major metropolican newspapers, on TV and radio, after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd annouced a deal with Papua New Guinea for asylum seekers who arrive by boat to be processed and resettled in that country or a third destination.

After the coup, the resurrection comes to a halt: Newspoll

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

The surge of voter support for Kevin Rudd and Labor since Julia Gillard was removed last month appears to have stalled after a rise in the primary vote for the Coalition and a slowing personal support for the Prime Minister.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Homicide police investigate prostitute's death in St Kilda

Mark Butler - Herald Sun

Police are investigating the suspected killing of a prostitute whose body was found in a van in St Kilda's red-light district yesterday. The 40-year-old sex worker suffered upper body and facial injuries and died inside the van, police believe.


What are friends for? Australia's precarious PNG Solution

Frank Brennan - ABC Religion and Ethics

I've just spent the week in Myanmar, oblivious of rapid developments for asylum seekers in Australia. On Saturday morning, I landed back into Sydney to see full page advertisements simply stating, "If you come by boat without a visa you won't be settled in Australia." This wasn't John Howard; this is Kevin Rudd.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

ABC's Papua charade on religion

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

The ABC has finally decided it's actually a worry to bring Muslim boat people into a largely Christian country. There's a catch, though. It's a worry as long as the Christian country is not Australia. The ABC's Papua New Guinea correspondent, Liam Cochrane, on Saturday reported unease over the Rudd Government's plan to send Muslim boat people to them instead. "The people I spoke to on the streets of Port Moresby were quite negative in their reaction," he said.

Without Morsi, Christian persecution surges

Beth Byrd - Baptist Press

At least six Egyptian Christians have been murdered in a persecution surge following former president Mohamed Morsi's removal from office July 3. Christian persecution has intensified, CBS News reported, because Christians supported the ousting of Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader who was elected to office a year ago.

Sexualisation of Society

Erotica is not porn: novelist encourages new writers

Jenna Clarke - Canberra Times

Erotica may push the boundaries of traditional publishing but it also gets an unjust and bad wrap according to award winning erotic fiction writer Tracey O'Hara. “Erotica is not porn. It gives both men and women the opportunity to explore their own sexuality,” she said.