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After remarks on abortion, Pope says every unborn child has face of Jesus

Anugrah Kumar - Christian Post

Pope Francis said he opposes abortion as per the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, clarifying that his remarks on abortion in an interview this past week were meant only to convey the message that some social issues need not be repeated constantly.


'Brain dead' might not mean brain dead after all

John Johnson - Newser

An intriguing new study out of Montreal might redefine our concept of being "brain dead." Researchers for the first time think that the brain remains active even in patients whose EEG lines have gone flat, reports the Los Angeles Times. The study sprang from an unusual case in Romania in which a patient lapsed into a coma, then got put into a deeper coma by doctors.


Rau re-opens videogame classification row

David Swan - IT Wire

Just months after Australia introduced an R18+ rating for videogames, South Australia's Attorney-General has reopened the debate around the classification rules, citing excessive violence and sexual content. South Australia's Attorney-General John Rau has told the ABC that the new classification rules for videogames, which came into effect in January this year, may still be exposing children to sexual or violent content.

Drugs & Alcohol

Tennant Creek to be sold wine in plastic bottles

Sally Brooks - ABC

Tennant Creek drinkers will soon cop some of the country's most stringent liquor restrictions ... as well as plastic wine bottles. The Territory town's publicans, police and Liquor Licensing have struck a voluntary agreement that will make three changes to the way takeaway grog is sold.

Police called in after four-year-old found with meth at daycare centre


Police and child protection authorities have been called in after a quantity of methamphetamine was found on a four-year-old at a Perth childcare centre.


Labor's failed education revolution

Peter Job - ABC

Labor's flagship education initiatives NAPLAN and My School are responsible for narrowing learning, while its funding reforms represent a largely squandered opportunity, writes Peter Job.

Bullied school student Jazmine Oyston has damages payout increased

Rachel Olding - SMH

A Catholic school student who suffered serious mental health problems after years of bullying by the "popular group" has had her damages payout increased despite efforts by the school to have the matter thrown out of court.


Gambling illegal? Just float out to international waters


When Li Yu wanted to take a gambling trip, she looked into Macau but found the hotels too expensive. So she booked a room on an overnight casino boat that sailed about an hour from Hong Kong into international waters before opening up its baccarat tables.


NT men unite against domestic violence


In the face of shocking domestic abuse statistics in the Northern Territory, indigenous men from the Tiwi Islands to Alice Springs have signed a memorandum of understanding to say enough is enough.


Abbott faces pressure from both sides on marriage equality

Benjamin Riley - Star Observer

Pressure is mounting on the Abbott Government from both sides of the marriage debate ahead of the likely passage of marriage equality legislation by the ACT Government later this week.


Shooters, fishers could force Greens' Scott Ludlam out of the Senate

Christian Kerr - The Australian

Prominent Greens senator Scott Ludlam is in danger of exiting parliament, as a see-sawing contest between two minor parties threatens his preference flow.


Christmas Island residents 'will tell the world' about asylum seeker arrivals: union leader

Judith Ireland, Peter Martin, Daniel Hurst - The Age

New Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has refused to commit to telling Australians how successful the Coalition government is in implementing its key election pledge to safely turn asylum seeker boats around at sea.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Peshawar horror as Muslims massacre and maim Christians

Archbishop Cranmer Blog

It was the worst atrocity committed against Christians in Pakistan's entire history. Two Muslim suicide bombers entered All Saints Anglican Church in Peshawar, and slaughtered around 80 Christians and maimed many more as they worshipped God and praised Jesus. It was a jihadi bloodbath of butchery and carnage.

The treatment of religious minorities in Muslim lands

Cherson and Molschky

Muslim immigrants demand that the Western civilization erase its culture and heritage for Islam instead, relying on liberal religious sensitivities as a means to accomplish this. On the grounds of discrimination and Islamophobia, Muslims in the West convince our liberal/leftist society to secularize everything, remove any references to religion like Christmas trees and crosses while at the same time, introducing Islam into the supposedly secular public school system.

Modern martyrs in the Syrian heartland of early Christianity

Vincenzina Santoro - Mercator Net

History repeats itself as invaders give a choice of conversion or death.

Sexualisation of Society

Brain scans prove porn is as addictive as alcohol and drugs

Fiona Macrae - Herald Sun

Compulsive users of porn show the same signs of addiction in their brain as those hooked on booze or drugs, according to researchers.

Teen Olympia Nelson takes stand against sexualised selfie photos

Australian Story ABC

When Melbourne schoolgirl Olympia Nelson made headlines earlier this year with her critique of explicit selfies, it was not the first time she had been at the centre of a media storm. As Australian Story reveals, Olympia first found herself on national front pages in 2008 when she was 11.