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Gloria Steinem: Women “need” abortion and abortion is a “sacrament”

Rob Schwarzwalder - Life News

Among those who have just received the Medal of Freedom from President Obama is Gloria Steinem, who has done as much for advancing abortion-on-demand as any single person in the last half century. In an interview with The Washington Post, she said, “Approximately one in three women in this country needs an abortion at some time in her life”. Aside from the dubiousness of this statistic, note that she uses the term “needs.”


Ja'mie: Private School Girl savaged by US critics: 'Transphobic drag'

Michael Idato - SMH

How much of a "foul-mouthed mean girl" can a TV audience take? It's taken several weeks for the ABC's broadcast of Chris Lilley's Ja'mie: Private School Girl in Australia to shed half its audience.

Drugs & Alcohol

Will Australia ever sober up?

Gabrielle Jackson - The Hoopla

Is Australia finally waking up to its alcohol problem? Something seems to have gelled this week with a combination of news stories that brought home one of our culture’s most pressing issues.

Doctors concerned about flesh-eating disease among fentanyl addicts

Aisha Dow - The Age

A case of flesh-eating disease in regional Australia has sparked new concerns about the risks of tampering with fentanyl painkiller patches. In the past three years several drug users have died after soaking the prescription patch in household products, to extract a stronger dose of the drug before injecting it.


Is the dream of free online university education fading?

Jason Lodge - Mercator Net

The head of the biggest online education provider now says that it is a "lousy product".

Back to drawing board for Gonski, says Christopher Pyne

Lauren Wilson - The Australian

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has declared the new Coalition government will go "back to the drawing board" on the administration of billions of dollars in school funding, claiming Labor's so-called Gonski reforms are a "shambles" and impossible to implement.


Belgium: Euthanasia doctor Wim Distelmans has a license to kill anyone

Wesley J. Smith - Life News

Euthanasia is only as limited as the consciences of doctors willing to kill. In other words, given that the supposed limits are wholly unenforced–and mostly depend on self-reporting–the only limits to euthanasia and assisted suicides are those doctors impose on themselves.


Overseas students gambling with their future

Erica Cervini - SMH

Two weeks ago, Third Degree highlighted a study in which it was concluded that gambling is a problem among university students. Now research in the latest edition of the Journal of Gambling Studies compares gambling rates among local and international students. Some of the results are worrying.

Financial adviser used Crown Casino account to launder drug money

Steve Butcher - The Age

A financial adviser who used a Melbourne Crown casino bank account to launder $682,000 in drug money has been categorised by a prosecutor as a "cog in the wheels of organised crime". Whye Wah Moo, 59, was an authorised representative of the Ang Junket Group – which helped Asian visitors to Crown – and who conducted financial transactions using a Crown Patrons Identity.


Australian Vaccination Network loses appeal against name change order


The Australian Vaccination Network has again been ordered to change its name, after losing an appeal against a ruling that its current name is misleading. The New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal has upheld a ruling by the state's Fair Trading department that the anti-vaccination group's current name could mislead the public.


Re-thinking Aboriginal history

Joe Lane - On Line Opinion

The formal study of Indigenous History has relied on second- and third-hand sources, on hearsay and oral history. Without attention to primary sources, this will remain a very serious defect. My wife and I made the first Aboriginal flags, back in 1972, more than a hundred of them up to 1981 or so, and sent them all around Australia. We were ardent supporters of land rights and self-determination and used to devour any new book on the subject. Invariably they were based on secondary and tertiary sources but they fitted in with our way of thinking at the time.


GG for gay marriage: Did she say too much?

Network Ten

Governor-General Quentin Bryce has expressed her support for same-sex marriage as a part her vision for the future of Australia.

Commonwealth 'doesn't prohibit' gay marriage, ACT argues

Peter Jean - The Canberra Times

The federal parliament has failed to outlaw same-sex marriages, the ACT government has argued in a submission to the High Court of Australia. The ACT Legislative Assembly passed Australia’s first same-sex marriage law in October, prompting a High Court challenge by the federal government.

US: Christians file ballot initiative to protect businesses that decline to service same-sex ‘weddings’

Christian News

A Christian organization in Oregon has filed a ballot initiative that would protect business owners against lawsuits and other penalties in the event that they decline to directly or indirectly participate in a same-sex “wedding.” The Oregon Family Council filed the proposal, entitled the Protect Religious Freedom Initiative, on Thursday in light of the lawsuits and complaints lodged in recent months against several bakers, florists and photographers in the nation.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Nigerian Islamists force Christian women to convert

Benjamin Weinthal - Jerusalem Post

Al-Qaida-linked Islamic group Boko Haram unleashed a new tactic in its war to obliterate Christianity in northern Nigeria: convert or die.

Sexualisation of Society

Former commando charged over Jedi Council sex ring

Noel Towell - SMH

The alleged ringleader of the Australian Defence Force's "knights of the Jedi Council" has been charged over sex emails sent between Defence workers. Former army commando Hastings Fredrickson is accused of being part of a group of up to 17 men who allegedly shared videos and photos of naked, unsuspecting women and sometimes challenged fellow members of the council to bed the women too.


Ambos say violence won't be tolerated after attack on paramedic


The Ambulance Service says violent behaviour towards paramedics will not be tolerated after a female officer was kicked in the face by a woman who was being taken to hospital in Newcastle.

I swear this is a bloke's issue

Ken Lay - The Hoopla

On White Ribbon Day we bring you this powerful call by Victorian police chief Ken Lay who says men’s silence about violence against women must stop. Now. White Ribbon Day calls on everyone to swear – to take an oath to keep talking about this urgent issue.

I have lost count of how many women have told me they have been raped

Abigail Bray - Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Living in a rape culture means adjusting to being hyper-vigilant about male violence to the point where risk management becomes second nature.