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Children & Family

Childcare shortage a hurdle for paid parental leave

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian 

The nation’s biggest childcare provider says mutual obligation provisions requiring women to return to work after taking money from Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme could fail because of the shortage of care places for ­babies and toddlers.

Drugs & Alcohol

$2.7bn drugs haul fails to kill demand

Dan Box - The Australian 

The value of illegal drugs seized across Australia leapt more than $1 billion last year amid record numbers of seizures and arrests, without any obvious impact on the price paid on the street.


Police investigating doctor who gave dying man drugs

Julia Medew - Brisbane Times

Victorian police are investigating a Melbourne doctor’s confession that he gave a dying man a lethal drug shortly before the man killed himself with it in 2005. Just hours after euthanasia advocate Dr Rodney Syme admitted on Monday morning that he had given Steve Guest Nembutal while he was dying from oesophageal cancer, a spokeswoman for Victoria Police said the homicide squad had reopened its investigation into the case.

Homelessness & Poverty

Margaret: the hidden face of homelessness


Aged in her late 50s, Margaret found herself homeless and sleeping rough on the streets of Brisbane. Margaret is just one of a rising number of Australian women aged over 55 who are having to seek housing support, live on the street, or are on the verge of homelessness.

Overseas Aid

Developing world exploitation being funded by Australian banks, says Oxfam

Paul Farrell - The Guardian 

Australia’s biggest banking institutions have provided financial support to companies involved in illegal logging, forced evictions and child labour, according to a new report from Oxfam Australia.


Micro parties under attack by ALP, Liberals, Nationals, who want Senate voting rules changed

Latika Bourke - ABC

The major political parties have teamed up in an effort to shut down the rapid growth in micro parties winning Senate spots, saying the current voting system is "intimidating", "baffling" and like playing the brainteaser Sudoku.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

View from the streets: New Nordic sex laws are making prostitutes feel less safe

Gwladys Fouche - The Indepndent

Steps to tighten the laws on buying sex in Nordic countries are winning adherents around Europe, but feedback from the sex workers they were drawn up to protect suggests that the regulations may be making their work more dangerous.


Nauru to put five year limit on stay of refugees

Sarah Whyte - SMH

Asylum seekers on Nauru who are found to be refugees have been told they will be resettled on the island for five years where they will be given work rights and the opportunity to establish their own businesses.


Jessica joyful about getting her new birth certificate

Kirsten Lawson - The Canberra Times

Canberran Jessica Walsh has reached a milestone day - the day when she can hand back a birth certificate that for her tells a lie. "That little "M" is a bit annoying," Ms Walsh said with some understatement, referring to the section on her birth certificate that records her as a male. "I'm female and having my birth certificate saying I'm male is basically just false information."

A gun for every 1-in-10 people as numbers soar to above 700,000 across NSW

Neil Keene - The Daily Telegraph

Arsenals of high-powered rifles and other firearms are flourishing in Sydney suburbs as the number of privately owned guns in NSW climbs above 700,000.