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Charities & NFP

Push to protect volunteer rights

Callie Watson - The Advertiser

New national safeguards are needed to better protect the rights of volunteers, as more are bullied, the state's peak body for unpaid workers says. Volunteering SA/NT chief executive Evelyn O'Loughlin said a volunteer ombudsman is one option. Australian-first research into the life of unpaid workers, conducted by the Australian Volunteer Rights and Advocacy Working Group, will be released at the National Volunteering Conference in Adelaide on Thursday.


'Racially insensitive' computer game faces challenge over title

Karl Quinn - SMH

Whore of the Orient, a new computer game from the developer of LA Noire, is at the centre of a racism row over its title.

Drugs & Alcohol

Drug scourge: Methamphetamine use widespread in Adelaide

Herald Sun

City traders say drug dogs should be allowed into nightclubs and overdose victims should face charges to help stem the widespread abuse of illicit drugs.

Homelessness & Poverty

Homeless vote to be boosted at this weekend's federal election

ABC Online

Homelessness is on the rise nationally with 13,000 people believed to be sleeping rough in Perth alone. A pilot program being trialled in WA has seen mobile polling booths set up at three Perth community centres.

Human Rights

'I am a Girl', an Australian documentary focusing on the inequalities of life as a girl

ABC News

Two girls from PNG and Cambodia feature in an award-winning Australian director's critically acclaimed film about the lives of girls ar ound the world. Rebecca Barry had wanted to make the film about the unique challenges faced by girls around the world, but it wasn't until she had faced the 2009 Pacific tsunami while in Samoa that she started working on the idea.


PM says he may have disappointed churches

Nine News

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has acknowledged that some of his decisions may have disappointed the Christian churches. Mr Rudd made the comment, in what appears to be a reference to his change of heart on gay marriage, during an address to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Kevin Rudd defends same sex marriage in front of Pastor on Q & A

Ben McClellan and Lanai Scarr - News Limited Network

Im an extraordinary moment on TV, Kevin Rudd gave a staunch defence of same-sex marriage when challenged by a Pastor on Q & A. When confronted by a question from the Christian man, who quoted the Bible as stating it was clearly wrong in the eyes of God, he said: "People don't choose their sexuality, they are born that way.

Did Rudd think gays were abnormal in May?

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Tim Blair notes the disgusting sanctimony of a Prime Minister who until as recently as May this year opposed gay marriage - but now abuses an opponent, Christian pastor, to the applause of a Q&A crowd:

Lauren Jackson targets anti-gay WNBA star Sophia Young after Twitter outburst

Herald Sun

Australian basketball star Lauren Jackson has hit out at a WNBA All-Star who publicly opposed same-sex marriage. Jackson expressed shock via her Twitter account when San Antonio forward and three-time All Star Sophia Young voiced her opposition to gay marriage. "Should San Antonio be a city that allows same sex marriage?? I vote NO," Young tweeted late last week.


Pollies pitch to Christians in ACL webcast

Russell Powell - Sydney Anglicans

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition leader Tony Abbott have headlined a national webcast to churches, just five days ahead of the election.

Labor may keep only two seats in Queensland

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Labor faces the prospect of losing at least four seats, with a fifth at risk, in Kevin Rudd's home state of Queensland, which was meant to be an electoral springboard for an ALP recovery and the only real hope of winning Coalition seats.


Labor says it has 'broken the back' of the people-smuggling trade

Lauren Wilson - The Australian

Labor has declared victory over people-smugglers after the arrival of two lightly-loaded asylum boats in the past 24 hours. “We have broken the back of the people-smuggling trade,” Immigration Minister Tony Burke said. Mr Burke said people-smugglers were now struggling to fill boats, after two asylum-seeker vessels, carrying as few as 30 and 28 people respectively, were intercepted in the last 24 hours.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Egypt: Churches, schools razed to erase any Christian presence

Worthy News

After the ouster of Egypt's Muhammad Morsi, many of his followers took out their frustrations against the Christian houses of worship, schools and orphanages of Minya Governorate, according to AsiaNews.

40 Pakistani Christian families face hunger after Gojra elopement dispute

World Watch Monitor

Last month was the fourth anniversary of one of the worst outbreaks of violence against Pakistan's minority Christian community in the country's recent past. In August 2009, seven Christians were burned to death in Gojra, while more than 100 houses were looted, ransacked and then set on fire. Four years on, the situation remains bleak. In July, World Watch Monitor reported that a Christian in Gojra was convicted of committing blasphemy, while a couple was arrested for sending blasphemous text messages. Another Christian was shot dead in a nearby town later that month.


Do Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott live up to their Christian beliefs?

The Guardian

Something that has gone largely unnoticed during this 2013 election is that both major party leaders are practising Christians. Tony Abbott is a Catholic of a conservative hue, and Kevin Rudd sits somewhere between Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism.