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Putting a price on human organs

Margaret Somerville - Mercator Net

Canadian broadcasting reports that University of Calgary researchers suggest paying kidney donors could be “less costly, more effective” and payments could boost donations. Is this a good idea and if not, why? First, we must never underestimate the suffering and anguish of the people on a waiting list for a kidney transplant and of their families, and we have obligations to do what we can to help them. Payment might increase the supply of organs, so must be considered.

Drugs & Alcohol

A right to self-stupification? The case against cannabis

Peter Hitchens - ABC

It is vital that we retain an effective and enforced law designed to deter vulnerable people from taking a drug whose pleasures are ultimately banal, but whose potential damage is grave.


South Australian euthanasia bill ‘almost certainly won’t pass,’ MP admits to LifeSiteNews

Andrew Smith - Life Site News

South Australian pro-euthanasia MP Bob Such has openly admitted to today that his latest euthanasia bill “almost realistically won’t pass.” This latest euthanasia bill, introduced Thursday in the South Australian Parliament, is the seventh bill of its type in South Australia in the last three years, according to Director of HOPE, Paul Russell.


Tom Waterhouse's betting blues

Tony Wright - The Age

Tom Waterhouse wasn't happy. Why, he'd been refused a nice big Melbourne Cup bet on his own mum's horse. The young bookie wanted the chance to win $1 million on the Gai Waterhouse-trained Fiorente at the relatively juicy odds of 7.5-1, but the other bookies weren't having it.


ABC report could cause death, says ABC health specialist

Peter Martin - SMH

The ABC's health specialist has launched an extraordinary attack on the ABC TV Catalyst program, saying a program broadcast last week about cholesterol and heart attacks might cause people to die.


High Court sets date for same-sex marriage hearing

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

The High Court will hear a challenge to the legality of the ACT's same-sex marriage law on December 3 and 4 - before any marriages will be able to take place. The court agreed on Monday afternoon to the Commonwealth's request for an expedited timeline at a brief directions hearing.

Overseas Aid

Syria crisis: 40% of population need humanitarian assistance, says UN

The Guardian

Around 9.3 million of Syria's 23 million inhabitants need help, UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos tells security council


Tasmania: Exclusive ReachTEL survey delivers harsh assessment of State Labor-Green Government

David Killick - The Mercury

The State Government will be judged most harshly for its management of the Tasmanian economy, job creation and health at the March state election, new polling shows. An exclusive ReachTEL survey of more than 2700 voters conducted for the Sunday Tasmanian reveals a majority of voters rate the Labor-Green Government as a poor or very poor performer in the three key areas.

Parties consider WA senate poll challenge

News Ltd

The Abbott government is relishing the prospect of a fresh Senate election in Western Australia, claiming it will be a referendum on its carbon tax repeal legislation. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on Monday declared the final result with Liberal senators David Johnston, Michaelia Cash and Linda Reynolds and Labor senator Joe Bullock keeping the seats they won at the original count.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Homosexual activists at the church door

Kelly Boggs - BPNews

The homosexual rights movement was born out of a desire to be tolerated. Through the years it seems to have morphed into a crusade bent on forcing all of society, even conservative churches, to accept and celebrate homosexuality as natural, normal and healthy. The irony would be amusing if the threat to religious liberty weren't so serious.

While MP pushes for change, poll shows most people oppose laws allowing school anti-gay bias

Josephine Tovey - SMH

Two-thirds of NSW people are opposed to laws allowing private schools to discriminate against or expel students on the basis of their sexuality, a phone poll has revealed. But groups representing many private and religious schools warn that if a bill to change the law is successful, it could threaten their religious freedom and leave them open to litigation for operating the schools in accordance with their faith.

Egypt Copts still threatened by Islamic insurgency

George Thomas - CBN News

An Islamic-led insurgency threatens one of the world's oldest Christian communities. Four months after Egyptians chased their president out of office, radical Muslims still blame Christians for the uprising. Now Egypt's Coptic Christians face almost daily attacks.

Sexualisation of Society

Victims suffer all over again in a world where sexual violence sells

Melinda Tankard Reist - SMH

A female teacher at a Tasmanian school where I spoke on the objectification of women could not stay to hear the end of my talk. The images I showed were too confronting, bringing back traumas suffered two decades ago. ''The very acts that have become part of my trauma were there on display as a part of mainstream culture,'' she said. Do advertisers, magazine editors, fashion, music and video game producers think about how their violent images traumatise female survivors of sexual abuse and degradation?

Victim of ADFA Skype sex scandal to take legal action against Defence Force

Alex McDonald and Michael Brissenden - ABC

The woman at the heart of the Australian Defence Force Academy Skype sex scandal is set to take legal action against the military, two-and-a-half years after she was secretly filmed having sex with a fellow cadet.


Our ABC myth makers

Bill Muehlenberg - On Line Opinion

I hate to say it, but the recently established ABC FactCheck unit is anything but. It would be much more accurate to call it the MythMaker unit. Or MythPerpetuator unit. Or just plain BaloneyManufacturing unit. Take the recent "fact check" that had to do with Tony Abbott's claim that marriage has always been about one man and one woman. That happens to be quite true. Have there been some rare exceptions along the way? Sure, but exceptions do not make the rule.

Finks say patch-over to Mongols will restore core values, curb criminal acts and drug use

Sean Fewster - The Advertiser

A bikie insider says the South Australian Finks backed a Mongols takeover because members had accepted the gang needed to "change or die". The senior member has told The Advertiser that veterans of the gang had grown tired of the lawlessness of young recruits and saw the Mongols' strict constitution as the way to rebuild. For the first time, the club has publicly released an internal document - an alcohol and drugs policy - which it says members must abide by or be automatically expelled. SA Police have dismissed the insider's claims, saying they amount to nothing more than propaganda.