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Wicked Campers falls foul of ad watchdog again for ‘fat girls are harder to kidnap’ slogan


The Advertising Standards Board has upheld another complaint against Wicked Campers for using the slogan “fat girls are harder to kidnap!” on one of its vans, ruling it makes light of behaviour which is against community standards on safety, but was not “discriminatory against overweight females”.


Annual reports reveals rate of pay for principals at Queensland’s top private schools

Courier Mail

Principals at some of Queensland’s most prestigious private schools have been paid up to $444,000 in annual base salaries – almost triple that of top state school leaders. The rate of annual salaries have been revealed for the first time in grammar school annual ­reports tabled in State Parliament.

TAFE funding in crisis

Josh Gordon and Benjamin Preiss - The Age

Victoria's higher-education sector has slumped deeply into the red, with the financial watchdog revealing half of the state's TAFEs are running at a loss after savage government funding cuts. A leaked assessment by the Victorian Auditor-General's Office has found seven out of 14 public TAFEs are in deficit, including two in doubt ''as a going concern''.


Backers of 340-hectare casino near Barrier Reef deny environment impact

Helen Davidson - The Guardian

Development to house 12,000 guests would not cause effects significant enough to warrant federal assessment, they say


Scientists pinpoint part of the brain linked to gambling addiction: Overactive insula causes people to chase their losses

Daily Mail

If you can’t resist the chance to put on a bet, blame your insula. Scientists think that when this brain area is overactive, the heart rules our head and we can’t help but chase our losses.

Homelessness & Poverty

Youth homelessness a pervasive problem in Hastings

Melissa Pretorius - Port News

Two months after her 16th birthday Katy would become one, of what is estimated to be, 150 young homeless people in the Port Macquarie-Hastings on any given night. Sadly, her story represents just a small insight into what remains to be a pervasive problem in the Port Macquarie-Hastings.


Embracing Bullock worth cost

Nick Cater - The Australian

It took Labor senator Louise Pratt five minutes to complete her ballot paper on Saturday, suggesting she had ignored her party’s helpful advice to vote above the thick black line.

Support for Coalition hits six-month high as Bill Shorten sinks further: Newspoll

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

The Abbott government is in its best electoral position in six months and Bill Shorten has his lowest personal support since becoming Labor leader in October.


Refugee status no ticket to the first world, says Scott Morrison


In his strongest indication yet that he is looking to send refugees to Cambodia, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the right to resettlement is not a ticket to a better life in a first world country. His warning has followed recent visits by Mr Morrison and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to Cambodia, and has fuelled speculation the Abbott government is in negotiations to send asylum seekers on Nauru who are found to be refugees, to the developing country.


Satisfy your appetite with some spiritual super food

Claire van Ryn - The Examiner

What happens if builders aren't themselves? A certain chocolate bar brand (with a main ingredient of peanuts and a name that rhymes with knickers) took it on board to find out in its latest advertising campaign. The one-minute commercial that, at face value, questions accepted stereotypes of builders and women, went viral.