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Children & Family 

'Big jump' in child abuse at home


There has been a big increase in child abuse and neglect committed in the family home, according to a recent study. The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect says figures released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare showed a 29 per cent jump in child abuse or neglect by a parent or guardian since 2011.

Alarming reports of school students self harming or threatening to hurt themselves according to Department of Education data

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

Two school children per week in NSW are harming or threatening to injure themselves as a result of bullying and mental health problems, latest statistics show. Serious incident reports collated by the Department of Education reveal mentally disturbed students have climbed on to school roofs while others have stabbed themselves, swallowed substances or run in front of cars.

Drugs & Alcohol

Tasmanian health minister Michael Ferguson backs cannabis trials


Tasmania’s health minister supports trials of medicinal cannabis in the state, he has told a parliamentary inquiry. Michael Ferguson rejected a bid for a trial in the state in July, raising health and security concerns, but told an upper house committee on Monday a trial could be possible if subject to strong regulation.

Victorian students more likely to see drugs as 'cool' than US counterparts

Wes Hosking - Herald Sun

Victorian secondary school students are up to 50 per cent more likely to see drugs and alcohol as cool than their US counterparts. The finding has raised concern safety messages aren’t getting through to many youngsters. Such perceptions were linked to increased drug use in later school life.

New heroin treatment study finds long term treatment offers best chance of recovery 


The longest study of heroin users in Australia has revealed long term treatment programs offer the greatest chance of success in recovering from heroin addiction. The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre followed more than 400 heroin users for 11 years between 2001 and 2012.


Christian groups call on ACT and SA to accept school chaplains

Primrose Riordan - The Canberra Times

The largest provider of school chaplains in the ACT is campaigning to push the ACT government to accept the federal government's school chaplain program. In late August, Senator Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary for Education, was forced to redesign the $244-million religious-only scheme so it was administered by the states after the High Court ruled its design invalid in June for the second time in two years.


Indigenous funding: tough new guidelines for $4.8bn program

Oliver Milman - The Guardian

The Abbott government has opened up the first funding round of its streamlined $4.8bn Indigenous Advancement Strategy, with tough new guidelines for organisations wishing to access the money.


Greens benefit as voters turn away from leaders

Phillip Hudson - The Australian 

A year after the last federal election one in four voters don't want either Tony Abbott or Bill Shorten as prime minister and would give their first preference to the Greens, independents or a minor party.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Sex industry study trip puts focus on people trafficking

Tom McIlroy - The Canberra Times

A controversial political study tour to consider prostitution laws in France, Sweden and South Korea won't result in efforts to bring about immediate changes to law or social programs in the ACT.


No plans yet to raise refugee intake: PM


Prime Minister Tony Abbott is leaving the door ajar to increasing Australia's intake of refugees. Liberal backbencher Wyatt Roy has called for a doubling of the 13,750 places now available under the humanitarian refugee program, once the current backlog of asylum-seeker claims is cleared.