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Children & Family

Half of all domestic violence victims sent to motels as crisis accommodation unavailable

Lauren Wilson - News Corp Australia

Domestic violence victims are increasingly being forced to stay in motels after fleeing abusive partners because of a desperate shortage of crisis accommodation. Half of all women escaping violent homes are now unable to obtain immediate accommodation, and most of the women who miss out have children, experts say.

Barnardos Australia launches ground-breaking study into open adoptions

Lindy Kerin - ABC

One of the largest adoption agencies in Australia, Barnardos Australia, is embarking on a groundbreaking study into open adoptions, where birth parents continue to have contact with their child. Barnardos Australia will soon begin surveying more than 210 people who were adopted as children via the organisation over the past 30 years.

Drugs & Alcohol

Federal MP wants pot in supermarkets, hard drugs available for addicts to break crime rings

Jessica Marszalek - Herald Sun

Cannabis should be sold in supermarkets and hard drugs be available from the Government for heroin, cocaine and ice addicts under a federal MP's radical drug reform plan. Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm wants to kill the power of organised crime in Australia by decriminalising drugs, opening up the market and bringing down prices.


Home schoolers teaching creationism and evolution as equal theories

Amy McNeilage & Eryk Bagshaw - SMH

Christian parents who home school their children in NSW have admitted they teach creationism as part of science, despite it not being part of the state's curriculum. Parents, teachers and students from across the state have told a parliamentary inquiry into home schooling they consider creationism, the belief that the universe was created by God, to be a valid scientific theory.


Mentally ill Victorians could be cut off from vital services 

Henrietta Cook - The Age

Up to 10,000 mentally ill Victorians could be cut off from vital health services because they do not meet tough eligibility guidelines for the national disability insurance scheme, an alliance has warned. A group of 20 mental health organisations are urging the state government and opposition to commit $80 million over the next four years to continue the state's community-based mental health services.

More younger Queenslanders smoking, but overall smoker numbers declining

Leonie Mellor - ABC

The number of cigarette smokers in Queensland aged between 25 and 34 has jumped dramatically in the past two years.But Queensland Health said overall smoking rates continued to decline. Statistics revealed to the ABC showed 28 per cent of men in that age bracket now smoke every day, compared with 19.8 per cent in 2012.

Human Rights

United Nations experts urge Tasmanian Government to dump anti-protest laws 


United Nations experts want the Tasmanian Government to ditch its anti-protest laws, saying they conflict with human rights obligations. The legislation, which is before the state's Upper House, would impose mandatory on-the-spot fines and jail terms for people who repeatedly trespass on workplaces. The Government maintains the laws are about protecting businesses from disruptive protests.


Abbott government pushes back Indigenous recognition timetable

Katharine Murphy - The Guardian

The Abbott government is clearly pushing back the timing for a landmark referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the constitution. The Indigenous affairs minister has said the change is unlikely to be considered in this parliamentary term. The prime minister, Tony Abbott, is about to embark on a visit to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory in order to honour an election commitment to spend time each year in a remote community.


Abbott government lags in polls with Labor ahead 52% to 48%

Daniel Hurst - The Guardian 

The Abbott government has entered its second year in office lagging in the polls, with a new survey showing Labor leading 52% to 48% after the distribution of preferences. The latest Newspoll, published in the Australian on Tuesday, shows primary support for the Coalition dropped one point in the past fortnight to 39%, while Labor’s first-preference vote rose one point to 35% and the Greens surged three points to 14%.


Chris Bowen tells human rights inquiry that asylum arrivals outpaced release of children from detention

Emma Griffiths - ABC

Former immigration minister Chris Bowen says the "high rate" of arrivals of asylum seekers led to nearly 2,000 children being held in detention, despite Labor's policy to release them. Mr Bowen appeared before the final public hearing of the Human Rights Commission's National Inquiry into Children in Detention in Sydney this morning.