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Amnesty International launches global campaign for unrestricted access to abortion

Life Site News

Amnesty International, an organization founded to defend those imprisoned for political crimes and to fight human rights abuses, launched a new campaign last week dedicated to promoting unrestricted access to abortion.

Children & Family

Paedophiles target children in state care

Craig Butt - The Age

Some of Victoria's most vulnerable children have been targeted by criminal gangs that are luring the children into prostitution. The ABC has reported that police have identified 30 to 40 children in state care, some as young as 12 years old, who have been abused.


Government pressured to drop social media censorship plans

Josh Taylor - ZD Net

The Australian government is facing pressure from tech giants Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, as well as telecommunications companies and libertarian groups to drop plans for a cybersafety tsar with the power to remove 'harmful' content from social media.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol abuse: The quiet crisis in children’s lives

Sharon Bessel - Perth Now

In recent months the problem of alcohol-fuelled violence has, once again, been in the spotlight. Within debates about the excessive use of alcohol in public places, we hear very little about the ways in which drunken public behaviour impacts on children. This is disturbing, as it ignores a quiet crisis occurring in the lives of many Australian children.

New study reveals alcohol, not drugs, major factor in one-punch assaults

Christopher Knaus - Canberra Times

Research suggesting the majority of fatal one-punch assaults are linked with alcohol and not illicit drugs will be presented at a forensic science seminar in Canberra on Tuesday. The analysis of coronial findings for 12 years of single-punch deaths in Australia revealed only a handful of cases where illicit drugs were involved, while alcohol was linked to 73 per cent of deaths.


Religion has no place in our state schools

Susie O'Brien - Herald Sun

We do not need more religion in our secular state schools. The Federal Government should resist all calls for the national curriculum to include more teaching about Christianity and God.


Rebel MP Geoff Shaw forces backdown on Victorian pokies tax

The Australian

Rabel independent MP Geoff Shaw has forced the Napthine government into another embarrassing backflip, this time scuttling its plans for a $290 million pokies tax to be debated this week.

Human Rights

Don't give up on Abbott: human rights is a conservative issue too

George Williams - SMH

The election of the Abbott government has led some people to put aside thoughts of human rights reform. This view has been reinforced by the new government's approach to asylum seekers. It also reflects the general wisdom that protecting human rights is a progressive enterprise only achieved under Labor.


Close the gap: funds sought for indigenous kids

Gemma Khaicy - Illawarra Mercury

Both sides of politics agree on "closing the gap" between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, but action has proved slow according to workers at a Berkeley indigenous childcare centre. Noogaleek Children's Centre workers warned on Monday it would be forced to raise prices if the federal government refused to increase the centre's funding.


Child marriage accused faces deportation

Nine News

Authorities have taken the first step towards deporting a Lebanese man accused of marrying a 12-year-old girl in NSW. The 26-year-old was arrested in February and charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

No white flag. Ever.

Michael Cook - Mercator Net

It’s sad to witness columnist Ross Douthat’s devolution into a cheese-eating surrender monkey. For years, his was the only voice at the New York Times to put the case, often eloquently and persuasively, against same-sex marriage. But last weekend he ran up the white flag.


Voters see Liberals as the party to get the Budget back in the black

The Mercury

Tasmanians are backing the Liberals to get the State Budget back in the black, exclusive new polling shows. More than half of the 2682 Tasmanians polled by ReachTel for the Mercury, say the Opposition party offers a better solution for rebalancing the state’s accounts.

Compare the pair: politics and public policy in Tasmania and the ACT

Brendan O'Reilly - On Line Opinion

It might seem like an odd comparison. There are, however, both striking similarities and contrasts between Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Both illustrate what you can expect from a Greens/Labor Left dominated state/territory Government.

What we can learn from a Tassie butchering

By Alex Mitchell - ABC

Tassie voters are preparing to deliver Labor a poll bludgeoning of the type meted out in NSW and Queensland recently, so what does this mean for the nation? Alex Mitchell writes.

SA Greens want fewer South Australians

Malcolm King - On Line Opinion

You might think that the internecine warfare between a micro-party and the SA Greens has no place in the news – and you'd be right – except for one small but important development. In an Australian first, the SA Greens have adopted the Stable Population Party's (now called the Sustainable Population Party) anti-population platform, including their slogan, which the former will take to the state election on March 15. The SA Greens quietly added the new anti-population policy on its website just after Christmas.

Greens leader eyes opposition leader’s job


Already Australia’s first Greens minister, Tasmania’s Nick McKim is eyeing another first should the party end up in opposition.

Exclusion or saturation? Rethinking the place of religion in public life

Miroslav Volf - ABC

Debates are raging today about the role of religions in public life, and it is not difficult to see why.