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Abortion battlelines drawn on campus

Rosie Lewis – The Australian

A controversial anti-abortion society at the University of Sydney is "growing", with a second NSW university launching its own version of the group amid predictions the movement will become national. 


Potential perils of DIY genetic testing

Anna Salleh – ABC

Being told you have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism could make you feel you have less control over your drinking, a new study suggests.

Children & Family

Drinking mums hand kids a lifelong sentence

Sue Dunlevy – Herald Sun

Pregnant mums who won't quit drinking are giving birth to brain-damaged babies who develop learning and social disorders.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Dividing marital assets: is sperm included?

Ayesha Vardag – The Guardian

Donor-born children conceived after 1 April 2005 can now apply to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority when they reach 18 to find out the identity of the donor.

Drugs & Alcohol

Victorian boat users, jet ski drivers and ship captains to face random breath tests

Peter Rolfe – Herald Sun

Boat users, jet ski drivers and ship captains will face random drug tests under new Victorian laws to be introduced by the Baillieu Government today.

Victorians are strongly in favour of tougher penalties against drug driving

Keith Moore – Herald Sun

Victorians are strongly in favour of tougher penalties for drug driving. They also want police to blitz rogue truck drivers who tailgate and flout other road rules.


Our big spend on private schools

Jewel Topsfield & Benjamin Preiss – SMH

Australia spends a higher proportion of public money on private schools than other developed countries except Chile and Belgium, according to the latest global education snapshot.

School funding cuts are a hard knock for students

Andrew Clennell & Alicia Wood – The Daily Telegraph

Parents already struggling with the rising cost of living now face increased school fees after the state government yesterday slashed education funding by almost $2 billion.

Support for childrens services ‘secretly slashed’

Tanya Chilcott – The Courier-Mail

More than 40 services supporting children will have their funding slashed by the Department of Education, Training and Employment. Many only learned of their fate yesterday.


Super trawler banned from fishing in Australian waters

David Wroe – SMH

The controversial FV Abel Tasman super trawler will be banned from fishing in Australian waters for up to two years while further scientific assessments of its environmental impact are carried out.


Clubs dismiss data on gambling

Richard Willingham – The Age

Clubs Australia, the lobby that led the successful campaign to quash national pokies reform, says the social cost of problem gambling is closer to $329 million a year, arguing existing national estimates of $4.7 billion are based on inadequate data and often lack ''scientific rigour''.


Fears rethink on homeless will curb funding

Pia Akerman & Sophie Gosper – The Australian

A new definition of homelessness has reversed earlier figures to show a 6 per cent drop in homelessness this decade, prompting warnings from social service providers that the revised estimate must not lead to less funding.


Swan sidesteps question on gay marriage


Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan has refused to say whether the federal government plans to overturn a gay marriage law that could pass through the Tasmanian parliament.

Melbourne Anglican women will not submit

Barney Zwartz – The Age

Women who marry in Melbourne Anglican churches are not expected to promise to obey their husbands as part of their marriage vows. 

Questions and mockery

The Australian

Readers of The Australian are demonstrating a commitment to informed, polite and open-minded debate simply by opening these pages or clicking on our website. So we expect readers will share our concern at a disturbing, emerging intolerance towards pluralism in some sections of the public conversation.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Boss warned against sex, but ‘he knows it goes on’: stripper

Mark Russell – The Age

A magistrate will decide today if a woman accused of being a key figure in Melbourne's illegal brothel industry will stand trial on charges of bribery and illegal prostitution.


Nauru doesn’t want force used against asylum seekers

Kirrin McKechnie – ABC Online

The government of Nauru wants Australia to give assurances that force will not be used on asylum seekers who are reluctant to be detained on the Pacific island.

Fed cops to join asylum seekers on Nauru


The Senate is still debating the federal government's plan to send asylum seeker boat arrivals to Nauru for processing. But the federal government has not yet detailed how many refugees will be transferred by plane from Christmas Island off Western Australia, saying only that the group won't be 'particularly large'.

Indonesian soldiers face court over asylum boat sinking

George Roberts – ABC Online

A group of Indonesian soldiers could face eight years in jail for organising an asylum seeker boat that sank, killing more than 200 people.