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US Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal in case striking down 20-week abortion ban

Ben Johnson - Life Site News

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to review a lower court ruling that struck down an Arizona law banning abortions after 20 weeks. Justices announced this morning they would not hear the state's appeal of Horne v. Isaacson. In that case the lower court declared that the 20-week abortion ban violated a woman's right to abortion until the point of viability, at 24 weeks.

Children & Family

Girl, 11, charged with assaulting police at Erina

Cathy Stubbs - Daily Telegraph

Two girls have been taken to Gosford Police Station charged with assaulting police. An 11-year-old is one of two girls charged with assaulting police after a rampage of destruction at Erina on Saturday afternoon. The girl faces further charges including 1 count of being armed with intent commit an indictable offence; 2 counts of assaulting police, 2 counts of stalking or intimidating with intent to cause fear or physical harm; 2 counts of common assault and one count of destroying or damaging property.

Abandoned babies in South Korea

Mamamia Team

In the days before they became virtual, a dropbox was a very handy invention. It helped us do things like return videos after hours and give back overdue library books without the shame of being quizzed by an overzealous librarian. But nobody could have predicted that a dropbox would become the solution to caring for South Korea’s abandoned babies.


UK: Surrender on film swearing: Children can see films full of obscenities as censors relax rules

Paul Bentley - The Daily Mail

Children as young as 15 are to be allowed to watch films filled with obscene language. Swear words are now so ‘commonplace’ among teenagers that age ratings will be relaxed, censors said yesterday. The British Board of Film Classification claims parents accept it is ‘game over’ when protecting their children from bad language.

Drugs & Alcohol

Responsibility and alcohol related violence

Tim Pascoe - On Line Opinion

The death of 18-year-old Daniel Christie, following an assault in Kings Cross on New Year's Eve, has renewed debate regarding governmental responses to alcohol-fuelled violence. NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is reportedly being urged to introduce uniform 3am closing times for hotels and 1am lockouts.

Night curfew debate rages

Amy Remeikis - Brisbane Times

Alcohol, not drugs, remains the single biggest contributor to nightlife violence, says the man whose job it is to rebuild people's faces. Maxillofacial surgeon Anthony Lynham said while drugs, as suggested by the Premier, played a role in the violence seen in entertainment districts, his experience and the research pointed to alcohol as the main cause. “I am not suggesting drugs don't have a role, but the vast majority of the problem we are seeing is because of alcohol,” Dr Lynham said.


Teacher sacked for putting a student in a head lock despite being punched by the youth says staff are powerless

Brenden Hills - The Telegraph

A taecher who was sacked for misconduct including putting a student in a headlock after the youth punched him said the NSW education system left teachers "powerless to discipline kids". Science and agriculture teacher Stephen Krix was fired from Riverstone High School when he fought back against a year-10 student who refused to work and punched him in the face during a class.

Educators take minister to task over national curriculum review

Josephine Tovey - SMH

The Abbott government's decision to hold a quick review of the national curriculum is poorly timed and threatens to disrupt and destabilise the work of teachers, a group of more than 150 prominent educators has warned.


Mental health: Never stop talking

Jessica Martin - The Hoopla

A study released this week has found that four out of 10 Australians who take sick leave for depression lie about the reason to their boss. Half of them do so because they think they’ll lose their job if the truth comes out. The study by SANE also discovered that Australians are twice as likely to hide mental health issues from their boss as Europeans.

Overseas Aid

My work with World Vision has shown me first hand what a difference it makes

Tim Costello - The Daily Telegraph

I sponsor a number of children through World Vision, one of whom is a 10-year-old girl in Zimbabwe called Tatendra, whom I have sponsored for half her life now.


Pressure on Giddings

Rosemary Bolger - The Examiner

Another Labor MHA has declared she would rather serve in opposition than enter another powersharing deal with the Greens after the next state election as pressure mounts on Premier Lara Giddings to end the Labor-Greens alliance immediately. Labor parliamentary secretary Rebecca White, who is also the Tasmanian Labor Party president, yesterday joined caucus colleague Brenton Best and some party powerbrokers supporting a permanent split from the Greens.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Germany is now the 'bordello of Europe'


Berlin: Bordellos with flat rates, package deals, everyone-at-once gangbangs and airport quickies. This is just a tiny sampling of the erotic specialties on offer these days in Germany, where prostitution has boomed so dramatically since its legalisation in 2002 that opponents - ranging from radical feminists to Christian conservatives - carp that it's now the "bordello of Europe".


Coalition to close four immigration detention centres


The Abbott government has announced the closure of four immigration detention centres. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the closures will save the government at least $88.8 million a year.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Time to scrap Lord's Prayer in Parliament: Greens

Judith Ireland - SMH

The Lord's Prayer in Federal Parliament is an anachronism, according to Greens senator Richard di Natale, who is calling to have the prayer scrapped. The acting Greens leader announced on Tuesday that when Parliament returns in February, he will move to end the reading of prayers at the start of each sitting day.

Bangladesh: Islamists kill young Catholic who complained about anti-Christian violence

Sumon Corraya - Asia News

According to his brother and other family members, Muslim radicals wanted to punish the young man, a well-known figure in the local Catholic community, because he had recently organised a demonstration in his village against Islamist violence.

Sexualisation of Society

Ultra HD 4K porn is coming your way

James Billington - Adelaide Now

Porn is going to be filmed in super high-definition. The latest televisual technology of 4K and Ultra HD offering four times the picture quality of current Full HD is big news this year and it was only a matter of time before the adult industry jumped on-board to deliver uber detailed content to its ogling audience.

We can't hold back tide of porn on phones, tablets and computers: Parents fear they are losing control over what youngsters watch

Paul Bentley - The Daily Mail

Parents are losing control over what youngsters watch, experts warned yesterday. This is because tablets, phones and computers allow their children to see violence and pornography without their knowledge.


Snoop Dogg joins a growing list of controversial music names being advocated against by a 24-year-old anti-violence campaigner

Peter Vincent - Canberra Times

A Sydney woman behind an online petition to have Snoop Lion's (aka Snoop Dogg's) Australian visa revoked is the same woman who also attempted to have other controversial musicians, Tyler the Creator and Robin Thicke, thrown out of the country last year.