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Wicked Campers 'Fat chicks are harder to kidnap' slogan breached advertising standards: watchdog

Natalie Bochenski - SMH

Wicked Campers is known for painting its campers with slogans some people find in bad taste. Brisbane-based Wicked Campers was found to have made light of abduction by splashing the slogan “Fat chicks are harder to kidnap” on one of its vehicles. The Advertising Standards Bureau has upheld a complaint that the company breached Section 2.6 of the Advertiser Code of Ethics, which states that advertising or marketing communications should not depict material contrary to prevailing community standards on health and safety.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

The baby makers: Critics push for regulation of India's booming surrogacy industry


As more than 800 million Indians go to the polls this month, the main political party candidates are being urged to finally push through legislation to regulate the country's booming commercial surrogacy industry.

Drugs & Alcohol

Police target outlaw biker gangs over flow of illicit drugs to Territory


Police say they are cracking down on organised crime gangs supplying drugs in the Northern Territory. They are working with a national anti-gang drug task force to address the flow of drugs coming into the Territory from interstate. Outlaw motorcycle gangs are key players in the local and national illegal drug industry, police say.

E-cigarette sales in WA stubbed out

Tim Clarke - The West Australian

Selling electronic cigarettes has effectively been banned in WA after the Supreme Court ruled the products were designed to look like the real thing - breaching State tobacco control laws.


Western Australia politician presents motion opposing euthanasia, promoting palliative care

Life Site News

Today, Hon Nick Goiran, Liberal MLC from the Western Australian Legislative Council, who represents the South Metropolitan region presented the following motion and speech opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide and promoting palliative care.

Homelessness & Poverty

Older women among Australia’s ‘hidden homeless’

Probono Australia

Older women in Australia are increasingly at risk of becoming homeless, primarily because of poverty and unaffordable housing, according to a new research report commissioned by social justice group the Mercy Foundation.

Human Rights

Paul Keating defends his race hate legislation 

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian 

Paul Keating, the architect of the Racial Discrimination Act, has accused the Abbott government of following in John Howard’s footsteps by planning to legislate the “right to confront people in respect of their race or creed”.


Aboriginal elders lament loss of culture as Indigenous youth suicides rise


Aboriginal elders in northern Australia say a loss of cultural identity is one of the main reasons for rising Indigenous youth suicide rates. The elders have outlined their views on the issue in a new publication.

Overseas Aid

Britain's aid spending the highest in Europe

Matthew Holehouse - Telegraph

Britain hiked its aid spending by more than any other country in Europe last year, figures show. Foreign aid soared by 28 per cent last year, meaning the UK hit its target of spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on overseas development.


Labor senator Louise Pratt 'ashamed' of factional deal after West Australian election disaster

James Massola - The Age

West Australian senator Louise Pratt has broken her silence about the "disastrous" Senate election and declared she is "ashamed" of the factional deal that will cause her to lose her seat to Labor colleague Joe Bullock. In an admission that it will be almost impossible for her to sneak past Liberal candidate Linda Reynolds with about 5 per cent of votes left to count, Senator Pratt launched an extensive attack on Mr Bullock and sections of the West Australian branch of the party.