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Christian lobby sees red over Wicked vans
(mentions ACL)


Christian groups have called for governments to regulate outdoor advertising after a car hire company came under fire for featuring offensive and misogynous slogans on its vans.

“I am a little girl and I am not a slut”: Anti Wicked Camper campaign takes off

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

Wicked Campers are known for their campervans emblazoned with sexist and demeaning slogans.We’ve written about them before. One of our supporters, blogger and activist Paula Orbea, decided she had had enough after her young daughter was exposed to a certain van while out with her grandparents.

Wicked Campers' repulsive slogans are nothing more than real life click bait

Jane Caro - The Guardian

Renting a fleet of cars to backpackers covered in graffitis about 'sluts' and various sexist one liners is effective advertising – remember, advertising people are not society’s moral guardians


Corporal punishment can be 'very effective', curriculum review chief says

Daniel Hurst - The Guardian

One of the two men reviewing the national school curriculum, Kevin Donnelly, has recounted the “very effective” approach of his former physical education teacher who took misbehaving students aside and dared them to “throw the first punch”. In a radio interview about behaviour management, Donnelly voiced support for the use of corporal punishment if the school community was in favour of it.


UK: Lord Carey is wrong on assisted suicide, critics say

Christian Institute

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey is facing strong criticism after changing his mind to back assisted suicide. At the weekend Lord Carey urged support for an assisted suicide Bill that is being debated in the House of Lords on Friday.


'No point rushing' constitutional change

Rosie Lewis - The Australian 

The nation has moved a step closer to recognising indigenous Australians in the Constitution, with a parliamentary committee recommending sections of the Constitution be removed or amended. The head of the committee, Ken Wyatt, cautioned against rushing change, saying any proposal should be made concrete only when Australians were ready to embrace constitutional reform.


Marriage equality wins support of two out of three 
(mentions ACL)

Natasha Bita - The Australian 

Gay marriage has the blessing of two out of three Australians, in contrast with the federal government's refusal to let same-sex couples tie the knot. A Newspoll survey reveals that two out of three Australians think homosexual couples should be able to marry, with four out of 10 strongly in favour.


Labor push to vet company donations 

Troy Bramston - The Australian 

Labor national vice-president Tony Sheldon will urge the party to ban donations from companies in conflict with the party's economic, environment and social principles. In a move that could cost the party hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income, the Transport Workers Union national secretary will move a motion at the NSW Labor conference next week calling for an independent panel to vet donations.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Southern River MP Peter Abetz holding series of lectures to encourage public debate on prostitution law 
(includes poll)

Emma Young - Perth Now

Only desperate women choose to be prostitutes, and legalising prostitution in WA would cause a rise in human trafficking, Southern River MLA Peter Abetz says. Mr Abetz is holding a series of lectures to stimulate public debate on prostitution law. 

Sexualisation of Society

Sex abuse royal commission: NSW DPP calls for 'separate court structure' for sexual assault cases

Antonette Collins - ABC

The New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has told a royal commission hearing he would like to see a separate court structure to deal with sexual assault cases. Lloyd Babb has given evidence before the royal commission into child sexual abuse and says a quarter of the cases prosecuted by New South Wales DPP deal with sexual assault.