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Stem cell harvesting methods used by Sydney doctor Ralph Bright untested by clinical trials

Louise Milligan - ABC

Serious questions have been raised about a stem cell doctor working in Western Sydney who charges $9,000 per procedure and uses methods that are untested by clinical trials. An investigation by the ABC's 7.30 program has revealed that Dr Ralph Bright bought his liposuction-based technology from an American company.

Drugs & Alcohol

Medical marijuana: Legal use of drug one step closer as NSW Government announces trial 


The New South Wales Government has announced a clinical trial of the medical use of marijuana, making its legal use one step closer in the state. A working group has been formed to set up the trial, which will look at ways to address issues of supply and distribution, and report back by the end of the year.

Alcohol sneaking parents under fire

Cathy O'Leary - The West Australian 

WA health experts are alarmed by research suggesting parents actively help school leavers to smuggle alcohol, even resorting to hiding it in baby seats. Researchers say the study of 18 to 21-year-olds, based on their experiences at leavers' parties, shows widespread "parental complicity", with many giving their teenagers money for alcohol as well as buying it for them.

Drug experts warn of increasing ice threat in Canberra

Henry Belot - The Canberra Times

Rehabilitation and drug experts from across the ACT are warning that more Canberrans are seeking treatment for dependence on ice or crystal methamphetamine as the purity and strength of the drug increases.

Homelessness & Poverty

World hunger eases, but 805 million still chronically undernourished, report from food agencies finds


There are 100 million fewer hungry people in the world compared to 10 years ago but 805 million people, or one in nine, still do not have enough to eat, according to three global food and agriculture agencies.


Indigenous constitutional recognition: Committee urges referendum before 2016 election 


A referendum on Indigenous recognition in the constitution should be held at or before the next election in 2016, a bi-partisan committee of federal MPs says. Earlier today Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is spending the week in Arnhem Land, said he was hoping to announce within days the details of when a referendum would be held, but said it might be years before the issue is put to the vote.


Voters approve Tony Abbott's 'relations with other countries', says poll

Lenore Taylor - The Guardian

Most voters approve of the way Tony Abbott is managing “relations with other countries” but disapprove of his government’s handling of almost everything else, according to a new opinion poll that shows Labor retaining a convincing lead.


Raise refugee intake to cope with refugees from Syria and Iraq, Bill Shorten says

Latika Bourke - The Age

Australia's refugee intake should be boosted as part of the Abbott government's humanitarian efforts in the Middle East, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said, as he outlined clear parameters governing Labor's support for military action in Iraq.


One in five say drunk women partly to blame for rape, survey finds

Miki Perkins - Brisbane Times

An alarming number of Australians believe that violence towards women and rape can be excused and blame the victim, particularly if she is drunk, a new report shows. About one in five Australians agree that a woman is partly responsible for rape if she is intoxicated, and one in six agree with the notion that when women say "no" they actually mean "yes".

World powers join forces to combat Islamic State

David Blair - SMH

A coalition of at least 27 countries has declared its resolve to defeat Islamic State as the world was told that it had "no time to lose" in combating the terrorist group. Francois Hollande, the French president, issued the warning as he hosted a conference in Paris – a meeting seen as a crucial step towards building a broad international coalition to combat the movement.