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Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Baby switch at fertility clinic feared

New Zealand Herald

A couple have discovered the much-loved baby they brought home from a foreign fertility clinic is not theirs. They are fighting to find out what happened to their own embryo - but through the ensuing legal battles, they have also come to love the child, now aged 2.


Endangered animals languish in Victorian government limbo

Graham Readfearn- ABC Environment

The Victorian Government is being taken to court by a tiny environment group on behalf of four endangered species. The aim is simply to make the government obey its own laws.


How do we know right from wrong?

Rachel Woodlock - ABC Religion and Ethics

Jane Caro, Antony Loewenstein, Simon Smart and Rachel Woodlock wrestle with their own traditions and each other over the question of how to determine what is morally right and how we, in turn, should live.


Tas euthanasia bill: depressed people could suicide within 10 days

Australian Conservative

“Tasmania’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 sounds like a compassionate idea – until you read the fine print,” FamilyVoice Tasmania state officer Jim Collins said today. “As someone else has said, this bill has loopholes you could drive a hearse through!”

New Zealand MP withdraws euthanasia bill, pro-life groups rejoice

Reissa Su - IB Times

New Zealand lawmaker, Maryan Street withdrew her End of Life Choices Bill from the ballot in an unprecedented move. The New Zealand Parliament member said she was concerned about the debate and controversy the euthanasia bill might bring during the election year.

Homelessness & Poverty

Housing crisis: Piccadilly motel a family's last resort

Joshua Bultler - Illawarra Mercury

The Piccadilly Centre has been called many things - an eyesore, a hotspot of crime, even an "enclave of scumbags" in a 2012 Brand Wollongong report. But for a slice of the Illawarra's most at-risk people, Piccadilly is something else entirely - home. For years, the Piccadilly Motor Inn has been a last resort for the region's homeless. Whether referred by agencies including Housing NSW or the Department of Community Services, or arriving on the doorstep with a suitcase in one hand and a child in the other, Piccadilly has long been a refuge for people and families without options.


Gay marriage needs binding vote, says union leader Paul Howes

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Australian Workers Union boss Paul Howes will declare that Labor must change the party's rules at its national conference in favour of a binding vote on gay marriage, arguing there is no place in the ALP for those who oppose marriage equality.

David Cameron's private regret over gay marriage law

Holly Watt - Telegraph

The Prime Minister told an ally: “If I’d known what it was going to be like, I wouldn’t have done it” after his relationship with grassroots Conservatives and some backbenchers deteriorated over their upset at the legalisation of same-sex weddings.

Overseas Aid

Bending AusAID or breaking it?

Robin Davies - The Canberra Times

September was a harrowing month for Australia's overseas aid program and the agency that manages most of Australia's aid, AusAID. Just before the election, the Coalition announced it would cut $4.5 billion from planned aid spending between now and 2016-17. Then, shortly after taking office, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced AusAID would be ''integrated'' into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Where does Tony Abbott's political DNA come from?

Paul Rogerson - ABC

Does Tony Abbott's political pedigree owe more to Bronwyn Bishop and John Howard - or is he Malcolm Fraser and BA Santamaria's ideological love child, wonders Paul Rogerson.

Seselja gains Senate seat, talks PS job losses

Ross Peake - The Canberra Times

Newly elected Liberal Senator Zed Seselja has begun talks with the Coalition government on its promise to use only natural attrition to reduce the public service by 12,000. At the formal declaration of the ACT Senate poll on Tuesday, he said he had just come from a meeting with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann about public sector jobs.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Govt ramps up WorkSafe brothel inspections

Christopher Knaus - The Canberra Times

The government ramped up inspections on ACT brothels over the past year, and discovered work safety problems such as a lack of "safe systems for sex toys" and the reuse of soiled sheets. Authorities conducted 19 inspections of ACT brothels in the past financial year, a significant increase on the 11 inspections conducted in 2011-12, according to the latest Justice and Community Safety annual report.


Tony Abbott enlists Jakarta on asylum boats

Sid Maher - the Australian

Tony Abbott has declared co-operation with Indonesia essential to beating people-smugglers as he moved to soften his rhetoric on key Coalition pledges on asylum-seekers by indicating "operational" matters would be the subject of bilateral negotiations.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Two Egyptian Christians slain in Libya

Morning Star News

A group of Muslims robbed two Egyptian Christians living in Libya, then tied up and shot them to death after the two Copts refused their demand to convert to Islam, relatives said.

Sexualisation of Society

Sex toys more "appropriate" in pharmacy

Kirrilly Burton - Pharmacy News

Supermarket giant Woolworths has taken its battery-powered sex toys off the shelves saying the product may be more appropriate in pharmacies after a Christian group called for a nationwide boycott of its stores.

Porn has changed – for the worse. Even men have noticed

Joan Smith - The Independent

Porn is under attack as never before. David Cameron says he will force internet providers to filter it out, while women's groups and campaigners against child abuse are arguing that it has a disastrous effect on young people's ideas about sex.