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Irish resident died after abortion in UK: news breaks as Ireland on brink of legalization

Hilary White - Life Site News

As the Irish government is on the edge of legalising abortion, news has broken in the Irish Press that the London Metropolitan Police are investigating the death of the 32-year-old Irish resident, who reportedly bled to death in a taxi from post-surgical complications after being discharged from a Marie Stopes abortion facility in London last year.

Defining '20 weeks' of pregnancy -- states and doctors don't agree

News Medical Net

NPR reports that the way most states define what constitutes 20 weeks of pregnancy in their abortion laws isn't the same way most doctors define it. In the meantime, Mexican abortion pill sellers just across the border from Texas expect a boon after that state's new abortion restrictions.

Children & Family

Protecting our children without the politics

Andrew McCallum - ABC

We need to take a deep breath when the inevitable horrific cases of child abuse hit the media and find solutions that go beyond knee-jerk responses, writes Andrew McCallum.


Classification Board will meet to re-assess Saints Row 4 next week

Tim Colwill - Games

The Classification Board have announced that they will meet on July 29 to re-assess a new version of Saints Row 4, following its Refused Classification rating last month over an “alien anal probe” weapon.

Government urged to adopt mandatory pornography filter

Rachel Browne - SMH

The federal government is being urged to push internet service providers (ISPs) to automatically block pornography sites unless customers opt in, following a similar move in Britain. British Prime Minister David Cameron said "family friendly" filters would mitigate the hardcore images he said were "corroding childhood".

Drugs & Alcohol

Cancer Council research says plain cigarette packs helping smokers kick the habit

Amy Bainbridge - ABC

The first research paper into the effects of plain packaging for cigarettes shows it increases smokers' urgency to quit and lowers the appeal of smoking. The Cancer Council Victoria Research surveyed 500 smokers during the roll-out phase of the legislation late last year.


Catholic sector signs up to school funding reforms

Jewel Topsfield - The Age

The federal government will announce a national deal on Tuesday with the Catholic sector on school funding reforms, placing further pressure on the hold-out states to sign up to the deal. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will join Education Minister Bill Shorten to make an announcement at Aquinas College, a Catholic school in outer eastern Melbourne this afternoon.


Nitschke takes run at ACT Senate seat

Stephanie Anderson - The Canberra Times

Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke will stand as the Voluntary Euthanasia Party's ACT Senate candidate. The recently registered party announced three candidates for the federal election on Tuesday, three months after the formation of the national party. Members will contest seats across the capital, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.


Victorian gambling addict ripped off kindie

Yahoo News

A lifelong gambling addict stole more than $200,000 from a Melbourne kindergarten to meet his mounting debts, a judge says. Periclis Telios, 41, was jailed for four years for stealing $224,000 from the Ward Avenue Kindergarten Association, leaving the organisation near financial ruin.

Human Rights

30 million girls risk genital mutilation


More than 125 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation, and 30 million more girls are at risk in the next decade, UNICEF says.


Coalition canes federal government's 10-year indigenous health plan

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

The Coalition has attacked the new 10-year Closing the Gap health plan as being nothing more than "business as usual" from the government, politicising the usually bipartisan policy.

Culture can be deadly for kids

Anthony Dillion - The Australian

The death of six-year-old Kiesha Weippeart makes me wonder whether we are creating an abused generation of Aboriginal children. An excellent article by Miranda Devine chronicled the many awful twists in Kiesha's short life and tragic death. Kiesha's mother, Kristi Abrahams, was sentenced to 16 years' jail for murdering her daughter.


Monday, 4.24pm, 8lb 6oz, a Royal boy

Joanna Bogle - Mercator Net

The Royal baby symbolizes the great, civilized, traditions of Christian marriage.

Overseas Aid

PNG agreement an opportunity to reset priorities and expand refugee intake

Ben Williams - International

The Australian Christian Lobby says the Papua New Guinea arrangement is an acceptable response to the tragedy of deaths at sea as long as humanitarian concerns are met and it allows Australia to expand its refugee intake to areas of greatest need. ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said there were no easy or perfect solutions to stopping the deaths at sea generated by people smugglers exploiting asylum seekers.

Agreement a make or break for Aussie-PNG relationship

Rowan Callick - The Australian

One of Australia's leading development experts, Stephen Howes, warned yesterday that "Papua New Guinea's implementation challenges will threaten the Kevin Rudd solution once asylum-seekers arrive in the country".


Men who were raped kept in same facilities as assailants: former guard

Bianca Hall - SMH

Department of Immigration staff turned a blind eye to a series of rapes and assaults at the Manus Island detention centre, a whistleblower has claimed. The startling allegations, broadcast on SBS TV's Dateline program on Tuesday night, also include claims that detainees have been stockpiling weapons and are "quite open that there will come a time where they will break out and people will be killed".

Asylum seeker boat bound for Christmas Island sinks after leaving Java, one dead

Paul Toohey - The Daily Telegraph

A major rescue operation is underway off the south coast of Java after an asylum seeker boat bound for Christmas island sunk last night.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christian given life sentence in Pakistan

Shoebat Foundation

Shafaqat Masih and his wife Shagufta Bibi were accused of blasphemy and arrested on July 21, 2013. After taking necessary action and keeping the sensitivity of the issue in mind, police sent the couple to Gojra Jail.

Egypt: Security forces abandon Coptic Christians during deadly attack in Luxor

Amnesty International

Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui - Amnesty International

Security forces stood by and failed to intervene during a brutal attack on Coptic Christians in Luxor, Amnesty International said in a briefing published today. During the sectarian violence, security forces left six besieged men –four of whom were then killed and one hospitalized – to the mercy of an angry crowd.

Sexualisation of Society

Porn becoming substitute for sex education

Chanel Darcey - WA Today

With the younger generation's growing access to the internet, it probably comes as no surprise that many children are viewing pornography. But what may surprise you, is the reason why they're watching. Some sexuality health experts are suggesting many Australian young people are using pornography as a "how to" manual for having sex.