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WA: Abortion options still limited

Rosanna Candler - Guardian Express

While finalising her bill to decriminalise abortion in 1998, Cheryl Davenport met women who were scared and alone, desperately scraping together money to fly interstate and terminate their unplanned pregnancy. Sixteen years later, the former politician said she was concerned accessibility and affordability of terminations in WA had not progressed.


Review upholds ruling that Witchery ad “sexualised” children


An independent review has upheld a decision by the Advertising Standards Review Board that an ad for fashion retailer Witchery sexualised children. The still image ad for Witchery’s kids range featured a young girl dancing and wearing a short skirt with the image shot from a low angle.


Anglicans: No chaplains, scripture in public schools

Alexandra Smith - SMH

NSW public schools should spend government funding on tackling obesity and promoting wellness and positive psychology rather than the untested chaplaincy program that are in hundreds of the state's schools, the head of Sydney's Anglican Education Commission has argued.


Alannah MacTiernan and Richard Di Natale in joint bid to get euthanasia bill through

Dan Harrison - SMH

Labor MP Alannah MacTiernan and Greens Senator Richard Di Natale will co-sponsor legislation to legalise euthanasia across Australia. Ms MacTiernan, a former state MP in Western Australia, said the matter could not be left to state and territory governments.

Draft Euthanasia bill tabled in Senate to allow terminally ill to die with dignity

Sue Dunlevy - Courier Mail

A draft bill to legalise euthanasia tabled in the Senate is set to spearhead a controversial new campaign about dying with dignity. The draft bill would make it legal for doctors to prescribe and administer an end of life substance.


Gamblers pumped more than $11m into pokies in Brimbank in April and top the state

Brimbank Leader

Punters poured more than $11.36 million into Brimbank’s pokies machines this April, ensuring the municipality remained the state’s highest earner for electronic gaming machine operators. In contrast, statistics from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation show $10.84 million was spent on Brimbank’s pokies during April last year.


US: Same-sex marriage in the Presbyterian church could hurt their seminaries

The Guardian

The denomination's schools train clergy from other, more conservative faiths – who object to gay marriage.


Senator Louise Pratt warns of Labor Party 'extremists' in valedictorian speech


Labor's Louise Pratt has branded members of her party "extremists" and said they exercised a power far in excess of their numbers during her valedictorian speech in Federal Parliament. She also used the opportunity to reaffirm her commitment to reform of the Marriage Act to recognise same-sex unions and legal access to abortion.


We are generous to refugees: borders boss

Yahoo News

The military commander of Australia's people-smuggling crackdown, Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell, says he believes Australia is seen as reasonable and generous in its treatment of refugees. Lt-Gen Campbell, the commander of Operation Sovereign Borders, says Australia has accepted more than 800,000 refugees since World War II and continues to resettle displaced people.

Nine Adelaide religious leaders arrested over protest at office of Federal MP Jamie Briggs

The Advertiser

Nine religious leaders have been charged with trespassing over a day-long sit in at the office of Federal MP Jamie Briggs to protest against holding children in immigration detention centres.