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Tasmanian ban on abortion protests may not be constitutional

Michael Stokes - Mercator Net

A legal expert argues that the new law provision breaches the freedom of political communication.

Morning-after pill shock

Luke Malone - SMH

Emergency contraception may not be effective for women over 75 kilos.

Children & Family

Domestic attacks give you the chills, says magistrate

Ellen Whinnett - Herald Sun

Family violence cases coming before magistrates are sometimes so horrifying they "chill your bones,'' according to one of Victoria's senior magistrates. Kate Hawkins told the Herald Sun every application for an intervention order coming before the court must be treated seriously.


Seen in Melbourne! Would you rent this van?

Matt Akersten - Same Same

Spotted by one of our Same Same forum members in Melbourne, it seems the Wicked Campers rental van crew are at it again with another gay joke. “Mama was out driving this morning and spotted this van in the lane next to her,” says drag diva Mama Catastrophe on our forum at the weekend.

Drugs & Alcohol

Addressing Australia's alcohol-fuelled violence


The shocking death of teenager Thomas Kelly after a king hit in Sydney's Kings Cross focused attention on alcohol-fuelled violence in nightclub districts and now attention is on South Australia where new laws are being tried to clamp down on the issue.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia in administration after Tony Abbott cuts

Dan Harrison - SMH

One of the nation's oldest health organisations has been placed in voluntary administration after its funding was cut by the government. The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, which has operated since 1966, learned on Monday its funding would cease immediately. The council is the peak body for organisations working to minimise the harm caused by drugs and alcohol, providing professional development, information sharing and advocacy services on an annual budget of $1.6 million from the federal Health Department.


Education Minister Christopher Pyne breaks pre-poll promise on school funding

Dan Harrison - SMH

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has abandoned his pre-election pledge that every school would receive the same amount of funding under the Coalition as under Labor.

Tony Abbott urged to overrule Christopher Pyne on Gonski switch

Matthew Denholm - The Australian

The Abbott government is deadlocked with a strengthening alliance of conservative and Labor states over its plans to rewrite Gonski education funding deals, as legal experts reject claims the agreements are binding.


NSW Environment Protection Agency sidelined after warning of high risks at AGL coal seam gas project

Michael West - SMH

The NSW government has sidelined the Environment Protection Authority in pushing ahead with a coal seam gas project despite advice it is high risk, threatening valuable agricultural land. In a submission that has been confidential until now, the EPA warned the Department of Trade against approving the disposal of waste water at AGL's Gloucester project as it would lead to dangerously high salt levels and the potential destruction of farmland.


In some countries, there is euthanasia for "psychological suffering"


In Belgium, euthanasia is legal, which means the state will assist people who wish to commit suicide. Most cases involve people who are dying, and want to avoid unnecessary physical pain. But a growing number are for people who are in mental pain, and want to end it all.


Spoof child betting ad misses mark

News Ltd

A taxpayer-funded advertisement on the risks of gambling for children has been deemed misleading only weeks after it was launched. The advertising watchdog upheld viewer complaints about the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation's KidBet advertisement, which features a young boy who claims that "KidBet is the first betting agency by kids, for kids".


Suicide rates of gay people too high a price to pay, says Governor-General Quentin Bryce

Jane Lee - SMH

Governor-General Quentin Bryce has spoken out about the high suicide rates of young gay, lesbian and gender diverse people, saying their deaths are "too high a price to pay". On Tuesday Ms Bryce said lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual and intersex Australians were six times more likely to take their own lives than mainstream Australians.

Britain’s public health chief warns of catastrophic global gay HIV epidemic

Thaddeus Baklinski - Life Site News

The UK's National Director of Health and Wellbeing warns that there is an increasing and potentially catastrophic HIV epidemic in homosexual men in every part of the world. Speaking at the British HIV Association's Autumn Conference earlier this month, Professor Kevin Fenton said that despite an increasing number of tools to combat HIV infection, the incidence and prevalence of the disease in MSM (men who have sex with men) is increasing rather than decreasing globally.


Getting remote Indigenous communities online

Julie Fisher - The Conversation

Most remote Australian Indigenous communities have little or no access to digital technology. Last year, three internet-enabled terminals were installed as a trial in the remote communities of Burraluba Yuru Ngurra (Halls Creek WA), Binjari Top Camp (NT) and Bana Yarralji Bubu (Shiptons Flat QLD).


Australian Marriage Equality seeking to be heard in defence of same-sex marriage laws

Lisa Cox - The Canberra Times

Australian Marriage Equality is seeking to be heard by the High Court in defence of the ACT's same-sex marriage law. The advocacy group has argued its "submissions will assist the court" when the full hearing of federal government's challenge to the new law is heard next week.


ACT Legislative Assembly cabinet to grow

Peter Jean, Lisa Cox - Canberra Times

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher will delay appointing a sixth member of her cabinet until a new ministerial suite is constructed on the Legislative Assembly’s executive level. But Ms Gallagher has promised that the expansion of the cabinet will occur on a “shoe string budget’’ with staff from existing offices to be allocated to the new minister. The Legislative Assembly on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill to allow for a ministry of up to nine members. But the government only plans to appoint one additional minister during this term of the Assembly.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Highway of hell: Brazil's child prostitution scandal

News Ltd

Her name is Leidiane. She is a skinny 11-year-old whose parents send her out each night to the highway in a skimpy sun dress to sell her body to truck drivers so her family can eat. Soon, she will be selling herself amid the dust and the diesel fumes of the highway for $A12 a time to meet her own addictive needs.


For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, mounting piles of debt

Rebecca Collard - Christian Science Monitor

A new study from Oxfam estimates that more than 75 percent of Syrian refugees in Lebanon have taken on debt. Some families even rely on remittances from family still in Syria. When Fatma Mohammed crossed into Lebanon from Syria a year ago, she brought with her $1,500 in cash – enough she thought to get her family of seven through a few weeks in Beirut.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

The American Family Association calls for Radio Shack boycott Over 'Christmas' censorship

Christian Post

The American Family Association is calling for a limited one-month boycott of Radio Shack, accusing the company of censoring the word "Christmas" from its holiday promotions and advertising. "Until Radio Shack proves it recognizes Christmas by using it in their newspaper, radio, television advertising and in-store signage, I will boycott its stores this Christmas," a boycott pledge on AFA's website states.

Syria: The village of Deir Atieh invaded by Islamists: Christians identified and detained

Agenzia Fides

Militants of Islamist factions have invaded the town of Deir Atieh, north of Damascus, spreading terror, death and destruction. As Fides sources in the Greek Orthodox Church report, the attack took place on 22 November. The militants entered the municipal hospital and took hostage the sick. The museum of Deir Atieh that welcomed thousands of works and precious archaeological finds was devastated.


Obama, Gettysburg and God

Sheila Liaugminas - Mercator Net

How did God get removed from Gettysburg? Why does this matter? President Obama figures into both answers.

Sanderson Jones' Sunday Assembly comes to Canberra

Matthew Raggatt - The Canberra Times

When British stand-up comedian Sanderson Jones and a fellow comic began the godless congregation of The Sunday Assembly in London this year, they didn't imagine how far it would spread. Mr Jones was at Canberra's first assembly on Monday night, joined by 140 people young and old who sang to the Beatles and Ben Harper, listened to a psychologist and then chatted over tea and cake.

Church for atheist ?

Jerry Newcombe - Town Hall

There’s an old joke that says: How do you describe an atheist at his funeral? “All dressed up with no place to go.” Now, all jokes aside, there is a place atheists can go on Sundays. There’s a new type of “atheist church” that has been founded by a couple from England, and apparently it’s taking off.

Islam losing the PR battle for Australia

Andrew Horwood - Anglican Ink

According to a recent Morgan poll conducted on behalf of Q Society of Australia Inc., the majority of Australians are clearly concerned about Islam and 70% believe Australia is not a better place because of Islam. The survey, completed in late October, found a majority (53 per cent) of Australians want full face coverings banned from public spaces and 50.2 per cent want Islamic sharia law banned all together.