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Children & Family

Swamped by violence

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

Federal Circuit Court Chief Judge John Pascoe says the family law system is being swamped by an epidemic of domestic violence, mental illness and drug and ­alcohol abuse. “We feel like there’s a tsunami every day,” he says. “The number of cases in this court where there are allegations of violence, where there is mental illness, drug and ­alcohol abuse, those numbers have increased exponentially.”

Divorce doesn't always lead to fights over the spoils

Miki Perkins - The Age

The assumption that couples who get divorced fight endlessly when they divide up the spoils is wrong, according to new Australian research. In the first large-scale study of its type in more than a decade, the Australian Institute of Family Studies asked 9000 separated Australian parents how they settled the division of their property.

Thousands of parents sign up to a campaign against the Productivity Commission's push to means-test childcare help

Lauren Wilson - News Corp Australia

More than 5000 parents have signed up to a campaign rejecting the Productivity Commission's push for childcare assistance to be cut back for middle-income families. Not-for-profit advocacy group The Parenthood will today launch a new national advertising campaign warning any move to means-test childcare subsidies will have serious consequences for women’s participation in paid work.

Police union wants family violence thugs tagged like paedophiles

Ellen Whinnett - Herald Sun 

Thugs who harm and terrorise their families would be electronically tagged like paedophiles under a radical police union proposal. The Police Association also wants an overhaul of the system of intervention orders, and for cases of family violence to be handed over to qualified experts after an initial police response.


High schools suffer under new funding model

Chenee Marrapodi - WA Today

Teachers have criticised the state government's new funding model for public education, saying it could disadvantage high schools. The new student-centred model would result in $45 million redirected from secondary to primary schools over a five-year period.


Indigenous Aussies suffering depression


Mental health advocate Jeff Kennett and former athlete Senator Nova Peris have unveiled a campaign to combat depression in the indigenous community, saying racism is continuing to cause mental health issues for many Aboriginal people.


Modern marriage: Till de-glitching does us part

Victoria Lambert - Telegraph

It seems that Generation Y has mistakenly taken its inspiration for matrimony from the short-lived marriages of Hollywood celebrities. Although many of them are in happy relationships now, their early attempts at marriage were famed for their brevity.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Slavery not limited to foreign brothels

Jenny Stanger - The Canberra Times

For most Australians, the terms "slavery" and "human trafficking", at least in the domestic context, have very little meaning and very little proximity in our lives. For a few Australians the terms conjure up images of Asian women who have been trafficked into Australia for the purpose of working in seedy, unregulated brothels.


Morrison accused of 'state sanctioned child abuse'

Sarah Whyte - The Age

A group of Catholic and Christian church leaders have accused the Abbott government of ''state sanctioned child abuse'' in the immigration detention system, and called for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to step down from his position as guardian for all unaccompanied minors.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Australian churches warn of mass religious cleansing in Iraq

Hannah Belcher - SBS

Last week ISIS militants imposed Shariah law on the nearly two thousand year old city of Mosul, home to a large proportion of the country's Christian believers and biblical sites, and dates back to the Apostolic times. ISIS militants gave people 24 hours to leave Mosul or convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death.