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Teachers face numeracy, literacy tests

Mitchell Nadin - The Australian

Lifting student quality starts with lifting teacher quality, according to the NSW government, which has moved to overhaul the benchmark graduates must attain to join the teaching profession.


Clearing the air on electronic cigarettes

Queensland Times

Electronic cigarettes are becoming the most popular quitting aid for Australian smokers, but health experts are finding a lack of research has allowed questionable information to be peddled through the wrong channels.

Homelessness & Poverty

Homeless services exhausted as waiting lists skyrocket

Nicole Fuge - Sunshine Coast Daily

A charity that gives swags to homeless people with nowhere but the streets to sleep says it has 400 people on its Sunshine Coast waiting list - and that's only scratching the surface of the problem. Street Swags founder Jean Madden said on average 82% of homeless families were turned away from Coast emergency shelters, and she knew of one organisation that turned away 94% of the desperate people knocking on their door. "The Sunshine Coast has had, for a long time, a very significant problem with homelessness," she said.

Human Rights

Judging by the telling silence from the Left, sexism must be all right

The Australian

If a high-powered woman is described as the “top dog’’ and her deeply personal struggle to fall pregnant dragged into the public domain to score cheap parliamentary points, is it sexism? For some feminists, the answer sadly seems to depend on their politics.


Premier Denis Napthine to defy threat of election

The Australian

Former Victorian Liberal Speaker Ken Smith’s 25-year legacy is being undermined internally by his decision to side with Labor in the opposition’s bid to force a contempt charge against balance of power MP Geoff Shaw. Mr Smith is a senior member of the party’s old guard, considered one of the most popular Liberals in the parliament, having first been elected in 1988.

Newspoll has Coalition primary vote stagnant at four-year low of 36%

Daniel Hurst - The Guardian 

Tony Abbott faces an uphill battle with his budget sales pitch as the latest Newspoll shows the Coalition’s primary vote remains stable at 36%. The poll, published in the Australian newspaper on Tuesday, indicates the past fortnight of political debate has failed to significantly shift voter sentiment.


Leo Seemanpillai took his own life as he gave up hope of refuge

Konrad Marshall - The Age

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the Tamil refugee who has died from petrol burns had not yet received an outcome on a pending protection visa. Leo Seemanpillai met his new ''mum'', Cathie Bond, almost a year ago on a cold night in Geelong. Cathie, a retired art teacher and volunteer, was handing out ''welcome packs'' to new asylum seekers, distributing food and toiletries, undies and socks, ''to give them some dignity''.

UNICEF: Children in detention gross abuse of rights


UNICEF says conditions for children in PNG and Nauru detention centres are a gross abuse of rights for children. The Australian Government has sent asylum seekers - including women and children - caught trying to get to Australia by boat to off-shore detention centres.

Asylum seekers injured in clash with security staff on Christmas Island

Sarah Whyte - SMH

Asylum seekers have suffered a range of injuries including broken bones after a violent clash with security staff at Christmas Island’s detention centre, following days of protests. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed four asylum seekers had been taken to hospital with broken bones and an ankle injury sustained by the security company on the island, Serco. Another two asylum seekers were injured but were treated on the island, he said.


Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls: Australia offers SAS troops to help rescue students taken by Boko Haram


Australian special forces troops are on standby to assist with the rescue of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria, the Federal Government has confirmed. The schoolgirls were kidnapped by Al Qaeda-linked Muslim extremist group Boko Haram in April, sparking international outrage and prompting the campaign "Bring Back Our Girls".