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Children & Family

Overworked dads linked with naughty sons

Clare Pain - ABC

Fathers working excessive hours may end up with badly behaved sons, suggests an Australian study. The research, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, finds a correlation between men working more than 55 hours a week and sons more prone to 'acting out'.

Where are the fathers? We need them

Peter Jon Mitchell - Mercator Net

"Where are the fathers?" asked a Globe and Mail editorial a few summers back. At the time, youth gun violence dominated the headlines in Toronto. The editors concluded that “talk about fathers is as absent as fathers themselves.”


Anti-Murdoch ad banned from television

Michael Lallo - SMH

Australia’s commercial TV networks have banned an advertisement that criticises the anti-Labor coverage of Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers. Australia's commercial TV networks have banned an advertisement that criticises the anti-Labor coverage of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers. Channels Seven and Ten refused to air the ad commissioned by GetUp, while Nine screened it over four days in Brisbane – then cancelled it after blaming a "coding error".


Euthanasia activist: Killing loved one in assisted suicide is “Better than sex”

Wesley J. Smith - Life News

Does assisting suicide have a sexual–or perhaps better stated, sensual–component for some people? I have thought it might ever since reading A Chosen Death by assisted suicide advocate Dr. Lonnie Shavelson.


Rudd jibe riles Christians

Paul Entwistle - 6PR

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's use of the Bible's pro stance on slavery to explain his position reversal on same sex marriage has brought the wrath of the Australian Christian Lobby. Paul Murray spoke to Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby Lyle Shelton about Mr Rudd's comments.

Highlights of the ACL Webcast


The Australian Christian Lobby Make It Count forum included former politicians John Anderson, former Deputy PM and Leader of the National Party and Robert McLelland, former ALP Attorney General. The other members of the panel were Rev Keith Garner from Wesley Mission, Dr Megan Best a bioethicist and Dr Justine Toh from the Centre for Public Christianity. Managing Director of the ACL Lyle Shelton moderated the forum.

Australia election: Kevin Rudd defends gay-marriage stance


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has delivered a strong defence of gay marriage on live television, days before the 7 September election. In a Q&A session on ABC News, Mr Rudd said he backed gay marriage after "years of reflection in good Christian conscience".


Rick Morton - The Australian

Religious leaders have sharpened their attacks on Kevin Rudd, citing his hamfisted attempts to argue the biblical case for same-sex marriage in a spirited shellacking of a Christian pastor on Monday night.



David Crowe & Joe Kelly - The Australian

Kevin Rudd has toughened Labor's stand against the repeal of the carbon tax in the face of Tony Abbott's vow to scrap the scheme, raising the chances of a second election within a year.


Michael McKenna & Hedley Thomas - The Australian

Prime ministerial aspirant Clive Palmer is leaning on employees at his Queensland Nickel refinery to show their "commitment to the company" by staffing polling booths on Saturday for candidates in his fledgling political party.





America’s fall: The modern-day Roman Empire

Matt Barber -Town Hall

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”(Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Australian Christians Party: Censored by Youtube and Media

Australian Christians Party

Just like the mainstream media, our politicians refuse to mention the word diseases in the same breath as homosexuality. Why? Moreover, what is the cost of the “gay” agenda to our families, children and society?

How could a Christian PM call the Bible pro-slavery?

Sandy Grant - ABC

The Bible honestly records the practice of slavery, but to see this as an endorsement of the practice, as Kevin Rudd did, is to significantly misunderstand the message of Christianity, writes Sandy Grant. Last night, on a serious Australian current affairs program, Q&A, our current serving Prime Minister, a self-professed Christian, grossly caricatured the Bible.

Australia is growing old

Babette Francis - On Linee Opinion

The most significant figures in Graham Young's analysis of the relative importance to voters of a range of issues in the 2013 federal elections ("Age the issue as debts mount", The Australian, 31/8/13) were in his comment that although Kevin Rudd was nearly six years older now than when he contested the 2007 elections, as is to be expected, the age of the average voter in 2007 was 45 years and ll months but the age of the average voter in the 2013 elections is 47 years and four months and "we're not used to seeing the average voting age decay at all".