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Man arrested over anti-abortion protest outside Hobart clinic

The Mercury

Hobart police have arrested a 58-year-old man from Brisbane over a protest outside an abortion clinic. Officers allege the man was arrested while protesting and handing out right-to-life material within 150m of an abortion clinic.

Children & Family

Cory Bernardi attacked by fellow Coalition MP Ewen Jones over his stance on families

Jared Owens - The Australian

Conservative Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has been lashed by an MP in his own partyroom over his hard-line stance against single and homosexual parents. In the closed Coalition partyroom meeting today, Senator Bernardi praised Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews for his “defence” of traditional families, even reading aloud from an opinion piece authored by the minister.

Drugs & Alcohol

If the new DrinkWise ad is supposed to promote safe drinking it’s sadly missing a sober mark

Susie O’Brien - Herald Sun

The latest public campaign designed to teach young people to drink less has a slogan that actually promotes alcohol consumption: it’s “Drinking: do it properly”. It glorifies alcohol and talks about how to achieve the “realm of drinking excellence”. And it calls drinking “classy as f---”. This is why the new DrinkWise campaign should be immediately withdrawn. But what else should we expect from DrinkWise — a body funded by alcohol industry giants such as Lion, CUB and Coopers? Sadly, this tripe is also funded by taxpayers, thanks to a $5 million grant from the Howard government in 2006.


Faith-based education in schools debate

Sophie Timothy - Eternity Newspaper

For the last few years, Fairfax media seems to have been running a relentless campaign against Access Ministries, the Christian education provider in schools across Victoria, and the last month is no exception. In The Age there have been stories about a controversial Biblezine, a series of articles about principals refusing to run SRI (Special Religious Instruction) classes in their schools, and in Sydney, an opinion piece with the headline ‘Bad religious instruction can put small feet on path to hell’.


Euthanasia of newborns under the microscope

Mercator Net

Euthanasia is defined as the act of intentionally ending the life of a terminally ill and suffering person in a quick and painless manner for reasons of compassion and mercy.

Overseas Aid

Saving rhinos not a priority: Bishop


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop does not believe saving the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros should be a priority of the Australian aid budget. Poverty should be eliminated through promoting economic growth and the aid budget should focus on Australia's region, Ms Bishop told parliament on Tuesday.


Greens in plot to steal votes from Libs

Matthew Denholm - The Australian

The Tasmanian Greens will use the last 10 days of the state election campaign to make a bold bid to steal the “doctors’ wives” vote from the Liberals. Greens leader Nick McKim will use his party’s official campaign launch today to appeal to moderate Liberals disenchanted with the party’s opposition to gay marriage and support for “corporate welfare”.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Teenage sex slaves used as 'personal ATM', court hears

Louise Hall - SMH

Vulnerable girls as young as 12 were used as a personal ATM by alleged child prostitution ring leader Tahlia Garner to feed her desperate addiction to the drug ice, a court has heard. Ms Garner, 22, and her older sister Adrienne, 24, are charged with selling four teenager girls to middle-aged men for sex in their home and hotels in Sydney's southwest between August 2010 and January 2012.


Parliament to probe Manus Island riot

Michael Gordon, Sarah Whyte & David Wroe - The Age

Asylum seekers will be invited to give their witness accounts of the recent deadly violence on Manus Island to a parliamentary committee that will free public servants and contractors from confidentiality clauses in their employment contracts.

Catholic bishops call for Manus closure


Australia’s Papua New Guinea based Manus Island Refugee processing centre should be closed down, says the Pacific Island nation’s peak Catholic body in an appeal to the Australian government. PNG’s Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC) said it was appalled to hear of the recent disturbance at the centre, resulting in death and injury.