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Senator John Madigan pushes for abortion law

Natalie Kotsios - Border Mail

A senator will speak in Wodonga tonight on his proposed law to stop a perceived occurrence of sex-selective abortion. Senator John Madigan, based in Ballarat, introduced a bill last year to prevent Medicare funding gender-based pregnancy terminations.

Crisis pregnancy centers: Losing on Google, winning in Court?

Kate Tracy - Christian Today

Google has removed many ads for crisis pregnancy centers from its search results over complaints that the ads are deceptive. At least, according to NARAL Pro-Choice America, which claimed this week that nearly 8 in 10 ads displayed on Google searches for "abortion clinic" are funded by pro-life groups misrepresenting the actual services they offer.

Children & Family

Advocacy groups call for more budget funds to fight family violence


The Victorian Government has announced tomorrow's state budget will include an additional $4.5 million to tackle family violence. However, advocacy groups say it's only a quarter of what they've asked for.

Drugs & Alcohol

Study links ice to violence

Dan Harrison - The Age

Researchers have for the first time found a direct link between use of the drug ice and violence. While violent behaviour among ice users has been well known, it has not been clear until now whether the drug, also known as methamphetamine, actually caused violent behaviour, or whether factors such as genetic characteristics and behavioural problems in childhood led to both drug use and violence.


School chaplaincy case: Queensland father again challenges validity of program in High Court

Elizabeth Byrne - ABC

A High Court bid by a Queensland man to end Commonwealth funding for a school chaplaincy program has received unanimous support from the states. The High Court ruled the Federal Government's funding arrangements for the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare program were invalid after a 2012 challenge by Queensland father Ron Williams.

Overseas Aid

Bishop promises delivery benchmarks for $5bn foreign aid budget

Stefanie Balogh - The Australian

Australia's foreign aid budget will be stabilised at $5 billion a year with new performance benchmarks released soon to ­ensure overseas assistance is ­accountable, efficient and linked to results.


Tony Abbott’s debt levy to be wound back to those on over $150,000

News Ltd

The Federal Government is expected to sign off on a pared-down version of its deeply unpopular debt tax, lifting its threshold so only high-income earners pay. A Cabinet meeting today is likely to endorse a proposal to impose the levy for four years from next financial year.

Hodgman's uncle fails in Tas election bid

News Ltd

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman's uncle has failed in his bid to join his nephew in state parliament. Peter Hodgman has been defeated after the distribution of preferences in an election for the upper house seat of Huon.


Don't send refugees to Cambodia, human rights groups warn


Human rights groups have voiced concern about the conditions refugees would face in Cambodia, if the Australian Government goes ahead with a plan to send people there from offshore detention centres.


Abbott government freezes unions out of budget lock-up

Ben Westcott - The Brisbane Times

Unions have been frozen out of the Abbott government's first budget lock-up, in what one representative said is an ''unprecendented attack on transparency''. It is understood that this year's lock-up will take in more seniors groups and more welfare groups because of their concerns about changes in those areas in the budget, in addition to more disability groups.