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Charities & NFP 

Hillsong founder says he did not contact police over paedophilia allegations against father

Rachel Browne - SMH

The founder of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, said he knew paedophilia amounted to criminal conduct but did not contact police when he was informed of allegations that his father, Frank Houston, molested a young boy, a royal commission has heard.

Child abuse ‘requires real apologies’, says Irish judge Sean Ryan

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

CHURCHES and other institutions that are in the wrong must give real apologies to victims of child abuse and not try to avoid liability, as this is a key part of the healing process, says the head of Ireland’s landmark child abuse inquiry.

Homelessness & Poverty 

Forrest Healthy Welfare Card may exploit indigenous people: agencies

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

TWO of the nation’s largest welfare groups have come out strongly against mining magnate Andrew Forrest’s Healthy Welfare Card, arguing that it will place indigenous people at risk of financial exploitation.

Overseas Aid 

Aid workers creating Ebola risk in Australia, Bob Katter claims

AAP with Amy Corderoy - The Age

Federal MP Bob Katter says a Cairns woman suspected of having been infected with the deadly Ebola virus has put the nation at risk because of her "humanitarian ambitions".


Electoral Commission of Queensland seeks proof that Clive Palmer’s PUP has minimum of 500 members

Jason Tin - Courier Mail

CLIVE Palmer has been forced to prove his fledgling Palmer United Party has the minimum 500 members required for party registration in Queensland, following the shock exit of MP Carl Judge.

Bruce Flegg may yet recontest Moggill for LNP after exoneration

Des Houghton - The Courier Mail

OUSTED MP Bruce Flegg may yet contest the next election for the LNP after being cleared yesterday of wrongdoing in the secret tape affair.

Premiers arrive in Canberra for COAG meeting


A showdown on health, education and GST funding is looming as Prime Minister Tony Abbott meets his state and territory counterparts.

Joe Hockey’s mistake risks ALP support

Greg Sheridan - The Australian

JOE Hockey made a bad mistake in linking national security to Labor’s approach to the budget.

Religious Freedom & Persecution 

Dozens of anti-Muslim attacks as Islamic leaders warn of community fear

Heath Aston - SMH

There have been at least 30 attacks on Muslims – mainly against women wearing the hijab – in the three weeks since the police anti-terror raids and threats by Islamic State put relations between the Islamic community and mainstream Australia on edge.


Hard-line group Hizb Ut-Tahrir unAustralian and unIslamic: Abbott

Paul Maley - The Australian

TONY Abbott has escalated his attack on hard-line Muslim group Hizb Ut-Tahrir, accusing the controversial organisation of justifying terrorism.

RAAF Super Hornet unleashes ‘smart’ bomb on jihadists

Brendan Nicholson - The Australian

THE RAAF Super Hornet that carried out the Australian taskforce’s first attack against Islamic State in Iraq is believed to have used a laser-guided “smart” bomb to destroy a logistical and transport centre used by the terrorist group in northern Iraq.