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Shocking scenes from a teen pregnancy

Madeleine Hamilton - Eurekastreet

For a significant portion of the 20th century, the Sisters of St Joseph operated a home for unmarried mothers in Grattan Street in the inner Melbourne suburb of Carlton. Located opposite the old Royal Women's Hospital, it admitted young pregnant girls (often sent from small country towns by their ashamed families), looked after them for the duration of the 'lying in' period, then hastily arranged the adoption of the girls' babies by infertile Catholic married couples.

Children & Family

Prejudice can make life miserable for children with same-sex parents

Bettina Arndt - The Australian

This week's story of the child of same-sex parents refused entry into Broken Hill primary school shows prejudice against such families still has a firm grip, at least in parts of Australia. While many support the couple, even on ABC radio some callers sided with the school, arguing that school communities had a right to exclude such children.

Lesbian mums get baby name rights

Sarah Malik-

Lesbian parents who conceive through IVF can now have both their names recorded on their baby's birth certificates in South Australia. SA Social Inclusion Minister Ian Hunter, who will marry his gay partner next year, says the passage of the Family Relationships Amendment Act is a "powerful" message to send to the community.

Drugs & Alcohol

Child porn, drugs, weapons found in police raid in Kingsford

Leigh van den Broeke - The Daily Telegraph

A horde of child pornography, drugs and other weapons were found after a search warrant was executed in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Police had been conducting a search warrant relating to child pornography when they allegedly located prohibited drugs, a taser and a firearm.


Hey! Gillard! Leave them schools alone

Kevin Donnelly – The Punch

The Prime Minister’s decision to throw Peter Garrett, the education minister, a lifeline in the form of Brendan O’Connor to manage the school funding review, chaired by David Gonski, proves how sensitive and potentially politically damaging the issue is.


Basin authority spent $15m on fees

Rosslyn Beeby - The Canberra Times

The federal agency charged with delivering water reform across Australia's biggest food production region spent almost $15million on consultants' fees last financial year. According to its latest annual report, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority ended the 2010-11 financial year with a $43million operating deficit, and total expenditure of $218.7million.


Malcolm Turnbull's web poll backs pokie reform

Herald Sun

Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull's internet poll has found majority support for the Gillard government's poker machine reforms. Mr Turnbull's poll of 7475 people found almost 60 per cent of respondents supported the Gillard Government's gambling reforms. People who played poker machines regularly were the strongest opponents of the reforms.


Mobile phone company to face charges

Eleanor Bell - ABC

Unlawful and predatory behaviour by mobile phone carriers is rife in Indigenous and Torres Strait Island communities. Telemarketers entice customers with sweeteners, such as plasma TVs, laptops and gaming consoles. Consumers must agree on the spot, pay in advance and provide the contact details of family and friends, often without fully understanding the costs involved.


Marriage case not made: MP


Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer has said she opposes marriage equality because she is yet to be convinced the Marriage Act should be changed. Speaking at a press conference in Toorak last week, the Higgins MP said she had consulted with her electorate on the issue.

Liberals defy Abbott on same-sex marriage

Milanda Rout - The Australian

Liberals agitating for a free vote on same-sex marriage have stepped up their campaign, with a key moderate arguing the party has never denied its MPs a conscience vote granted to their Labor rivals. Victorian MP Russell Broadbent yesterday said the Coalition should not be "afraid" of a conscience vote on same-sex marriage while senator Simon Birmingham said he would continue to fight in the partyroom for a free vote.

Overseas Aid

Australian aid agencies in PNG on alert

ProBono Australia

Australian aid agencies working in Papua New Guinea are on high alert as the country’s political turmoil drags on. Child Fund Australia, a Not for Profit organisation that works directly with community leaders and families in PNG supporting children’s welfare, says its staff in Port Morsby are on high alert and are ready to suspend their work if there is any trouble on the streets.


Recovering Judeo-Christian ethic precedes European recovery

Jonathan Sacks - ABC

As the political leaders of Europe come together to try to save the euro, and with it the very project of European Union, I believe the time has come for religious leaders to do likewise, and I want to explain why. What I hope to show is, first, the religious roots of the market economy and of democratic capitalism. They were produced by a culture saturated in the values of the Judeo-Christian heritage, and market economics was originally intended to advance those values.

Cracks appear as Martin Ferguson refuses to back Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Simon Benson - The Daily Telegraph

Julia Gillard faces an almost certain leadership challenge by March next year, with deep divisions emerging in her new cabinet. Senior cabinet minister Martin Ferguson yesterday dropped a potential bombshell by refusing to publicly back the Prime Minister, claiming his first allegiance was to the Labor Party, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

French Parliament Moves To Ban Prostitution

Eleanor Beardsley - NPR

The French parliament has approved, in a non-binding resolution, a proposal to make using the services of a prostitute a crime punishable by fines and prison. Lawmakers are expected to follow the resolution with a law in the new year.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christians among the fatalities in Syria unrest

Christian Today

Around 50 Christians have been killed in the violent uprising in Syria so far, says Barnabas Fund. The organisation has received reports of a young Christian boy being killed by rebels who filmed the murder and then claimed that government forces had committed the act. In another incident, a Christian was seized by rebels, taken to a house and asked 'How do you want to die?'. Although the man was released, but has been left in severe psychological distress.

Christian convert imprisoned for holding baptism in Turkey

Iran Human Rights

Alireza Seyyedian, 36, a Muslim who converted to Christianity six years ago, was sentenced to six years in prison by Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court. In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Seyyedian’s lawyer, said that his client’s charges are “propaganda against the regime” and “acting against national security.”

Christ banished from schools

Editorial - Herald Sun

Christ is being taken out of Christmas by schools and businesses, but why? The Albert Park preschool says the surounding community is of mixed cultures and beliefs. So instead of saying "happy Christmas", it's "happy holidays" and there won't be a nativity play this year. An increasing number of schools are holding end of year concerts instead of Christmas concerts. But while the schools and kindergartens say they are showing "respect for diversity", the majority of Victorians, who are Christian, are being overlooked.


Sex fiend John Zimmerman to be sentenced over 87 charges

Anthony Dowsley - Herald Sun

One of Australia's worst cyber criminals will be sentenced tomorrow for raping, stalking and grooming vulnerable underage girls. John Zimmerman, who used MySpace and Facebook to contact more than a thousand teens, has pleaded to three charges of rape, 23 charges of sexual penetration and five charges of an indecent act with a child under 16, involving girls aged between 12 and 17.