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Children & Family

Family law overhaul to head off violence


The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has called for changes to Federal laws relating to domestic and family violence, making 102 recommendations for reform. In its report Family Violence and Commonwealth Laws — Improving Legal Frameworks, the Commission recommends changes to laws governing child support and family assistance; immigration; employment; social security; and superannuation.

Families await talks on future of Alcoa jobs?

Premier Ted Baillieu has intervened to try to save the jobs of 600 workers at Alcoa, as Victoria's manufacturing crisis deepens. Mr Baillieu spoke to Alcoa boss Alan Cransberg last week and sought a meeting yesterday after the company said it might shut its Geelong plant. Mr Cransberg has delayed his flight to Perth to meet tomorrow.

Drugs & Alcohol

$25 million of ice and heroin and $300,000 cash seized in major drug bust

The Daily Telegraph

Police have seized heroin and ice with a street value of more than $25 million and arrested a man believed to be a principal of a major drug distribution network. The Organised Crime Targeting Squad has been investigating the commercial distribution of black and brown heroin, as well as methylamphetamine (‘Ice’) under Strike Force Taipan.


Sex education 'campaign needed for teens'


Many sexually active NSW teenagers are putting themselves at risk of pregnancy or disease by not using condoms, new research shows. A NSW government report into the welfare and wellbeing of the state's children found a third (32 per cent) of Year 10 students have had sex.


MPs pair up for same-sex marriage bill?

The Australian

Two pieces of legislation aiming to legalise same-sex marriage will be presented to federal parliament next week. Labor backbencher Stephen Jones will table his private member's bill on Monday, while a second will be jointly sponsored by Greens MP Adam Bandt and Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie. Both are likely to include protections for churches that refuse on religious grounds to marry same-sex couples.

Couple married for 75 years ‘more in love now than ever’

The Christian Institute

A couple who married in 1936 have spoken of their devotion to each other saying they are “more in love now than ever”.


Newman plays up religious values


The Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman has played up his religious beliefs during an address to Christian church leaders in Brisbane. Mr Newman also spoke out against sexualised billboards and reaffirmed his party's opposition to civil partnerships between gay couples during an election pitch at an Australian Christian Lobby forum. Mr Newman told the forum that he's not a good church goer, but he believes in God and says Grace every night, and that he's proud to say he has a background in the Christian faith.

PM changes gear to grab driver's seat

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

The battle for the blue-collar vote has been joined in the arena of the economy with the car industry as the first engagement. This is not an economic debate. This is a political dispute pure and simple with Labor's aim of winning back the votes of workers, not just manufacturing workers, but also millions of other Australians who are uncertain and insecure about their job.

Gag a precursor to open warfare

The Daily Telegraph

Not since the bitter split between Prime Minister Bob Hawke and his treasurer Paul Keating in 1991 has federal Labor been in such an openly hostile state. Until now, both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her rival for - and previous occupant of - The Lodge Kevin Rudd have seemed at least plausibly believable when they spoke of being able to work together and move forward.

Abbott lashes watchdog over Thomson

Chris Johnson - The Canberra Times

Opposition leader Tony Abbott will today deliver his strongest attack yet against the Fair Work Australia investigation into allegations Labor MP Craig Thomson misused his former union credit card. In Victoria this morning, during a speech to the Master Builders' Association, Mr Abbott will condemn the watchdog for the time its investigation has taken. Mr Thomson is accused of using his Health Services Union credit card for personal gain, including for the services of prostitutes.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iranian Christian convert sentenced to one year of deprivation of education

Mohabat news

In the latest approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran to oppose the growth of Christianity, a Christian convert was sentenced to one year of deprivation of education by a Revolutionary Court in Tehran. According to Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, Ms. Fatemeh Nouri, an art student in one of the universities in Tehran (The name of university is withheld for security reasons) was sentenced to one year of deprivation of education by the Revolutionary Court for believing in Christianity.


Refugees to miss out under university cutbacks


The University of Sydney will cancel it's free english language classes for refugees and asylum seekers as it reigns in it 2012 budget. The mostly voluteer staffed Refugee Language Program costs the university $42,000 per annum and teaches english to around 100 people each year.

Government dispute over support for refugees

John Masanauskas - Herald Sun

Victoria is demanding that the Federal Government pay settlement costs of asylum seekers dumped here while their refugee claims are processed. State Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Minister Nick Kotsiras yesterday accused federal Labor of keeping Victoria in the dark about the controversial release of boat people into the community. "We are willing and happy to work with them to settle those refugees in the community but we need to know more," he said.

Sexualisation of Society

Victoria's Secret model quits for faith

ninemsn staff

A Victoria's Secret starlet has decided to quit lingerie modelling because she felt it clashed with her Christian faith. Kylie Bisutti, 21, beat 10,000 others to become a model for the underwear company in 2009, but now said she wants to reserve her body for her husband.

Parents threaten revolt but Ted Baillieu holds fire as porn storm rages

Aleks Devic - Herald Sun

The Baillieu Government is refusing to intervene in the case of a teacher who filmed a pornographic video with a former student. This is despite threats of a walkout from teachers and parents if the teacher returns to the school. But the former student, 21, was defiant yesterday, saying: "I don't think we have done anything wrong."


Sex changes for young children if legal bid goes through

Katie Bice - The Daily Telegraph

Parents could let their children change sex without court permission if a landmark legal bid is upheld. The family of the youngest Australian to receive sex-change therapy is fighting for the decision to be one made between parents and doctors, not the court.