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The silliest pro-abortion argument ever (is one you hear all the time)

Kristen Walker - Life Site News

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. It’s daunting, the task before you. Do you even want to undertake this? Can you really change someone’s mind about abortion in one Facebook comment? Well, you’re gonna try. So you launch into refuting whatever dumb thing the person just said. “There’s no scientific concensus that life begins at conception!” “If we make it illegal, they’re gonna do it anyway!” “If you’re against abortion, you should be against war, too!” It could be any of these things, or something else. Click “like” if you want to end abortion! So you drop a couple knowledge bombs, go back to your life, and hours later you find the following response: “Well, maybe you’re right, but we can’t legislate morality.”


The effects of violent video games

Valerie Yule - Online Opinion

There are thousands of pieces of research on the effects of watching violence on TV or playing violent videogames. Most of it is worthless, because it is flawed. It ignores the importance of context – the situation in which the violence takes place. It ignores the differences in watchers, from the nice teen who never hurt his toy bunny rabbit to the half-deranged victim of childhood physical terrors. Yet the flawed research is the basis for legal permission for the most cruel games.


Lifeline sees more online gambling woes


A Darling Downs' charity says it is starting to see more people seek treatment for internet gambling. Southern Cross University says more than half of the online gamblers it surveyed reported increasing their spending by using credit cards and bank transfers.

I’d lie awake, pokie music running through my head

Tom Cummings - The Punch

Everyone’s talking about poker machines these days. Our politicians and our newspapers, our clubs and pubs; everyone has an opinion on what we should and shouldn’t do with regards to the pokies. But they’re talking about numbers and policies, votes and strategies and campaigns. They’re not talking about the people who have been hurt, who are hurting still. People like me.

Human Rights

Fight religious right, says Chrys

Mark Bode - Sunshine Coast Daily

A leading member of a national "free thought" umbrella organisation has urged groups fighting for voluntary euthanasia and gay and women's reproductive rights to unite against religious conservatives. Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis said every sector of society had the right to have a public voice, including in the political sphere.


A new proposal would see the Constitution amended to encourage respect for Indigenous Australians

Patricia Karvelas and Lani Vesek - The Australian

The Constitution would be amended to encourage respect for Indigenous Australians, and denounce discrimination, if an expert panel's findings are adopted. The expert panel's report has been handed to the Prime Minister calling for a new "prohibition of racial discrimination" section in the nation's guiding document.


Andrew Wilkie has withdrawn his guaranteed support for Labor's private health rebate cuts

Patrick Lion and Gemma Jones - The Daily Telegraph

Andrew Wilkie has withdrawn his guaranteed support for Labor's private health rebate cuts in a slap in the face for the government as it prepares to water down his pokie crackdown. In a move that puts half the $1.5 billion surplus forecast next year further in doubt, the independent MP revealed he no longer supported means testing the private health insurance rebate and would go back to the drawing board.

Rick Perry abandons bid, backs Gingrich

Sky News

Texas Governor Rick Perry has abandoned his presidential bid and endorsed Newt Gingrich, just two days before the pivotal South Carolina primary, while Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney struggled to fend off a growing challenge from the former House speaker. 'I know when it's time to make a strategic retreat,' Perry told a news conference on Thursday. He called Gingrich 'a conservative visionary who can transform our country' and added, 'Newt is not perfect, but who among us is?'

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Telling stories of Muslims and Christians in Syria

Stephanie Saldana - CGNews

The conflict in Iraq had already led to the exodus of more than half of the country’s Christian population. The threat of a mass exodus in Syria was equally real – for they had been placed in an impossible situation. As minorities protected by the government, local Christians were terrified of a civil war that would leave them vulnerable to Muslim extremists, just as they were frightened that if an Islamic party took control of the country, their rights would no longer be recognised. Yet now the government was demanding they silence themselves and abandon the Christian principle of confronting injustice and working towards peace.