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Children & Family

Mum's refusal sees dad banned from daughter

Adam Harvey - ABC

To that Family Court decision on "shared care" that has stunned the father in the case and is being labelled extreme by some legal experts. The Family Court banned the father of a five-year-old girl from seeing his daughter until she turns 18, ruling that "shared care" would not work. The judge said the girl's mother was determined to ignore any court orders and destroy the little girl's relationship with the father.


Inclusion of donor details on the register of births (Inquiry)

Parliament of NSW

This inquiry is a current Legislative Assembly inquiry conducted by the Law and Safety Committee. The Committee is conducting an inquiry into whether there should be provision for the inclusion of donor details on the register of births maintained by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Committee's inquiry follows a recent District Court judgment to remove a sperm donor's details from the register of births.

Teen 'was bullied' before his death

Nick Ralston, Glenda Kwek - SMH

Aaron Jones's mother said her teenage son was a quiet boy and never one to start a fight. But on Wednesday afternoon the 16-year-old died following an after-school fight with a fellow student at Minto's Sarah Redfern High.


Raunchier 'thrusting' sex scene could be on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn DVD


Twihards may actually get the chance to see Bella and Edward do something truly lusty after the decidedly lacklustre, overhyped sex scene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter who adapted all of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels for the big screen, told MTV that she hopes that the extended honeymoon sex scene will be on the DVD release. "Bill [Condon, Breaking Dawn director] went for it ... and I wanted to keep [the footage]!" Rosenberg added.

Ads on porn sites spur call for reform

Clare Kermond - SMH

The peak online advertising sales body has blamed ad exchanges, including Google's, for putting ads for big-name brands on soft porn websites. The Internet Advertising Sales Houses of Australia (IASH), which represents many online advertising networks, cleared Adconion Media Group following an investigation of claims that the company had placed ads targeting Australian users on a potentially inappropriate site for their brands, including soft porn.

Drugs & Alcohol

Bali boy finds out his fate today

Clementine Cuneo - The Daily Telegraph

A teenage boy jailed in Bali for allegedly buying marijuana from a street seller will today be told if he faces Christmas in prison, or if he will be released before then. After two-weeks deliberation and a drawn-out trial, a judge will deliver his verdict and sentence to the 14-year-old Central Coast boy.


Climate forecasts 'exaggerated': Science journal

Amos Aikman - The Australian

Dramatic forecasts of global warming resulting from a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide have been exaggerated, according to a peer-reviewed study by a team of international researchers. In the study, published today in the leading journal Science, the researchers found that while rising levels of CO2 would cause climate change, the most severe predictions - some of which were adopted by the UN's peak climate body in its seminal 2007 report - had been significantly overstated.


Woolies defends gambling push

David Taylor - ABC

Australia's largest grocery retailer defended its gambling business at its AGM this morning. Woolworths chairman James Strong said he acknowledged the concerns but said Woolworths will stick to its strategy.


Lukewarm on gay marriage

The Australian

A survey of attitudes to same-sex marriage by the Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty contained an important reminder for Labor as it prepares for its national conference. A majority of voters support the idea of same-sex marriage but consider the issue a low priority and want politicians to concentrate on health, cost-of-living pressures and the impact of the carbon tax.


Ex-premier calls for gay-marriage law so sister can wed 'true love'

Rachel Wells - The Age

Former Tasmanian premier David Bartlett has called on the Labor Party to overturn discriminatory marriage laws after learning the Australian government won't allow his sister to marry her girlfriend in Portugal, even though same-sex marriages are legal ...

Australia is not ready to say 'we do' to gay marriage

Chris Meney - SMH

Australians don't want to rush into allowing same-sex marriage. There are many voices striving to be heard in the public space on same-sex marriage. In broad terms, those against argue from the principle that marriage has always ...

Church says no to gay marriage

Kathy Sundstrom - Sunshine Coast Daily

He admitted that the main threat to the family unit was not homosexual marriage but Australia's high divorce rate. "The incidence of divorce in families is numerically much larger than the incidence of gay marriage or gay parenting," he said. ...

Overseas Aid

Donor cuts force AIDS fund to halt new grants

David Brown – SMH

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which underwrites AIDS treatment for about half those receiving it in developing countries, will not make any new grants for the next two years because of the worldwide economic downturn.

Aid scam sees poor Indian children going hungry


Widespread abuse of India's food aid program, which is meant to be a lifeline for the country's poor, has been uncovered by a Sky News investigation. Ration packs for millions of undernourished children are being systematically stolen and sold on the black market as animal feed.


Speaker coup shifts power to Julia Gillard

Matthew Franklin - The Australian

Julia Gillard has snared a crucial extra vote on the floor of parliament but faces opposition claims she engineered the resignation of Harry Jenkins as Speaker in a grubby deal to replace him with renegade Liberal Peter Slipper. The resulting shift in the nation's political power balance has significantly increased the likelihood that Labor will serve its full three-year term by giving it a buffer in the event that NSW MP Craig Thomson is forced to resign over an alleged corruption scandal, and enhancing its ability to win approval for its policy agenda.

Move to bring back Queen pledge

Josephine Tovey – SMH

Politicians in NSW could soon be swearing allegiance to the Queen, Prince Charles and his sons instead of the citizens who elected them.

Bob Brown faces privileges committee inquiry over Wotif donor

Ben Packham – The Australian

Greens Leader Bob Brown faces a possible investigation by the Senate's powerful privileges committee over an allegation he used his parliamentary position to advance the interests of a major political donor. Senate President John Hogg today approved a motion by Liberal Senator Helen Kroger, which will seek to have Senator Brown explain his alleged advocacy for Wotif founder Graeme Wood, a $1.6 million Greens donor.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Minister in sex-for-favours scandal: ICAC

Miles Godfrey - SMH

Former NSW minister Ian Macdonald was rewarded with a hotel romp with a young woman in return for introducing tycoon Ron Medich to a string of top executives, it's been claimed.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christians suffer discrimination in Pakistani prisons

ACN News

The Catholic lawyer Moazzam Aslam Bhatti, who works in Faisalabad, has told the international Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), that Christian prisoners in Pakistani jails are subject to particularly severe discrimination.

Bishop condemns military violence against protesters in Egypt

Christian Today

A senior Catholic bishop in Egypt has condemned the military crackdown on protests that have left at least 30 people dead. Hundreds more have been injured in protests over delays to the transfer of power from the military council to civilian rule. Violence broke out when the military attempted to break up a mass demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square at the weekend.