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Children & Family
Materialism harming family life in Britain

Christian Today

Children are happier when they are spending time with their families and doing things, as opposed to being given more things, a new report from Unicef has found. The UN’s children agency warns of the detrimental effect that materialism is having on family life in Britain as parents admit to feeling pressured into buying the latest gadgets and brands for their kids.

Labor MPs revolt over pokies deal

Phillip Coorey - SMH

A large group of Labor MPs is threatening to vote in caucus against the poker machine deal that the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, cut with the Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie in a bid to save their seats. The MPs, mostly from NSW and Queensland, hardened their resolve yesterday as Clubs NSW stepped up its marginal seats campaign by promising to spend at least another $11 million between now and the federal election against reforms to curb problem gambling.

All bets are off: online gambling war
Rebeka H Holliday - Brimbank Weekly

The Victorian government says it’s tackling the issue of online sports betting head on with a new campaign unveiled on Thursday.Online gambling. It’s easy to bet, too easy to lose is being hailed an Australian first, the only campaign of its type to address interactive gambling technologies available via smartphones, tablets, computers and interactive televisions.

Like many co-habitees, Louise dismissed marriage as 'just a piece of paper'. Now she admits it would've kept her family from falling apart

Louise Greenfield - Daily Mail UK

Sadly, it’s too late for David and me, which leaves me feeling very frightened. I have no idea what the future holds for a 40-something, single mother of four. But I do believe that out there, somewhere, there may be a man I really could commit to, a man who would want to commit to me — and to my children. I know I may be in for a life of disappointment. But, if he is out there, and if I find him, I will, dear reader, drag that man down the aisle and beg him to marry me.

Religious Persecution
The Christians of the Near East and Islamist ideology

Bernardo Cervellera - Asia News

At the 23rd European week on Euro-Mediterranean religious history, a series of interventions illustrate the great saga of the Churches of Antioch, from martyrdom to deportations, but also passionate evangelization and inter-religious and cultural dialogue. An overview by the editor of AsiaNews on the current situation of the Churches of the Near East in the throes of radical Islamism.

Safest way to stop the boats

Chris Bowen – The Australian

We've heard the mantra so many times: John Howard stopped the boats. Well, in September 2001, in response to the Tampa affair, the Howard government introduced its Nauru solution and about 1800 asylum-seekers arrived on boats in the first 100 days following that announcement. In a radio interview nine days before the Tampa incident, Howard said: "We won't turn people back on the sea, we can't behave in that manner." But with the boats continuing to arrive after Nauru, that's exactly what he did.

Don't give up on deal: Malaysia
Tom Allard and Phillip Coorey - SMH

Malaysia remains strongly committed to the refugee exchange with Australia, with its Home Affairs Minister criticising the Coalition's alternative of sending asylum seekers to Nauru as highly unlikely to stop human traffickers. In an exclusive interview with the Herald, Hishammuddin Hussein also vowed that any asylum seekers Australia sent to Malaysia under the plan would not be abused and that Malaysia was working to improve the treatment of refugees and illegal workers in the country.

Sexualisation of Society
Big porn

Samantha Brett - SMH

Has our culture been pornified? At least that's the question being posed in a new book written by Melinda Tankard Reist, an Australian writer, speaker, blogger, media commentator and activist against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls, and violence against women.

Time to start telling the truth about the porn industry
Gail Dines - ABC

I thought I was coming to Australia for a mix of work and sightseeing. Well, I was correct about the work part, but missed seeing your beautiful country since I spent much of my time holed up in the studios of ABC. My book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, was, thanks to the efforts of Spinifex Press, selected to be part of the Sydney Writer's Festival, so I assumed I would have a work-packed four days and then some down time. What I didn't plan for was that the book would ignite a firestorm and I would have to battle it out with a small but very vocal pro-porn lobby that was spearheaded by academics, public intellectuals and plain old pornographers.

Passports ready for a sex change


The Federal Government has introduced changes to allow gender diverse Australians to be identified as their sex of choice on their passports, even if they haven't had gender reassignment surgery. Passports can now be altered to M, F or even X.

Sex change on passports for transsexuals

Allowing transsexual Australians to carry passports in their preferred gender without the need for a sex change will save them from needless embarrassment and delays, transgender advocates say. The Australian Coalition for Equality said people could now travel overseas without being stopped by officials.

Israel boycott splits NSW Greens

A fresh split has emerged within the New South Wales Greens over the party's support for a boycott of Israel. The boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign has already caused division in the Greens at a federal and state level. Today the cracks emerged in the NSW Parliament, when Upper House Liberal MP David Clarke introduced a motion condemning the boycott.

Cleric quits public roles over link to rape claim
Mark Metherell – SMH

Adelaide's Catholic Vicar-General, David Cappo, who rejected claims this week he failed to act on rape allegations against a priest, has resigned as chairman of the new commission overseeing mental health services.

Gillard waters the party's grassroots
Phillip Coorey - SMH

The Prime Minister will back a set of party reforms today with the accompanying goal of doubling Labor's annual membership recruitment to 8000 next year.