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Meta-analysis challenges abortion policies

Michael Cook - BioEdge

The media seems to have ignored a significant study on the effects of abortion which has appeared in latest issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry. After a meta-analysis of 22 published studies with data on 877,181 participants, 163,381 of whom had experienced an abortion, Priscilla K. Coleman, of Bowling Green State University, in Ohio, has concluded that abortion is associated with mental health problems.

Check out the disparity in abortion rate between cohabiting and married couples
John Jalsevac - LifeSiteNews

Pro-life activists have long pointed out that in order to end the great human rights tragedy of abortion, it isn’t enough simply to fight abortion in the courts or the legislatures: it’s necessary to build a “culture of life” where abortion is unthinkable, and where the social structures actively encourage protecting life. In many respects the central fight in this battle is the fight over the family and marriage. Studies have consistently shown that stable families built upon life-long, committed marriages between a man and a woman are by far the best for protecting life - and it isn’t hard to see why.

MP loses bid to curb abortion providers' advice to women
Jason Groves - Daily Mail

Women considering an abortion are set to be offered a wider range of counselling, ministers indicated yesterday – following a  bitter Commons row over a  woman’s right to choose.  Amid angry scenes, a bid by Tory MP Nadine Dorries to ban abortion providers from acting as ‘independent’ counsellors was heavily defeated, despite the support of three Cabinet ministers.

Children & Family

God's truth, believers are nicer

Simon Smart - SMH

I'm getting ready to duck, but don't shoot the messenger. The results are in: religious people are nicer. Or so says Robert Putnam, professor of public policy at Harvard.

Children need mum and dad for best mental health
Jeff Kennett - Herald Sun
There is no substitute for parents of both genders. Happy heterosexual marriages are the best environment for the mental health of children. Many people think - but have been afraid to express it - that married couples in a loving relationship provide our children the best opportunity to prepare for a fulfilling and happy life. A report released this week, titled For Kids' Sake and authored by Professor Patrick Parkinson of the University of Sydney, is a sober reminder of this. It says, in part: "The wellbeing of Australia's children and young adults has declined sharply in the past decade, and ...sliding marriage rates are partly to blame".

Groups slam child protection law
Michelle Griffin - The Age

Abused women could be jailed for failing to protect their children if the state government follows through with its campaign promise to extend mandatory reporting laws into family homes.  A consortium of all the major domestic violence organisations in Victoria have slammed the proposed ''failure to protect'' law, due to be considered by State Parliament in October, in a group submission to the Department of Justice.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy
One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring

David Ahntholz - The New York Times

Cynthia Daily and her partner used a sperm donor to conceive a baby seven years ago, and they hoped that one day their son would get to know some of his half siblings — an extended family of sorts for modern times.  So Ms. Daily searched a Web-based registry for other children fathered by the same donor and helped to create an online group to track them. Over the years, she watched the number of children in her son’s group grow.  And grow.  Today there are 150 children, all conceived with sperm from one donor, in this group of half siblings, and more are on the way.

Drugs & Alcohol
WA Police seize more than $700K worth of drugs


Police have charged a 32 year old man after allegedly finding more than $700,000 dollars of the drug ice at his Kardinya home.  Gang crime officers allegedly seized almost 450 grams of methamphetamine from the house along with some cannabis.

Leagues clubs' warning on pokie losses

Joe Hildebrand - The Daily Telegraph

Ten NRL leagues clubs have warned they will cut millions in funding to their football teams - and even pull out altogether - because of the federal government's plan to limit how much people can gamble on poker machines.  The clubs include some of the biggest in rugby league, and between them face a bill of more than $40 million to install pre-commitment spending chips in machines.  St George Illawarra will have funding cut altogether from St Georges Leagues from 2014. The club has warned it may be forced to close.

Overseas Aid
Aid failing to prevent PNG's health catastrophe


In a row boat at low tide, the distance between one of the best health systems in the world and one of the worst can can be easily travelled in less than 15 minutes. So it is not surprising that over the past decade some 200 people sick with tuberculosis have been bundled into boats by their families and ferried across this frontier, the narrow band of water separating Papua New Guinea (a nation ranked 137 out of 162 in the UN World Development Index) and islands that are outlying territories of Australia (ranked No. 2).  

Religious Persecution
Muslim Persecution of Christians: August, 2011

Family Security Matters

This series was developed in order to collate some—by no means all—of the foulest instances of Muslim persecution of Christians that surface each month.

The muslim "Overtaking" of France: as mosques and as faithful
Marco Tosatti - Vatican Insider

In France there are more Islamic mosques being built, and more frequently, than Catholic churches, and there are more practicing Muslims than practicing Catholics in the country.  Nearly 150 new mosques are currently being built in France, home to the largest Islamic community in Europe. 

Labor faces battle over refugees

Sky News

Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces a battle to convince the Greens or the coalition to back changes to migration laws.  The government is reassessing its policy after the High Court quashed its deal with Malaysia to swap 800 people who arrive by boat for 4000 processed refugees.  Labor is expected to take to parliament amendments to migration laws and a bill dealing with child guardianship in order to reopen offshore processing and get the Malaysian deal back on track.  

Sexualisation of Society

Porn and violence do not have a place in children's lives
Susie O’Brien – Herald Sun

There's nothing wrong with pornography when it's enjoyed by consenting adults. Hell, I don't mind a bit myself on the right occasion. But there is no place for porn in the lives of our children. I can't believe that this statement even needs to be uttered. But parents and authorities apparently need to work harder to keep our children's lives free from porn.

Unionist slams 'ludicrous and racist' anti-Israel drive
John Ferguson – The Australian
The anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign has been dismissed by one of Victoria's most senior unionists as potentially racist, ludicrous and a recipe for a civil war in the Middle East.