Whose profit? Why bioethics needs a global perspective

Alan Petersen - The Conversation
Innovations deriving from genetics research, stem cell research, nanoscience and neuroscience will soon revolutionise medicine. With the potential for biotechnologies to alter natural processes and redefine what it means to be human, it’s hardly surprising that there’s been growing interest in bioethical issues

A Serbian Film refused classification on eve of DVD release
Michael Bodey – The Australian
THE South Australian government has refused classification to the brutal horror A Serbian Film the day before its Australian DVD release. Attorney-General John Rau asked "the Federal Government to urgently reconsider its decision to classify the 2010 horror movie, A Serbian Film, as R18+".

Young face the perils of social networking
Herald Sun
Terry and Loretta Yost have warned their daughters about the perils of social networking and using the internet. That doesn't mean they don't worry. "There are a lot of creepy people out there," Mr Yost said. "It's always in the back of your mind."

Facebook memorial to dead child defaced
The family of a four-year-old Melbourne girl mauled to death by a pitbull cross last week has had to endure the pain of seeing her Facebook tribute page vandalised by racist comments.

Underbelly: Razor a cut above the rest
Colin Vickery - Herald Sun
Last night's first episode of 'Underbelly: Razor' was big, brutal and bawdy. The latest instalment of the Channel 9 crime franchise was a rollicking mix of prostitution, gambling and extortion.

Drugs & Alcohol
100 caught drink-driving in Brisbane

One hundred people have been nabbed for drink-driving in a two-day sting in Brisbane, described by police as very disappointing. Police ran four random breath testing sites on Friday and Saturday nights on major roads leading out of the CBD, testing 7743 drivers.

Labor looks at conscience vote to defuse same-sex marriage split

Matthew Franklin - The Australian
Labor's factional leaders are poised to strike a deal to declare the vexed issue of same-sex marriage a conscience vote in order to defuse a potential brawl on the floor of December's national conference. They fear a divisive debate on the issue would dominate media coverage of the conference, creating the impression the Greens - advocates of same-sex marriage - are dictating the agenda of Labor's supreme policymaking body. The move is also partly designed to shield Julia Gillard, who opposes same-sex marriage, from being rejected on the issue by her own party.

Gay ministers show a Uniting front to lead congregations
Leesha Mckenny Religious Affairs - SMH
Religious experience … Nicole Fleming and Ben Gilmour have become Sydney's first openly gay ministers of a major Christian denomination. Photo: Jacky Ghossein
IT WASN'T a leap of faith but of location and denomination that resulted in the Reverend Ben Gilmour becoming one of the first openly gay ministers appointed to a major branch of the Christian church in Sydney.

Gays denied human rights
Peter van Onselen, Contributing editor
Last Wednesday was National Marriage Day, an initiative of the Australian Family Association in partnership with the Australian Christian Lobby.

New cash claims on Labor MP Craig Thomson

Steve Lewis, Andrew Clennell - Herald Sun
Beleaguered Labor MP Craig Thomson is facing explosive allegations he breached electoral laws after spending nearly $40,000 on his 2007 election campaign using his union credit card. As pressure intensifies for Mr Thomson to give a detailed explanation to Parliament, the Herald Sun can also reveal he had a $30,000 personal spending spree using his union credit card on Qantas flights for his ex-wife, swank hotels and expensive restaurant meals.

Report seeks new approach to refugees

Belinda Merhab - SMH
Tuong Quang Luu, a former head of SBS Radio and director of ActionAid Australia, knows what it's like to board an unseaworthy vessel out of desperation, which is why he is endorsing the Centre for Policy Development's new report on how to repair Australia's asylum-seeker policy.

Sexualisation of Society
Photo withdrawn after child prostitution claim
Gina McColl - The Age
A photograph of a semi-naked prepubescent girl by internationally renowned photographer Jan Saudek was removed from the Ballarat International Foto Biennale on the eve of its opening on Saturday.

Inquiry ordered as law lags behind teen sexting
Nicole Brady – The Age
The Victorian government will launch an inquiry into sexting to investigate whether the law needs an overhaul to respond to a surge in teens sending explicit images. Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark said sexting raised serious issues for victims and offenders and the law needed to catch up with changes in behaviour and technology.

Crikey caught out on contra deal
The Australian
Media website Crikey is never loath to lob a few stones at others over media ethics, so it's fascinating to learn just how the website editor of that particular glass house does business.

Strategists consider shifting Speaker
Phillip Coorey – SMH
Labor strategists are canvassing the prospect of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Harry Jenkins, being asked to step down and join the backbench should Craig Thomson lose his seat over the credit card fraud allegations.

Thomson saga sinks Labor into the abyss
Did the beginning of the end of the Gillard government take place at 3.27pm last Tuesday? It was the moment when Julia Gillard rose to answer a question in Parliament about her confidence in the Labor MP Craig Thomson.

Crean for PM? Why the bookies think it's not so far-fetched
Ross Cameron - SMH
The Prime Minister is facing firming resolve among Labor Party elders that she be given a Christmas deadline for turning the party's fortunes around, or voluntarily make way for a successor. Labor strategists understand that they will lose another strip of bark with a second mid-term leadership change. The argument is not that any new candidate can lead Labor back into office but that a fresh face might help limit the carnage. The view is based on research suggesting the electorate can't get over the ''legitimacy'' question of a Julia Gillard administration and that Labor underestimated the effect of the Kevin Rudd putsch and the about-face on carbon pricing.