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School OK with zombies but not pro-life posters

Bob Unruh - WND

A district in Missouri has decided to allow images of zombies on its school walls but not posters promoting the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, which focuses on the abortions inflicted on American girls and women daily.

Charities & NFP

Special investigation: Charities use the hard sell

Jonathan Marshall - The Sunday Telegraph

Charities that hire professional door-to-door fundraisers to sign donors on to long-term payment plans do not receive one cent of the donation for the first year. The fundraisers are paid $100 commission for each donor signed up and are promised lucrative weekly earnings of up to $3000 - while marketing companies and collection agencies share in the rest of the donation.

Children & Family

Couples 'Like' Adopting Babies on Facebook


Social media has changed the way that individuals around the world interact with each other. They can share pictures and videos, stay updated on the lives of friends they don't often get to see, or find out what a friend is thinking about at any given moment. Now, there's one more thing to add to the list. Some couples are actually adopting babies through Facebook.


Whatever happened to media ethics and self-regulation?

David Penberthy - The Punch

We live in a world where everyone knows everything all the time, where the limited old ways of accessing information are no more, where people who are quaintly still described as newspaper “photographers” now shoot video footage for 24-hour news websites which you can watch on your telephone, your tablet or television.


Gonski wants every school's funding to be needs-based

Jewel Topsfield, Bianca Hall - SMH

The Gonski report into school funding will recommend a financial benchmark for the cost of educating a child to a national standard.

Solution for schools: $5bn Garrett's answer: fat chance

Stephanie Peatling - SMH

A $5 billion injection into the schools system is needed to give students a gold-standard education, but the Gillard government has refused to commit to the funding its education review recommends. Instead, the government will focus on students in disadvantaged areas and not embrace any new model until after a lengthy community debate that it hopes will avoid the rancour surrounding Labor's last attempt to deal with the vexed issue in 2004.

Home schooling grows on Central Coast

Pauline Priest - Express Advocate

Mother of five Vivienne Fox said there were more than 250 families who home-school on the Central Coast, networking through the CChomeed Yahoo group. The Fox children have never attended formal school. Mrs Fox decided to home-school her children after she was struck by the way home-educated children could interact with other people.


Support for CSG collapses: Queensland Newspoll

Jamie Walker - The Australian

Public confidence in coal-seam gas development has collapsed in the sector's production heartland of Queensland, where two-thirds of voters oppose the $60 billion industry or are undecided about it, far outnumbering its supporters.


Sarkozy draws line in sand over euthanasia

Michael Cook - Bio Edge

The two candidates in France’s presidential election are using euthanasia as one of the defining differences in the campaign. In a wide-ranging interview in Le Figaro, President Nicolas Sarkozy explained why he would not back it.


Star casino facing more vice allegations

Jonathan Swan, Sean Nicholls - SMH

A former senior manager at the Star casino has turned whistle-blower to reveal the extent of illicit drug use, sexual harassment and bullying at her former workplace. The allegations will feature in an interview with the manager for Channel Seven news, to screen tonight.

Casinos make pre-commitment

Amy Remeikis - SMH

Voluntary pre-commitment modules will be added to 3000 of Queensland pokies, bringing the percentage of the state's machines with the technology to 18 per cent. But anti-gambling campaigner, independent federal senator Nick Xenophon, has labelled the move relatively empty.


Gay couples to dine with Julia Gillard

Herald Sun

Same-sex couples hope dinner party talk will help change Prime Minister Julia Gillard's mind about gay marriage. On Tuesday Prime Minister will dine with couples in same-sex relationships at The Lodge in Canberra. The dinner was won by GetUp and Australian Marriage Equality in a charity auction in June.


Showdown inevitable, say both sides

Philp Coorey - SMH

Julia Gillard is under growing pressure to call a leadership ballot, with the warring parties believing a showdown is inevitable when Parliament resumes next week.

Tackle Kevin Rudd now, Julia Gillard urged

Matthwe Franklin - The Australian

Julia Gillard is being urged to take on Kevin Rudd in a ballot as early as next week to prevent Labor's leadership wrangling smashing the party's chances in the March 24 Queensland election. After weeks of playing down the push to restore the Foreign Minister to the Labor leadership, sections of Labor's Right faction moved to a war footing yesterday, urging the Prime Minister to call a caucus ballot they predicted she would win.

Cadre of Labor MPs undermining PM - Emerson

Herald Sun

Trade Minister Craig Emerson says a cadre of Labor MPs are creating a sense of instability in the federal government to damage Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Rumblings about the future of Ms Gillard have increased since parliament resumed this month.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Islamic religious persecution goes unnoticed

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote in her Newsweek article, that there is a “conspiracy of silence” over mass religious persecution of Christians in Muslim nations. Christians are being killed in the Islamic world because of their religion. It is a rising genocide that ought to provoke global alarm.

After surviving sectarian mob, Egyptian Christians expelled from village

Kristen Chick - CS Monitor

The case sends a worrying signal that Egypt's new parliament is allowing a Mubarak-era system of local justice to trump the rule of law. The violence in Sharbat began as many sectarian conflicts in Egypt do – with rumors of an affair between a Christian man and a Muslim woman. It ended with eight Christian families forced to leave the village, their property and belongings left to be sold on their behalf by a local committee. The punishment for those who looted and burned Christian properties? None.


Church is ‘under-appreciated’, says Queen

Christian Today

At a time of increasing division between faith and secularism, the Queen has delivered a robust defence of the Church and faith in British society. In a speech to a multi-faith gathering at Lambeth Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen said the Church of England was “under-appreciated” and “misunderstood”.

Limbless motivational speaker enjoys honeymoon on the beach a week after marrying the love of his life

Daily Mail

These incredible pictures show motivational speaker Nick Vujicic and his new wife on the beach in Hawaii, frolicking like any other couple on their honeymoon. Vujicic was born with no limbs, a crippling disability that meant he had little hope of ever living a normal life. Tetra-amelia syndrome is a rare disorder characterised by the absence of both arms and legs.

Weapons, drugs and alcohol and porn seized in Victorian jails

Peter Rolfe - Herald Sun

A gun fashioned into a pen, a mobile phone turned into a wristwatch and a toothbrush crafted into a knife are among a haul of banned items seized at Victorian jails. Weapons, drugs and alcohol, pornography and computer games are among the more than 290 contraband items caught on prisoners and visitors to state jails each week.