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Abortion pill death sparked warning

Jamie Walker - The Australian

Australia has had its first death of a woman using the abortion pill to terminate her pregnancy at home. Health regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administration issued a notice to doctors and clinics to review their follow-up care in light of the "bedroom abortion" gone wrong.

US States considering wide-ranging abortion, contraception legislation give lingering voice to issue

News Medical

A host of abortion legislation is winding its way through state legislatures: Democrats are focusing on regulating male reproductive health in at least six states; Michigan abortion providers face greater scrutiny; Arizona could require those seeking birth control give a medical reason they need it; and Wisconsin lawmakers decide if a doctor must be present to give abortion pills.

Children & Family

Such little value placed on such a crucial role

Louise Tarrant - The Punch

Only a couple of generations ago, it was normal for Australian families to take care of their older members right to the end of their lives. Our parents and grandparents fed, clothed, loved and cared for us, gave us everything we needed to make our way in life and then, when they reached an age where they in turn needed close care, we repaid them by taking them into our homes and looking after them until their dying days. The world has changed a lot since then. Far more typical now is for the frail and elderly to enter an aged care facility - or even more commonly depend on community care workers visiting them at home.


The X factor that adds up to schooling success

Paul Sheehan - SMH

Randwick Boys High and Randwick Girls High are next door to each other yet separated by a wide divide in academic performance. The boys school ranks 458 on the MySchool website while the girls school ranks 231. So close yet so far apart. Just how distracted are the boys for them to lag so behind the girls in performance?


Fight against coal-seam gas mining

Denise Deane - The Daily Examiner

Pillar Valley community members have formed a Lock the Gate committee following information received that Pillar Valley, Tucabia and Tyndale are all targets for coal-seam gas mining. The newly formed group at a meeting last week noted community concerns, including the disregard of scientific proof that unconventional gas mining causes irreversible damage by contaminating and exhausting water supplies, the extreme risks to public health, land and air contamination, the lack of consideration for the well-being of current and future generations, rights of ownership of land and agriculture, and threats to the local and regional environments.

Big polluters go unpunished

Natalie O'Brien - WA Today

There is no limit on the amount of toxic substances allowed to contaminate the NSW environment, and big industry routinely delays the reporting of pollution spills, a new report has found. The report also concludes the Environment Protection Authority, the state government's pollution watchdog, has become too close to illegal polluters to police their operations adequately.


Consumers call for euthanasia to be examined

Peter Jean - The Canberra Times

The legal status of voluntary euthanasia should be considered by a Senate committee inquiring into palliative care in Australia, according to the Health Care Consumers Association of the ACT. The group has also used a submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee to renew calls for a second, ''secular'' hospice to be built in Canberra to complement the Clare Holland House hospice. The Senate committee has made it clear it is not conducting an inquiry into euthanasia.


Casino managers sacked for emails

Matthew Moore - SMH

The strife-torn Star casino has sacked three more managers, including one who forwarded an email revealing that it allows international high rollers to gamble non-stop for more than 24 hours. The organisation brought in outside lawyers on Tuesday to help sack mid-level managers with more than 40 years' experience among them for breaches of its internet and email policies. This brought to at least seven the number of staff who have been dismissed or have left in the fallout surrounding the sacking, announced, last month of the managing director Sid Vaikunta.


Indigenous players judged unfairly

Rebekah Devlin - AdelaideNow

The race debate has reignited in the AFL with former indigenous players claiming that racial stereotyping is widespread in the league and in club recruitment policies. As league officials, coaches and the AFL Players' Association vowed to purge the league of racist attitudes, former players warned that the issue had been left to fester for too long. And some clubs were overlooking indigenous players because recruiters saw them as likely problems, the former players claimed.


Bride marries herself. Should more singles throw solo weddings?

Piper Weiss - Shine

Here comes the single bride. Last week, Nadine Schweigert married herself in a symbolic wedding ceremony. The 36-year-old divorced mom of three wore blue satin and clutched a bouquet of white roses as she walked down the aisle before a gathering of 45 friends and family members in Fargo, North Dakota. She vowed to "to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self," reports Fargo's InForum newspaper . After the ring was exchanged with the bride and her inner-groom, guests were encouraged to "blow kisses at the world," and later, eat cake.

Welcome to objectùm-sexuality internationale!

Objectum Sexuality

This international website about objectùm-sexuality, is designed to offer a support network for objectùm-sexuals and education for friends and family about objectùm-sexuality, and insight into our way of accepting, living, and adapting as individuals who are in love with objects. Just as mainstream are attracted to certain types of people, physical/intellectual, objectùm-sexuals develop strong feelings towards objects possessing, in particular, certain geometry/function.


Bye bye Anna Bligh as Labor faces election rout, says Galaxy Poll

Darrell Giles - The Sunday Mail

It's bye bye Anna Bligh. The long campaign and focus on political novice Campbell Newman has spectacularly failed. An exclusive Sunday Mail poll, conducted by Galaxy Research, reveals Mr Newman and the Liberal National Party are six days away from taking government in Queensland. The LNP has maintained its 20-point lead over Labor and is on target to win between 65 and 70 seats next Saturday. The Bligh government will be reduced to as few as 12 seats from its current 51.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Fears syndicates are running sex trafficking

Christopher Knaus - The Canberra Times

Police have warned of a looming crackdown on illegal prostitution in the ACT, fearing that sex trafficking rings run by ''dubious'' organised syndicates may be operating across the city. The ACT's Chief Police Officer Roman Quaedvlieg said the force would place increased scrutiny on unregulated brothels over the next 12 months, as they investigated whether human trafficking was occurring on a major scale.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iran detains dozen Christians in major city


At least a dozen devoted Christians from Iran's third largest city remained in jail Saturday, March 17, as part of an attempt by authorities to discourage Muslims and Christian converts to attend church services, Iranian Christians said. Mohabat News, a news agency of Iranian Christians and activists, said security forces began a new crackdown last month in Isfahan, 340 kilometers (211 miles) south of the capital Tehran.

Whatever happened to British common sense?


Common sense is in distressingly short supply in modern Britain. We are becoming, instead, slightly neurotic. The specific issue around which this is focused at present is Christianity. When someone makes an ordinary remark that seems to imply religious content, for example, it’s now becoming standard to say – in a coy and would-be-jokey sort of voice -- “Oooh! That’s politically incorrect!” and we are meant to give an embarrassed giggle. So a harmless “God bless you!” becomes a matter for silly comment, and a public reference to a church event becomes a matter for debate as being controversial and contentious.

Sexualisation of Society

Moves to outlaw sexed-up child ads used by clothing manufacturers, retailers and publishers

Lisa Power - The Daily Telegraph

Clothing manufacturers, retailers and publishers could be forced to abide by government regulations if their products, music and magazines continue to promote the sexualisation of children, a federal politician has warned. MP Amanda Rishworth, , who has a masters degree in psychology and is chair of the parliamentary committee on education, said parents felt helpless to control the onslaught of inappropriate clothing aimed at children and ads featuring provocative images of pre-teen girls.

Adult film industry speaks out against Santorum’s war on porn


If Rick Santorum is elected president it could be the end of porn as we know it. The GOP candidate recently declared war on pornography, saying that America is “suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography.” Santorum said that he would end the distribution of pornography because it is “toxic to marriages… contributes to misogyny and violence against women…. and is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking.” Several people from the adult film industry have spoken out against Santorum’s war on porn.


Egypt faithful mourn death of Coptic pope


Egypt's Coptic pope, Shenouda III, leader of the Middle East's largest Christian minority, has died, aged 88, after a battle with illness, leaving the country's Copts in mourning. Shenouda had had health problems for years and recently stopped receiving treatment for liver failure and tumours or swelling in his lungs because he was too feeble, the Coptic Church said.

The $1800 dolls used to scare students from teen motherhood

Briana Domjen - The Sunday Telegraph

Public schools are giving students as young as 14 virtual babies, hoping to cut teen pregnancy rates by giving them a taste of parenthood. About 30,000 infant dolls, which retail for as much as $1800 each, have been distributed nationwide to students in Years 9 to 12. In NSW they are used as part of the Community And Family Studies and Exploring Early Childhood curriculum, enabling students to "gain an understanding of the needs of an infant and the roles and responsibilities of a parent". Students are required to look after the baby, which cries and needs to be changed and fed, for three days and nights, in the hope they will discover they are ill-equipped and too young to become parents.